There are so many push notification ad networks to monetize your website traffic. It may be a new ad format for traffic monetization but is very popular for mobile ad campaigns. 

Along with mobile, push ad networks promote desktop push formats, so you can run campaigns on both devices.

The reason push notification is growing is because you will find only real audiences. With a real audience, you can skyrocket sales and conversion rates. There is no limitation on choosing a vertical as it works fine with any vertical.

In this article, I have covered the best Push notification ad networks for publishers to scale their affiliate business.

What are Push Notifications 🔔?

A user subscribes to the publisher’s website and agrees to receive push notifications. Even when the user is not browsing the internet, push notifications get served on desktops, mobile, and tablets.

The frequency and type of push ads can be adjusted for any vertical. The reason for push ads growth is that only interested users agree to receive push notifications. With real humans and no bots, you can see your ROI growing rapidly.

Be it any vertical, push ads result in high CTR as users tend to click on it and rarely avoid it. So, if you want to push your revenue and put sweet cash in your pocket, choose push notification ad networks.

List of Top Push Notification Ad Networks In 2024

1. Push.House – The Best ❤️ Push Advertising Network

Push.House is the largest push ad network in terms of quality push traffic volume. Along with ad formats like Native ads, and Push.House specializes in IOS Push and In-Page Push ads.

If you are looking for quality traffic that connects your brand with interested users via push notifications, look no further than Push.House ad network.

Top Reasons to Join Push.House:

  • Unlike other ad formats, Push.House specializes in push notifications amounting to 14 B + impressions per day.
  • Minimum deposit of just $50.
  • Self-serve platform, easy campaign setup.
  • Worldwide coverage to over 180 countries.
  • Supports both desktop and mobile.
  • Easy signup and verification process.
  • Complete traffic statistics inside the advertiser dashboard.
  • Seamlessly integrate with tracking software.
  • Add funds with multiple payment options including Bitcoin.

2. EvaDav Ad Network

Reported to serve almost 2 billion impressions a day, EvaDav is evolving and becoming a highly-rated ad network. Not only push notifications, but it also supports push ad examples like pop-under, in-page, and native ad formats.

Benefits of joining EvaDav:

  • Publishers can choose their preferred payment methods and language.
  • You have everything in control with real-time statistics and traffic sources.
  • Compatible with all devices, OS, and geographical locations.
  • Connect with top advertisers and get traffic bidding.
  • A dedicated account manager with 24/7 live chat support.
  • No spam, no bot traffic, keeps you and your audience safe from malware.

3. AdMaven

AdMaven is a growing ad network for both publishers and advertisers around the world. Advertisers get connected with real audiences to grow their reach, and publishers get high-quality ads to monetize their websites.

Benefits of joining AdMaven:

  • Easy to set up any kind of ad placement and go live in under 5 minutes.
  • Never miss out on a single impression or user. 
  • Get high eCPM rates and boost your revenue.
  • A dedicated account manager helps you choose the right offers and maximize your revenues.
  • Payments are kept flexible with multiple payment methods.
  • Filters out malicious content and keeps your brand safe.

4. Datspush

Datspush serves over 3 billion impressions each day covering around 250 countries worldwide. Advertisers can choose top-performing verticals like Nutra, Finance, eCommerce, and more. Publishers can monetize their site by choosing multiple ad formats like native, push, and in-page push ads.

Benefits of joining Datspush:

  • Easy to get started with the push notification ad format. Simply choose the design, copy the code into your website, and start monetizing your site traffic to earn money.
  • You can drive traffic to a landing page with a direct link and earn money with the RevShare model.
  • Get daily payouts and keep the cash flowing in your wallet.
  • It is 100% safe from vulnerabilities.
  • No need to exclude other ad formats for additional monetization.

5. Push Monetization

If you are looking for additional revenue with push notifications, then a Push monetization ad network is the choice. It is easy to sign up and start monetizing without interfering with your existing monetization methods.

Benefits of joining Push Monetization:

  • Simply install the scripts into your website and you are good to go within 12 hours.
  • Get access to your dashboard instantly and start your earnings from day one.
  • Payments get processed in NET-7 days every Tuesday once you reach the $50 threshold.
  • You get a 5% referral commission for a lifetime. Earn rewards and prizes on the leaderboard.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with everything you need to track and view statistical data.
  • If you have any questions, you can get 24/7 live chat support.
  • You have control over customizing your push notifications and displaying them the way you want.

6. provides ad targeting tools to generate massive leads and monetize site traffic with push ad format. With, DSP platform, you get access to more than 100 traffic sources. It is a mega push traffic platform with 450+ million subscribers.

Benefits of joining

  • It offers a user-friendly interface with an inner tracking system.
  • You can earn a 3% referral bonus by referring other publishers and earn commissions for a lifetime.
  • You get a high conversion rate with CPC-based worldwide traffic.
  • Advertise CPA offers from different verticals like Nutra, Dating, Binary, and more.

7. EzMob

EzMob is a self-serve advertising platform for display and mobile advertising. The supported ad formats include:

  • banners,
  • interstitials,
  • redirect link,
  • pop-under js tag,
  • and push notifications.

Within a minute, you can integrate with any of the ad formats and get approved automatically.

Benefits of joining EzMob:

  • Easy integration with automatic approval saves you time.
  • With Ezmob’s top technology, relevant ads get served to users worldwide.
  • Qualified publishers get weekly payouts.
  • 100% fill rates and smart frequency capping.
  • Get in-depth reports with statistics on location, devices, and more. API interface is enabled.
  • Get high CTR by engaging users on both mobile and desktop.

8. Izooto

Izooto’z web push notification platform helps you get audiences back to your site and increases engagement. You can retain your readers and grow your revenue by up to 17%. With targeted push notifications, you can boost conversions and retain your loyal buyers.

Benefits of joining Izooto:

  • Use Izooto’s campaign automation and scale your marketing.
  • Segment your audience based on their actions and re-target them.
  • Analyze your performance with opt-ins, CTR, conversions, and more.
  • Collaborate with your clients and teammates by assigning them specific roles.
  • Customize your templates by editing colors, text, logos, etc. to match your website.
  • APIs that could be implemented easily.

9. RollerAds

RollerAds provides in-house fraud prevention technology to serve your audience with spam-free ads. Push ads being the latest and high-converting ad format will boost your revenue. 

Benefits of joining RollerAds:

  • Push ads served will be 100% risk-free with high CTR compared to other ad formats.
  • Reach your audience from anywhere, any place around the world. You can target an audience based on GEOs, OS, etc.
  • Easy to run push ads, you only need an image, subject, and description.
  • Instant delivery when users are online.
  • Anti-fraud technology serves bot-free traffic.
  • Low-cost bidding starting at $0.001
  • Multiple payment methods like Wire transfer, Web Money, Credit card, and Capitalist.

10. Zeropark

Zeropark is a self-serve advertising platform offering push notifications, pop, and domain redirects. It is easy to set up campaigns with automatic optimization and has the largest inventory.

Benefits of joining Zeropark:

  • Top verticals including Dating, Shopping & travel, and more bring high conversions.
  • Both manual and anti-fraud solutions filter bot traffic.
  • A dedicated team ensuring fast campaign approval.
  • Target by GEOs, devices, carriers, OS, and more.
  • Run A/B tests by distributing traffic up to 5 ad variants.
  • Simple and intuitive interface with a bird’s-eye view of campaign performance.

11. Daopush

Dao is a unique conversion and monetization platform for advertisers and publishers. It offers safe advertising formats and lets you analyze traffic with its high-end technology.

Benefits of joining Daopush:

  • You can use all the formats at once without any conflicts with each other.
  • Monetize traffic from around the world.
  • Get paid up to 90% based on the RevShare model. 
  • No need for a website, use over 30 landing pages and earn more.
  • Easily integrate your website with the system only in a few minutes.
  • If you earn $10 in a day, you can request daily payments.
  • Real-time statistics to help you analyze campaign performance.
  • Get round-the-clock support.

Push Notification Pros and Cons

1. One-way communication1. If blasted improperly, can become disruptive.
2. Better ad visibility2. User permission is required.
3. Can’t be ignored, hence better user engagement.
4. Multiple ad formats like in-page push and pop-ups are available.

More Ad Networks For Publishers & Bloggers


If you are looking for high-quality push traffic, join Push.House ad network that serves over 1000 clicks per day.

Push notifications would be served to real audiences that agree to receive notifications. Moreover, you could easily integrate push ads with any tracking software to keep track of your campaigns.

The house of push notification ads is waiting to welcome you. Hurry up and join Push.House to grow your brand reach globally.

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🔔 FAQs | Best Push Notification Ad Networks

Which is the best push notification ad network?

The list of best push notification ad platforms consists of highly rated, reputable, and reliable companies. Push.House ad network is one of the top push traffic networks. Other top ad networks include RichPush Ads, Mgid push notifications, Exoclick push notifications, and PropellerAds push,

How to make money with push ads?

The push notification format is one of the best converting methods. When a user accepts to receive push notifications, only then the message is sent. When a user clicks on the push ads, the publisher earns commissions based on the CPC model.

Does push notification increase engagement?

Push notifications work on both desktop and mobile. It is more effective on mobile as the user tends to click on the ads. The conversion ratio of push ads on mobile is more than on desktop. Users are expected to return with an increase in the CTR by up to 10 times.

What are the best push ads examples?

Push notifications, pop-unders, In-Page Push, and web push ads are the best examples of push notification ads.

What is mobile push notifications advertising?

Push ads that work on mobile phones are called mobile push notification ads. They work only if the user agrees to receive push notifications after installing the app. All mobile devices including Android, iOS, and Windows support push notification advertising.