Hey fellas, I am back with another important post showcasing the top affiliate tracking software. But why did I choose to write about the best affiliate tracking software?

The answer is simple, affiliate tracking tools are an important part of every affiliate’s career. You might be an experienced marketer, but you would still need a tracking tool. It is because it helps you identify your campaign performance and traffic sources.

Are affiliate tracking software free to use?

Yes, tracking tools do provide a free trial for limited days. The reason for a free trial is to gain customers’ confidence. Once, you are satisfied with the features, you have to upgrade to a paid plan and get it for a year or more.

Now let me get straight to what this post is all about. So, without wasting any more time, drill down and choose the best tracker for managing your affiliate marketing programs & earnings.

List of 5 Best Affiliate Tracking Software and Tools

1. Voluum

Not only me but experienced digital marketers recommend Voluum to control your campaigns. With one ad tracker, you can track, manage, analyze, optimize, and monetize your ad campaigns. Voluum makes campaign tracking and managing no rocket science.

Voluum Key Features:

  • All mobile and desktop ad campaigns can be tracked in one place. Voluum’s reliable servers ensure you don’t miss out on a single lead.
  • Not only the traffic from direct tracking URLs, but Voluum allows you to track organic traffic. Organic traffic may be emerging from search engines, social media, or any other web pages.
  • You can track either directly using third-party cookies or with an HTTP redirect.
  • Keep your competitors away from copying your landing page. Also, block visitors that didn’t come through the campaign URL. 
  • No need for a manual setup, simply add 50+ different affiliate platforms quickly.
  • Multi-currency support helps you compare payouts in different currencies.
  • Get real-time reporting and see the data that you need.
  • By split-testing landing pages, you can improve campaign results.
  • Set your own conditions and re-target your traffic to other offers, pages, or LPs.
  • No more manual optimization because Voluum AI traffic distribution analyzes the last 24 hours of data based on metrics like ROI, conversion rate, and more.
  • Share reports with partners by inviting them to your Voluum account. You can assign specific access to each partner.
  • Get payment status and other system notifications on your mobile or desktop even when you are enjoying the holidays.
  • Integrate different traffic sources like Facebook, Taboola, etc., and control them. All of this is under one platform.
  • Voluum’s anti-fraud kit automatically detects unwanted clicks and helps you save money.

Voluum Pricing:

Discover: $69/month with 3 Months of Data Retention, 20 Active Campaigns, 1 Custom Domain, 1 Dedicated Domain, Automizer, Group On-boarding, and Basic Tracker Features.

Profit: $149/month with 6 Months of Data Retention, Unlimited Active Campaigns, 3 Custom Domains, 1 Dedicated Domain, Automizer, Dedicated On-boarding, Traffic Distribution AI, and Rule-Based Paths.

Grow: $449/month with 12 Months of Data Retention, Unlimited Active Campaigns, 5 Custom Domains, 1 Dedicated Domain, Automizer, Personal On-boarding, Traffic Distribution AI, Rule-Based Paths, Anti-Fraud Kit, and Additional Users.

Agency: $999/month with Unlimited traffic tracking, Custom no. of included events, Fully customizable features & usage parameters, and On-demand Skype Account Management

2. RedTrack

RedTrack is one the best Voluum alternatives with low pricing and competitive features. It is the top-most ad tracking and conversion attribution platform. You can track ad campaigns across all devices and platforms from one platform.

Media buyers and affiliate marketers trust RedTrack’s industry-leading ad-tracking solution. If you want to increase affiliate revenue and improve marketing efficiency, then RedTrack is the choice.

RedTrack Key Features:

  • Improves your ad performance with in-depth reports and automation rules.
  • Track every single click and up to 10 conversion events. Tracking is possible with or without redirects from different traffic sources including Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Save money by blocking bot traffic and get only real-human clicks.
  • Get instant reports generated without wasting time on manual report generation.
  • Add team members and grant specific roles with access restrictions to specified areas.
  • With auto-optimization, you will get instant notifications based on a set of rules and KPIs. You can make better decisions when your desired goal is not achieved.
  • One-click integration helps you work with 100+ networks and manage everything under one platform.

RedTrack Pricing:

The pricing below is discounted only if you choose to bill annually.

Basic: $41/month with Unlimited campaigns, Unlimited conversions, Advanced Reporting & Targeting, and 3 custom domains.

Pro: $83/month with Unlimited campaigns, Unlimited conversions, Advanced Reporting & Targeting, Unlimited custom domains, Free SSL for custom domain, Integrations, alerts, and automation.

Team: $166/month with Unlimited campaigns, Unlimited conversions, Advanced Reporting & Targeting, Unlimited custom domains, Free SSL for custom domain, Integrations, alerts, automation, 2 additional team users, and Publisher tracking and management.

Agency:$375/month with Unlimited campaigns, Unlimited conversions, Advanced Reporting & Targeting, Unlimited custom domains, Free SSL for custom domain, Integrations, alerts, automation, 5 additional team users, Publisher tracking and management, Publisher Discovery (TM), and White-labeled reporting portal.

3. PostAffiliatePro

Track affiliate programs and networks with PostAffiliatePro affiliate marketing software. Whether you are an affiliate or a merchant, you get an intuitive dashboard to easily navigate and manage campaigns.

PostAffiliatePro Key Features:

  • Integrate with any CMS and payment gateways. You can integrate PostAffiliatePro with your eCommerce site on WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, BigCommerce, and more.
  • Numerous promotion materials for affiliates are available. Promotion materials include banner rotator, coupons, smartlinks, text links, site replication, and more banners.
  • Different types of commission structures supported even in the lowest-cost edition. It includes CPA, commission groups, lifetime commissions, MLM, recurring commissions, and SplitCommission.
  • The user interface is friendly and could be customized accordingly. PostAffiliatePro user interface allows you to customize sign up form. It allows you to pay all affiliates simultaneously, and affiliates get everything in their native language. There are several pre-made templates that can be chosen or you can create a customized design.
  • You have the control over the performance of your campaigns with comprehensive reporting. You get access to audit log, campaign, banner, and affiliate report, map overlay report, and more.

PostAffiliatePro Pricing:

Pro: $97/month with Advanced Affiliate Features, Full Setup + Website Integration, Rock-Solid Tracking, Ideal for SMB/Startups, Unlimited Affiliates, 1 M Tracking Requests/Month, Support 365 Days a Year, and Free Lifetime Updates.

Ultimate: $197/month with Full-Scale Affiliate Management, Premium Setup + Website Integration, Unlimited Affiliates, 5 M Tracking Requests/Month, High Traffic Ready, Multiple Administrators, SEO Friendly, Support 365 Days a Year, and Free Lifetime Updates.

Network: $477/month with Out of the Box Affiliate Network Software, Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited Merchants, 20 M Tracking Requests/Month, Support 365 Days a Year, On-boarding Consultation Service, and Free Lifetime Updates.

4. iDevAffiliate

For the past two decades, iDevAffiliate has been providing easy-to-use affiliate marketing & tracking software. There are tons of thousands of features that makes it the leading affiliate tracking software. The software provides flexible ways to achieve more ROI and grow your affiliate business.

iDevAffiliate Key Features:

  • Strong SEO and Backlinking feature.
  • Get paid in local currency and enable VAT wherever applicable. With a built-in payment system, affiliates get paid directly via PayPal or Stripe.
  • Track referred leads generated by affiliates and pay them commissions. You can allow affiliates to add sub-affiliates up to 10 tiers. Tracking of sub-affiliates gives the power of control over databases.
  • Payout levels could be increased based on performance levels. 
  • Use fraud prevention tools to block bot visits and clicks.
  • A/B split testing allows affiliates to split test thousands of keywords.
  • Customize affiliate dashboard like changing the color, language, layout, and more.
  • Re-target audiences based on GEO location and route them to specific landing pages & offers.
  • Integrate over 175+ apps, shopping carts, payment methods, WordPress plugins, Email marketing tools, etc.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee with no strict contracts or hidden fees.

iDevAffiliate Pricing:

You can choose between Cloud Service or Self-hosted service.

Cloud Service:

Cloud: Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Commissions, SSL (https) Encryption, SEO Links, and 28 Language Packs.

Social: Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Commissions, SSL (https) Encryption, SEO Links, 28 Language Packs, and Social Media Sharing.

Premium: Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Commissions, SSL (https) Encryption, SEO Links, 28 Language Packs, Social Media Sharing, and Subdomain parking.

Self-Hosted Version:

Standard edition: $249/month with all the standard features excluding additional plugins.

Black Edition: $399/month with all the plugins at bundled price. 

5. ClickMagick

Whether you are new to online marketing, or an experienced marketer, ClickMagick improves your tracking experience. Most of the affiliate marketers find difficulty in click & conversion tracking. With ClickMagick TrueTracking, the tedious part becomes a fun part. 

ClickMagick Key Features:

  • Not only you can track links, but you can also track & optimize your complete sales funnel. Without any tracking links or redirects, it seamlessly tracks & optimizes your paid ads. 
  • Cross-device tracking ensures you don’t miss a lead and track on all devices.
  • Tracking offline sales via phone is one of the key features not supported by any other ClickMagick alternatives. It allows you to easily track offline sales and scale your business.
  • With ClickMagick Audience Optimization, you can upload accurate data to the ad networks you work with. This results in targeted customers with better ROI.
  • ClickMagick’s Click Shield blocks bot clicks, saves your ad spend, and drives maximum ROI.
  • Wrong split testing results in losing customers but not with ClickMagick’s Automated & Intelligent Split testing. It automatically identifies a valid winner and redirects all the traffic to the winning landing page.
  • No jumping around to see all the metrics and statistics. You can quickly & easily access real-time reports with important metrics like ad spend, ROI, conversion rates, and more.
  • Add unlimited re-targeting pixels, from any network to any of your tracking links.
  • You can route the traffic based on the user’s location or device type like mobile targeting.
  • There are five different types of click rotators to help you distribute incoming traffic to a number of different URLs.
  • Automatic bot filtering saves your ad budget and even blocks bot clicks. It provides accurate data filtering billions of bot clicks and is therefore one of the best Voluum alternatives. 

ClickMagick Pricing:

Starter Plan: $37/month includes Up to 10,000 Clicks a Month, Unlimited Conversions, Core TrueTracking™ Features, Funnel Tracking – 1 Funnel, 2 Custom Tracking Domains, 6-month Data Retention, and 8-hour Helpdesk Support.

Standard Plan: $77/month includes Up to 100,000 Clicks a Month, Unlimited Conversions, Core TrueTracking™ Features, Cross-Device Tracking, Phone/Offline Sales Tracking, Audience Optimization™, PPC Click Shield™, Funnel Tracking – 5 Funnels, 10 Custom Tracking Domains, 1-Year Data Retention, 2-Hour Helpdesk support, Fanatical Live Chat support, 1-On-1 On-boarding Call, “I’m Stuck!” Phone Support, and Paid Traffic Courses.

Pro Plan: $197/month includes everything in the Standard Plan plus Up to 1 M Clicks a Month, Unlimited Funnel Tracking, Unlimited Custom Domains, and 2-year Data Retention.


Not just me, but if you ask other bloggers and affiliate marketers, they would say Voluum. Voluum is one affiliate tracking tool that you shouldn’t miss out on. But that doesn’t mean Voluum alternatives are any less competitive. 

At the end of the Best Affiliate Tracking Software post, I would suggest you all carefully choose a tracker based on the price and features. I will keep adding some more affiliate trackers, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Till then...

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

Take Care Reborns

🌟 FAQs | Best Affiliate Tracking Software

Is affiliate tracking software free to use?

You can sign up for an affiliate tracking software free trial, but there is no free version for a lifetime. A free trial can range from 7 days up to 30 days. Some affiliate tracking tools don’t require a credit card while signing up.

What is the cheapest affiliate tracking software price?

The cheapest affiliate tracking software price is $37 per month provided by the ClickMagick Starter plan. ClickMagick offers a 14-day free trial to all its users.

Is there any affiliate tracking software plugin for WordPress?

Yes, iDevAffiliate provides an affiliate tracking software plugin for WordPress users. The plugin integrates seamlessly with third-party WordPress plugins like Gravity, MemberPress, WooCommerce, etc.