Are you looking for bundled WordPress plugins? Get iThemes WordPress Plugin suite to raise the bar of your WP site.

Have you started a blog or site powered by WordPress?

If yes, then you must be looking for WP plugins like backup, security, and landing page builder.

These are some of the important must-have WP plugins to take your site to the next level.

What happens when you lose an important file or document?

You get frustrated. But you are to be blamed for the loss because you didn’t back up your files.

What happens if yours or your client’s important information gets hacked?

You are completely drowned as you lost crucial information.

Before these issues happen with your WP site, you should consider installing premium plugins that keep your data safe.

In this article, I will show you different iThemes WordPress plugins that help you build a beautiful site and protect it from the bad guys.

About iThemes WordPress Plugin

iThemes is a brand of Liquid Web that also offers world-class hosting services.

Along with WordPress plugins, you can also host your WP site with iThemes WordPress Hosting.

There are 5 plans to choose from so you have plenty of hosting packages depending on your requirement.

If you are a novice then you can start hosting your WP site at iThemes starting at $11/month.

Although, iThemes WP hosting packages are expensive as compared to other big hosting companies the features offered are much better.

iThemes WordPress plugin suite has a lot to offer for your WP site.

Whether you are starting a blog or expanding your business with an online store, you have everything to reach the pinnacle.

iThemes WordPress Plugin Suite

If you want to launch your site at rocket speed, ultimate security, and regular backup & recovery tools then iThemes WordPress Plugin Suite will work wonders for you.

These bundled plugins cost over $600 but now you can get it at the cheapest price compare to others in the market.

Let us see the golden plugins that are included in this bundle.

ithemes wordpress plugin suite

iThemes BackupBuddy

Since 2010, iThemes BackupBuddy WordPress plugin has been protecting half a million WP sites.

It is the original 3 in 1 WordPress plugin that offers WP site backup, restore and move services.

Other WordPress backup plugins only provide database backup but iThemes BackupBuddy is an all in one backup solution that backs up the entire installation.

Once you have created a backup, you can later restore your WP site with easy steps.

You have to follow simple ImportBuddy steps to restore your entire WP site and everything including plugins, themes, widgets, and contents will be restored with a snap.

Are you frustrated with your existing hosting provider? Or do you design websites for your clients on a temporary domain and then move it to a live domain?

BackupBuddy iThemes has an inbuilt migration feature that helps you move your entire site from one domain to another in no time.

You can perform WP site staging in just two clicks and connect it with your existing site.

iThemes Security Pro

Do you want to add an extra layer of security to your site?

If you want to sleep peacefully at night without nightmares of bad guys hacking your site, then iThemes Security Pro is the solution.

There could be many vulnerabilities that your site might be exposed to. Not knowing these threats could cause serious damage to your site.

But iThemes Security Pro WordPress plugin monitors your site 24/7 and thwarts the attackers so you could sleep peacefully.

Hackers are always looking to gain access to your site by hacking your login password. Its two-factor authentication verifies the logging activity to confirm it is the owner who logged in.

A bad guy trying to log in to your site might not get success for the first time, so will keep attempting to access it somehow. But with WordPress Brute Force Protection, you can limit the number of login attempts for a user.

If someone tries to access with few attempts, then they will get locked out.

With WordPress malware scan, your site will be monitored for malware, common errors, out of date software, and more. By enabling a daily malware scan, you will get notifications if any error is found on your site.

Landing Pages

Your site landing page should be responsive and overwhelming to attract visitors. The importance of a landing page is realized when the bounce rate of your site reduces.

iThemes WordPress Landing Page plugin allows you to create beautiful landing pages that bring high conversions and drive more sales.

You can create a stunning landing page within minutes without any rocket science. Simple steps lead you to drive email signup conversions and flood your email list.

The email conversion rate with iThemes Landing Page plugin is estimated to increase by up to 90%.

You can pick up the design that matches your theme and start editing it to get conversion-focused results.

Content Upgrades

Do you want to convert your visitors into subscribers?

The best strategy is to create an email opt-in that works like a magnet.

iThemes Content Upgrades Plugin is a fantastic lead magnet tool that turns your every blog post into an email opt-in machine.

and more premium WP plugins.

If you are a serious blogger looking to grow your email list then harness the power of content upgrades and increase conversion rate by 220%.

iThemes Content Upgrades is a must-have WordPress plugin to get more leads and increase conversion rate unexpectedly.

ithemes wordpress plugin suite features


It helps you create notification bars with complete customization for any WordPress site.


If you have multiple images and want to display it with animation effects then you can use Slideshows.

If you want visitors to see more of a particular image or post then you could highlight it.

Video Showcase

Add informative video pop-ups for great-looking content.


Upload and display linkable images easily.

If you want to display brands in style then use this plugin with customization and navigation effects.


Take your content one level up with multimedia-rich pop-up tips.

Rotating Text

Display your text in style with different animation.


Your homepage could be configured with a slider consisting of different images and texts.

Rotating Images

Another funky plugin to customize images and display them in a rotating style.

iThemes Pricing:

ithemes wordpress plugin suite

You can save huge on iThemes WordPress Plugin Suite with 30% off using coupon code ITHEMES30 . These are premium plugins worth over $600 but right now will cost only a dime.

Along with the bundled plugin, you get extra goodies that include 1 GB free Stash storage, support & documentation, and WordPress tutorials & eBooks.

This price is valid only 31 May 2020 and will expire thereafter. Once the plan expires, the renewal price will be without any discounts summing up to $249.

But you can cancel the subscription any time you want.

Final Thoughts

iThemes WordPress Plugin Suite at 30% off is the best chance to save your money.

It is a complete package to boosting your WP site conversions while keeping it safe & secure at all points.

I hope this article was helpful. In the future, I will review iThemes BackupBuddy and iThemes Security Pro in detail.

Till then…

Be Healthy, Be Wise and Keep Sharing!

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