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AffSpace affiliate program offers lucrative niches including SaaS, Parental Control, and more for beginner affiliates. Commissions start from $3 up to $50 per sale for the CPA revenue model.



  • High-demand niches.
  • Revshare and CPA model.
  • Monthly payments.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Long cookie duration.
  • Worldwide GEO targeting.


  • Not many products

Are you ready to skyrocket your affiliate income and searching for a high-paying affiliate program?

I recommend joining the AffSpace Affiliate Program which is a premier affiliate network. 

In my AffSpace affiliate program review, you will learn more about its lucrative offers, payment details, and who can benefit from joining it. Let’s delve deep into the AffSpace network so you can make an informed decision.

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AffSpace Introduction

❀️ Products:15+
πŸ”₯ In-House Offers:35+
🌐 Traffic:Worldwide
⏳ Cookie Duration:120 Days
πŸ’Έ Payment Models:Revshare, and CPA
πŸ’° Referral Commission:10%
πŸ’² Payment Methods:Wire, Payoneer, PayPal, And Cryptocurrencies.
πŸ€‘ Min. Payout Threshold:$100 (for PayPal) or $500 (for Wire Transfer)
πŸ“… Payment frequency: Monthly payments for the previous month 
πŸ” Tracking software:Tune 
⭐ Top Programs:uMobix, Glassagram, Geofinder, Cocospy, xMobi, Xnspy, Locationtracker, and more.
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AffSpace specializes in lucrative offers in high-demand niches including SaaS, parental control, mobile apps, and cell phone tracking. Thus, providing endless opportunities to scale your affiliate income by promoting offers in lucrative niches.

The platform is designed and can be joined by bloggers, influencers, marketers, media buyers, and agencies. It has evolved from being an affiliate program for one product, (uMobix), into one of the top-searched affiliate programs globally. 

With over 15 high-quality products, it offers 35+ in-house lucrative affiliate offers. The platform supports RevShare and CPA models for these products. 

A fixed percentage payout of 45% for the first payment. This can increase.Payouts start from $3 up to $50 per sale.
A payout of 25% for recurring sales.
The average check is $80.

In addition, the program has also launched mobile apps on the Apple Store and Google Play. From only 1 affiliate, it has grown to 725 active partners by incorporating innovative promo structures to increase its partners’ earnings through a smooth promotion process. 

Let us learn more about top-performing AffSpace affiliate program products.

AffSpace Affiliate Program Products

glassagram logo

Glassagram Private Instagram Viewer: 

A web-based tool for anonymous monitoring of public and private IG accounts. Track stories, posts, comments, likes, tagged photos/locations, followers/followings lists, etc. Whether you are blocked, restricted, or don’t have an IG account, Glassagram lets you spy on IG accounts anonymously.

glassagram homepage


  • No download or installation is required.
  • Watch stories in real-time.
  • 100% anonymity.
  • Cloud storage saves stories for up to 3 months.
  • View and download videos from IG Stories and Posts. Get detailed statistics.
  • Monitor multiple accounts from one dashboard.
umobix logo

uMobix Parental Control Software: 

It’s an anonymous Android and iOS cell phone tracker for monitoring your kids’ online activities. The software allows you to track calls, text messages, social media activities, location, browsing history, and more. The app is equipped with 40+ smartphone or tablet monitoring features, 24/7 live-chat support, excellent performance, and data encryption, guaranteeing the safety of your private data. 

umobix homepage


  • Track complete call history on your kid’s phone.
  • Read text messages to learn about shopping codes.
  • Keep an eye on social media apps.
  • GPS tracker helps you track your kid’s movement.
  • Access critical settings to ensure your kid’s device is safe from online vulnerabilities.
  • Access your child’s phone camera and microphone. This helps you see and listen to your child’s surroundings.
  • You can even view deleted items on your kid’s device.
geofinder mobi logo Phone Number Tracker: 

Using GEOfinder, you can track any mobile number location on the map with no restrictions on geolocation requests. Regardless of the device model, OS, network, or cell phone carrier, GEOfinder will track cell phone number location with an accuracy of up to a 5-meter radius. 

geofinder homepage


  • Compatible with all phone models.
  • Supports all mobile network operators.
  • Anonymously access the geolocation of any mobile number.
  • No Software installation is needed. Easily track any phone number on the map. 
  • No restrictions on geo-location requests.

Advantages of Joining The AffSpace Affiliate Program

πŸ‘ AffSpace is one of the best affiliate marketing websites, offering a consistent revenue flow and growth of the target audience through its affiliate marketing strategies. 

πŸ‘ Compared with other high-paying affiliate programs, AffSpace provides special tracking tools for transparency of your performance and earnings.

πŸ‘ The network spans the globe, with key locations in the USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, and Spain and tier-2 locations in LATAM, Turkey, UAE, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.

AffSpace Features

Quick and Easy Start:

AffSpace helps people get into affiliate marketing without a hitch. It provides tools and tips to help beginners make money online, regardless of their experience.

Innovative Ideas:

The team develops unique promos to grab the audience’s attention and boost publishers’ earnings.

Extended Cookie Tracking:

Links stay active for 120 days, ensuring ongoing earnings within this period.

Exclusive Offers:

With an extensive selection of exclusive offers spanning diverse niches, you can address a broad spectrum of audience needs, maximizing your earning potential.

Flexible Commission:

Affiliates can choose a Revenue Share (RevShare) or a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model, depending on their preference and business strategy.

Effective Engagement of the Target Audience:

Whether targeting different GEOs or specific demographics, the AffSpace affiliate marketing program provides the tools to reach your target audience.

Personal Success Manager:

A dedicated professional will offer expertise to optimize your strategies, address any concerns, and provide assistance.

Constant Training and Updates:

The support manager provides ongoing training and informs you about product changes and additions. 

Timely Payouts:

Your earnings will be promptly disbursed once you reach the minimum payment threshold.

Special Incentives and Bonuses:

The AffSpace Affiliate Program offers special bonuses to top performers. By driving conversions and leads, you unlock more earning opportunities and maximize your potential income. So, if, for example, you offer an AffSpace Affiliate Program to other marketers, you will earn a lifetime of 10% of your referrals.

Intuitive Dashboard:

Easily track stats, conversions, and payouts on one user-friendly platform ensuring every conversion is counted. It is possible to check data on every link at any time.

AffSpace Payout Information 

  • Commission Structure: AffSpace payout structure is based on 2 payout structures:
Affiliates earn commission only for initial sales with a fixed reward from $3 for a trial subscription and up to $50 CPA payout per saleFixed commission: 45% on the initial sale and 25% for recurring sales with an average check of $80. 
  • Diverse Payment Methods: AffSpace pays for the previous month’s earnings monthly via Wire, Payoneer, or PayPal. Payouts in cryptocurrency may also be discussed. New affiliates start earning once they make their first 5 sales. 
  • Hold Period and Min Payout: Each time you get paid, AffSpace holds the money for 2 weeks to ensure security and compliance with industry rules. You’ll receive your money once your earnings reach $100 (for PayPal) or $500 (for Wire Transfer).
  • Payout Frequency: Payments are typically processed once a month. Once your commission has been paid, you will receive an email confirmation. 

Which Niches Does AffSpace Specialize In?

The AffSpace affiliate program’s niches include software, mobile applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), phone tracking, and parental control. Affiliates engaged in these niches can take advantage of the program and earn commissions for driving sales and referrals. 


Affiliates advertising or offering specialized SaaS solutions can also benefit from the AffSpace affiliate program. This program can provide its audience with links to effective and reliable products, satisfying various customer needs such as anonymous geolocation tracking or hidden Instagram monitoring. In return, affiliates will receive decent earnings as rewards for their efforts. 

Phone Tracking:

The AffSpace affiliate program provides products specializing in phone tracking, enabling users to discreetly monitor various cell phone activities remotely. These activities include tracking location data, calls, SMS, social media interactions, and more. Affiliates can effectively use the AffSpace Affiliate Program to target individuals and organizations concerned about tracking and managing mobile devices for security and monitoring purposes. 


AffSpace can also benefit affiliates by listing useful software on their sites. Moreover, uMobix, Glassagram, and GEOfinder are well-known brands, so why not advertise them and earn a commission?

Mobile Apps:

If you’re an affiliate promoting mobile apps, this affiliate program is the right fit for you. Simply showcase the products they offer in a way that connects with your audience. Demonstrate how these apps can enhance their lives and motivate them to give them a try.

Parental Control:

Businesses selling specific tools or running leading parental control blogs can benefit from the AffSpace affiliate program. By joining, they can offer their audience links to high-demand tools while also earning generous profits through the program.

Who Can Join and Benefit With The AffSpace Affiliate Program?

Still, trying to figure out whether or not you should join the AffSpace Affiliate Program? To wing out your doubts, here is a list of categories this affiliate program offers long-term partnership opportunities: 

  • SEO Specialists, Webmasters, and Site Owners: By joining AffSpace, you tap into a goldmine of opportunity. The affiliate program will harmonically complement the content-driven platforms, making it simple for you to promote the products it offers.
  • Bloggers & Content Creators: Bloggers and content creators (on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or other social media platforms) can flourish by partnering with AffSpace. They gain access to exclusive products directly from advertisers, who easily incorporate promotions into their content. They optimize revenue potential with dedicated support and easy-to-use tools while enhancing their audience’s experience.
  • PPC Specialists, Media Buyers, CPA Networks, and Agencies: The AffSpace Affiliate Program provides a great opportunity for PPC specialists, media buyers, and professionals within CPA networks or marketing agencies to monetize their expertise. By promoting AffSpace products through advertising campaigns, affiliates can earn generous commissions for every successful referral.
  • All Marketers and Everyone Desiring to Grow Their Traffic Score: If you are an experienced marketer or keen to explore new traffic avenues, joining the AffSpace Affiliate Program will greatly help you. The program is flexible, letting you try different strategies and grow.

🌟 FAQs | AffSpace Affiliate Program

How do affiliate marketing programs work?

Affiliate marketing programs allow individuals or businesses (affiliates) to promote products or services for a commission. Affiliates earn money through referrals or sales generated from their unique tracking links or codes provided by the companies they are promoted (known as affiliate marketing companies).

Is AffSpace a good affiliate marketing program for beginners?Β 

At AffSpace, affiliates access exclusive products from direct advertisers, enhancing their success. Supported by a helpful team, a beginner affiliate can easily use the promo tools to promote products effectively, ensuring substantial revenue generation.

How to join the AffSpace Affiliate Program?

To join the AffSpace Affiliate Program, go to the website and click the “Apply Now” button. Fill in the registration form by entering the required information (your company name, how you found out about this affiliate program, introduce your traffic sources, etc.) and await approval. If everything is good, you will be approved and be able to start earning commissions using the AffSpace Affiliate Pogam.Β Β 

How can I track my performance?

AffSpace affiliate program is partnered with the Tune affiliate tracking software. At Tune, you can monitor your clicks, conversions, and sales. You can also create a unique affiliate link for a landing page.