16 Best Pinterest Affiliate Programs In 2024

Pinterest has grown exponentially in recent years, becoming a powerhouse for visual discovery and inspiration. This platform isn’t just for finding new recipes or DIY projects; it’s also a goldmine for affiliate marketers. 

2024 accounted for over 19 million Pinterest users in the United States itself. The second largest user database for Pinterest is Brazil accounting for over 39 million users. (Source: Statista

This blog post will explore the best Pinterest affiliate programs including their commission rates and cookie policy. 

Criteria for Choosing the Best Affiliate Programs Of 2024

With my years of experience in affiliate marketing, I have listed some important criteria for choosing an affiliate program:

  • Commission Rates: Higher commission rates can significantly increase your earnings. Commissions are paid one-time for a new sale. Recurring commission affiliate programs pay monthly as long as the customer renews the product subscription.
  • Product Relevance: Choose products that align with your niche and audience interests.
  • Cookie Duration: Longer cookie durations ensure you don’t lose your sales even if the visitor doesn’t purchase the first time.
  • Support and Resources: Programs offering dedicated support and marketing materials help you promote through various channels.

List of High-Ticket Pinterest Affiliate Programs In 2024

1. Rank Math (Free WordPress SEO Plugin)

πŸ€‘ Commission: Up to 30%

⏳ Cookie Duration: 60 Days

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rankmath logo

Rank Math is the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress users. The plugin for on-page SEO optimization helps a website rank higher on Google. Rank Math affiliate program has its platform for affiliates with complete statistics. Apart from sales commission, you can also earn from the monthly content contest only for Rank Math affiliates.

2. Semrush (All-in-one SEO Tool)

πŸ€‘ Commission: $200 per subscription, $10 per lead, and $0.01 per signup.

⏳ Cookie Duration: 120 Days

semrush logo

Semrush is the best all-in-one SEO tool that helps you in keyboard research side audit backlinks monitoring and site analytics. The latest Semrush AI tool ContentShake AI helps you write a blog post within a few minutes. The commission rates are very high compared to other SEO affiliate programs. You can offer a 7-day free trial to your audience and then convert them to a subscription plan.

3. Hostinger (Best & Affordable Web Hosting)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 60%

⏳ Cookie Duration: 30 days

hostinger logo

Hostinger is the best and most affordable shared and cloud hosting service provider. This site AffReborn is also hosted on Hostinger Cloud hosting. I love the hosting performance and would recommend it to any user starting a blog or a business website. By promoting hosting web hosting you can offer a free SSL certificate, free backup, and a super-fast web hosting performance.

4. AccuWeb Hosting (Affordable Forex VPS Hosting)

πŸ€‘ Commission: $200 per Referral

⏳ Cookie Duration: 90 days

accuwebhosting logo

Accuweb hosting is the best Forex VPS hosting service provider a 7-day free trial for its users. Accuweb has servers located in 16 + countries that allow hosting users to choose the fastest and nearest server. You can easily upgrade your Forex VPS hosting resources without facing any downtime.  Accuweb hosting can be one of the best-performing Pinterest affiliate programs with a high commission rate.

5. FlexClip (#1 AI Video Editor Software)

πŸ€‘ Commission:  35% and above

⏳ Cookie Duration: 90 Days

flexclip logo

FlexClip is my recommended AI Video Editor software that I use for social media marketing and creating YouTube videos. The free version of FlexClip offers limited features so you can promote FlexClip and convert your audience to subscribe to the business plan. You can join the FlexClip affiliate program on the ShareASale network, the best CPA affiliate network.

6. Push.House (Best Push Ads Network)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 3% referral

⏳ Cookie Duration: Unknown

push.house logo

Push.House is the best push notifications ad network with high-converting offers in various verticals. When you refer publishers to join Push.House network, you earn a referral commission. Join the Push.House affiliate program and earn commissions on your referred publishers’ earnings.

7. Vidnoz AI (Free AI Headshot Generator)

πŸ€‘ Commission: Up to 70%

βŒ› Cookie Duration: Unknown

vidnoz ai logo

Vidnoz is the best AI headshot generator tool. You just need to choose a headshot from the library and replace it with your photo. With one click, the tool automatically replaces the photo and produces a high-quality headshot.

8. HubSpot (Best CRM Marketing Tool)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 30% recurring

βŒ› Cookie duration: 180 days

hubspot logo

HubSpot is a recurring affiliate program with commissions up to 1 year. The cookie window is higher than other Email marketing affiliate programs which makes HubSpot a favorable choice. Affiliates get access to over 400+ promotional assets for marketing purposes. You can become an Elite affiliate if you bring 200+  signups.

9. AppSumo (Best Internet Marketing Deals)

πŸ€‘ Commissions: Recurring Customers – 5% per Sale/ New Customers – 100% Per Sale

⏳ Cookie Duration: 30 Days

appsumo logo

You can join the AppSumo affiliate program for free on Impact Radius. You can use affiliate links and banners to promote AppSumo deals through your blog website or social media platforms. For referring partners to sell on AppSumo, you receive a $50 commission paid after 60 days from the end of the month when the product is approved. As per the affiliate terms, if someone clicks on your site for a product promotion and buys a different product, you still get the commissions.

10. TravelPayouts (Largest Travel Affiliate Programs)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 5%

⏳ Cookie Duration: Unknown

travelpayouts logo

Travel lovers and blogs can join the TravelPayouts affiliate program for free. You can promote TravelPayouts and different travel programs on the TravelPayouts platform. Get real-time statistics in your TravelPayouts dashboard on all the bookings confirmed via your affiliate referrals.

11. iTop VPN (Free VPN Software)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 40% – 100%

⏳ Cookie Duration: Unknown

itopvpn logo

iTopVPN affiliate program is the only VPN affiliate program that offers up to 100% commissions. You can promote iTopVPN by writing blog reviews and sharing the link on Pinterest. You can directly share your affiliate link on Pinterest and an attractive offer to convert your visitors into potential customers.

12. Impact Radius (Best CPA Affiliate Network)

πŸ€‘ Commission: Account Completion – Earn $25.00, Online Sale – Earn 8%

⏳ Cookie Duration: 180 days

impact logo

Impact Radius is the best CPA affiliate network with affiliate programs in various categories. Verticals include technology, home decor, software, dating, and more. Companies like Hostinger, and Semrush trust Impact Radius for its tracking and payment platform. When you refer affiliates to Impact Radius, you earn a referral fee in your Impact account.

13. AmzChart (#1 Amazon BSR Tool)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 20% lifetime recurring

⏳ Cookie Duration: 60 days

amzchart logo

AmzChart is an Amazon seller tool that is very useful for those who sell on Amazon Marketplace. Over 200 K+ customers have used AmzChart to find trending products to sell on Amazon. By joining the AmzChart affiliate program you are eligible for a lifetime Commission. There is no approval process so you can join the AmzChart and start promoting immediately.

14. GeneratePress Pro (Fastest WordPress Theme)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

⏳ Cookie Duration: 30 days

generatepress logo

GeneratePress Pro is the fastest and most lightweight WordPress theme used by many bloggers and business owners. After joining the GeneratePress Pro affiliate program you need at least $75 commissions in your account for payouts. Payments are made via Paypal and the details for PayPal are asked at the time of registration.

15. BigRock (Cheapest Domain Registrar)

πŸ€‘ Commission: Up to 50% per sale

⏳ Cookie Duration: 60 days

bigrock logo

BigRock is the largest domain registrar for Indian users. For every qualified sale via your affiliate link, you can earn up to Rs. 10,000 per sale. After joining the BigRock affiliate program for free you get access to accurate cracking reports and promotional materials. The affiliate program for BigRock can be joined on Impact Radius.

You can sell hosting, domain, email, DIY website builder, and SSL certificates. 

16. IPRoyal (Millions of Cheap Residential IPs)

πŸ€‘ Commission: 10% recurring

⏳ Cookie Duration: Unknown

iproyal logo

IPRoyal offers the fastest residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and ISP proxies. IP Royal offers a custom discount code for your website audience. By availing of the discount code your audience will get a special discount at the final checkout. IP Royal is one of the best Pinterest affiliate programs offering BTC payments.

Tips for Success In Pinterest Affiliate Marketing In 2024

  • Create High-Quality Pins: Ensure your pins are visually appealing and include relevant keywords.
  • Leverage Rich Pins: Use Rich Pins to provide more context about the product directly on the pin. Check out the steps to implement Rich Pins on your site.
  • Optimize Descriptions: Write engaging and keyword-rich descriptions to improve discoverability.
  • Consistent Posting: Regularly pinning and re-pinning can increase your visibility.
  • Track Performance: Use Pinterest Analytics to monitor the performance of your pins and customize your strategy accordingly.
  • Follow Pinterest Guidelines: Ensure your pins comply with Pinterest’s affiliate marketing policies to avoid any issues.

Conclusion: Is Pinterest affiliate marketing profitable?

Pinterest affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your affiliate links. However, choosing the right affiliate programs and implementing effective strategies is crucial. Doing so can maximize your earnings and build a successful affiliate marketing business on Pinterest. 

Whether you’re an affiliate beginner or an intermediate, these affiliate programs for Pinterest are an excellent choice.

Join these affiliate programs for Pinterest today and watch your Pinterest earnings soar!

Happy pinning and minting money!

🌟 FAQs | Best Pinterest Affiliate Programs

Is Pinterest affiliate marketing profitable?

Pinterest is a unique platform to discover new products. This is where affiliate marketers can leverage Pinterest affiliate programs and make money by promoting products & services.

Who are the top affiliate marketers on Pinterest?

John Chow and Pat Flynn are the top affiliate marketers as per their affiliate income.

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