The best way to access blocked sites is with SiteLock VPN. Read more about its features and pricing in the SiteLock VPN review. Everyone is at home and if you complete household chores you still have enough time.

This leisure time could be best utilized by streaming your favorite movies live, or by downloading it. But what if the site is inaccessible or blocked by your Government?

The solution is to use SiteLock VPN and access your favorite content anonymously. SiteLock VPN is affordable compared to other major VPNs with all the features to enjoy anonymity. In this article, I will show you SiteLock features & pricing. In the end, you can easily decide whether to choose a SiteLock VPN or not.

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock was founded in 2008 with a vision to offer affordable website security solutions to small businesses worldwide. Over 12 million sites worldwide are protected by SiteLock security which makes it the most recommended cybersecurity company around the world.

In 2020, it won the Cyber Security Excellence Award for Best Threat Detection. There are many more accolades achieved by the company in 2020 and the past. SiteLock has US-based friendly support available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.

Why choose SiteLock VPN?

If you are concerned about your privacy when surfing online, choosing the SiteLock VPN will give you peace of mind.

Shield your data:

Your personal information should not be leaked to anyone just because you were browsing for your favorite content. SiteLock’s powerful VPN technology shields your data and browsing history on public and private networks.

It helps you hide your original IP address, a no-log policy ensuring nothing is recorded, 256-bit military-grade encryption, and secure your online transactions.

Unblock Contents:

SiteLock’s high-speed VPN eliminates content restrictions, slow page loading times, and targeted advertising. It helps you access restricted or blocked websites, P2P torrenting safely, live streaming sports events, access geo-restricted content, and get the best deals online.

1-click Setup:

Whether you are browsing on a desktop or a smartphone, you can unlock the secrets on the internet with 1-click. You can download the app and set it up in seconds on any device including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

SiteLock VPN Review: Astonishing Features

No-logs Policy:

Tracking your browsing history is a crime and SiteLock cares about your privacy. This is why it does not store your browsing history. you can freely browse on the internet without any information leaked.


Every time you are logged into your computer, you are assigned a new IP address randomly with just 1-click. With a new IP address every time, you will appear on the websites as a person belonging to a different location.

You might be sitting in India but you will appear as sitting in The US, Australia, UK, etc.

DNS Leak Protection:

An extra layer of security is provided with DNS leak protection. It helps in preventing the leakage of critical information.

Fast Servers:

SiteLock VPN has more than 1000+ servers in over 40+ locations worldwide. This provides plenty of IPs to choose from. You can choose the fastest server and enjoy a high-speed network.

No Breakage:

Using 256-bit military-grade encryption, data will never break down. With no breakage, you can enjoy uninterrupted & unlimited downloads and streaming.

Round the Clock Support:

When you purchase the SiteLock VPN license, you are always backed by the SiteLock support day & night via email, phone, or live chat.

Simultaneous Connection:

SiteLock VPN allows connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously. With the SiteLock dashboard, you and your colleagues or friends can enjoy unlimited access to your favorite content with a single account.

Money-Back Guarantee:

A 30-day money-back guarantee comes along with every VPN plan. So, if you are not satisfied then you will get a complete refund.

SiteLock VPN Pricing

In this section of the SiteLock VPN review, you will know the plans & pricing that best suit your needs. If you compare SiteLock VPN with other VPNs you will be amazed to see that it is the most affordable.

The VPN plan starts at only $9.99/month. Yes, you heard it right!

Here’s a comparison of SiteLock VPN with other VPNs worldwide. If you see the comparison, you will find one of the top VPNs CyberGhost offers a VPN at $12.99/month but without 24/7 support. This makes SiteLock VPN the most preferable choice.

What is SiteLock security?

If you want peace of mind and no more nightmares, SiteLock security is a one-stop solution.

Only having an SSL certificate on your site is not enough to protect your site. Because an SSL certificate protects only the data transmission or your customer’s critical information like payments.

So is an SSL certificate enough for your site protection?

No, it isn’t.

To protect your site from cyber attacks and malware, you need robust technology to secure your site at ease. SiteLock security ensures to protection of your site at your fingertips so you can focus on building your business to greater heights and leave the rest.

If you have a WordPress-powered blog or site, then you can easily install the SiteLock WordPress plugin to automatically identify vulnerabilities and fix them.


You won’t find a VPN as affordable as SiteLock with abundant features including 24/7 dedicated support. Truly, SiteLock is the preferred choice and this is why I decided to write a special SiteLock review with its features & pricing. I hope you guys liked this article. If you want to explore the complete SiteLock features, you should visit its official website by clicking the button below.

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🌟 FAQs | SiteLock VPN Review

Is it safe to use SiteLock?

SiteLock provides a secure VPN service with high encryption that safeguards your connection when visiting any website.

Can I use a free VPN instead of SiteLock?

I have tried using free VPNs and they do not work as they have limited locations and are not secured. SiteLock is a complete secure solution for those looking for premium VPN services.