AmzChart Vs Jungle Scout 2024: Best Feature Comparison

When it comes to Amazon’s product selection, successful sellers often have their own rules. But for many new sellers, there is often no clue. If you are a new Amazon seller, then the AmzChart vs Jungle Scout comparison is for you. Having a good tool in hand and making full use of it can make you rock the Amazon even when the competition is fierce these days.

For small to medium sellers, it is more cost-effective to sell a ready product than to develop a product to sell. Therefore, the strategy for them is to uncover winning products that are proven golden on Amazon, which means they are going to rely on large data and intelligent analysis.

Having a smart Amazon product finder tool will be a huge relief to them. There are many product finder tools for Amazon sellers in the market. Which one has a more accurate database? Which one is the most user-friendly?

This comparison article, AmzChart vs Jungle Scout will clear your doubts. AmzChart has the largest database compared to Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. The result is out of your expectations.

Timely Data: AmzChart Vs Jungle Scout

AmzChart supports nine Amazon sites with the largest database that no other platform has. The American site alone includes 35,739,329 products. It ensures data accuracy using a neural network. It upgrades nine million data points daily to provide users with a timed report of active products.

Jungle Scout has a margin of error of 15.9%, and the data cannot be updated in real time. The estimated sales have a certain deviation, and it is impossible to calculate an appropriate proportion of the balance of payments. Compared with the use of AmzChart, the use of Jungle Scout data will bring greater financial risks and operational difficulties to Amazon sellers. This is especially important when sellers purchase overseas inventory.

Winner: AmzChart

AmzChart acts with complete confidence to provide users a more accurate data given its largest database and testify algorithm.

Which one has a smarter filter?


By looking at AmzChart no wonder why it is appealing to Amazon newbies. For those who just started off their Amazon business, AmzChart guides you to find products through filters it provides that are considered important when selecting products.

Jungle Scout is more suitable for advanced Amazon sellers who know what to sell. In the filters section, you will need to input an exact number instead of clicking an already set-up filter. But for newbies, they don’t have a number to put in. Jungle Scout also has fewer filters to choose from compared to AmzChart.

junglescout smart filter



AmzChart has a powerful and complete product classification BSR sorting. Sellers can filter products within 1-30 days. Checking the product’s BSR ranking can quickly find Amazon products with fast-growing rankings that meet the seller’s sales, and click the product title, and view details button You can jump to the product detail page, and click on the product link to jump to the Amazon product page.

Jungle Scout

Sellers can also select products through filters. After clicking search, the page will be filled with filtered products. When scrolling the search results, the “product database” will display some detailed data, but the search criteria displayed by the “product database” are not as complete and diverse as AmzChart.

Winner: AmzChart

Trend Analysis


AmzChart can analyze product ranking trends, review growth trends, purchase prices, reviews, ratings, positive and negative ratings Q&A trends, etc. A considerable part of the analysis content is matched with charts, which allows people to clearly and intuitively understand the growth and decline trends.

Category analysis

AmzChart provides a full analysis of each category to help sellers know how each category performs over time in terms of reviews, product prices, number of listings, and many other reference points. What is amazing about AmzChart is it provides sellers with a new brand opportunity index that indicates the possibility that a new brand is going to make it through that category.

category analysis

It also provides a chart showing the relationship between product price and the number of reviews, which can indicate what price range most products lie in.

price analysis

The pie chart shows listings in terms of rating intervals and review intervals.

pie chart analysis

Category competition analysis

category competition analysis

Top100 activity level, used to show the relationship between the new comments of the category BSR Top100 and the rate of change.

The activity of the category can be judged by analyzing the changes in the comments of the category BSR Top100 products.

The larger the comment changes, the more active the category; BSR Top100 comments Trend, is used to display the trend of the top 100 historical reviews of the category.

By viewing the review trend of the BSR Top100 product, you can determine the upper limit trend of the single product of the category and the difficulty of entering the BSR Top100 of the category.

By using AmzChart’s reviews and growth rate analysis, users can understand the impact of reviews on product sales and the trend of changes in reviews of this product.

This is very necessary for Amazon users to choose products and refer to competitors’ market conditions, usually, more Purchases will bring more reviews.

The chart shows the trend of positive and negative reviews. By sliding the slide rail at the bottom right, you can change the length of time, and you can check the fluctuations of reviews in a wide range.

Amazon sellers need to understand the pros and cons of a product and the quality of sales, reference value, and significance.

product bsr change

In the figure, the searched product will display the product’s BSR change in each parent category, and the upward and downward trend of the product’s BSR can be seen at a glance.

Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout can show the seasonal performance of the product, and Amazon sellers can understand the seasonal performance of the product. But Google Trend is fully equipped with this feature.

seasonality history

Jungle Scout can also display product sales, but it does not match the growth curve and chart description, which is slightly inadequate compared to AmzChart.

junglescout units sold

Winner: AmzChart

Keyword Analysis

The premise of e-commerce transactions is traffic, and free traffic basically comes from keywords. Good keywords can bring a lot of income without spending costs (such as advertising).


What normal sellers like most are long-tail words with large search volume, large purchase volume, rising trend, and relatively small competition.

AmzChart’s keyword query function is suitable for querying the popularity of a certain keyword (such as search volume, or purchase volume), and looking for relevant long-tail traffic words.

If the seller wants to know which core keywords a certain ASIN uses, AmzChart also provides a reverse check function.

In the “Keyword Analysis” function column, Amazon users can query the historical search volume trend of the keyword and the corresponding monthly search volume, purchase volume, and product.

They enter the content or the best keyword and ASIN of the product they want to query Key parameters such as:

  • the number and purchase rate (CVR),
  • click to switch variants to view the keyword information of the variants. This could play a decisive role for Amazon operators when creating listings or selecting long-tail keywords.
keyword analysis amzchart
keyword search volume trend

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout can extract a large number of data points to show accurate and extensive keyword search volume. Additionally, it can analyze the keyword performance of the past two years and view monthly and quarterly trend data.

This information could be used to generate a complete picture of the seasonality and popularity of the product over time, adjust PPC campaigns, and optimize the list.

But this feature is based on high fees!

junglescout keyword scout

Winner: AmzChart

AmzChart vs Jungle Scout: Pricing and Registration


There are two versions available in Chinese and English. The support is available in six major sites in the United States, Japan, France, and Germany.

Enter the web page and click “register” in the upper right corner to use the mailbox to register and use it. It is very convenient and fast.

The most important point is that the registration and use is free. Also, there is no need to charge users any fees.


amzchart price

Jungle Scout

In contrast, the registration of Jungle Scout is very cumbersome. It requires users to scan the code to add exclusive customer service. After clicking the registration link, they need to pay a minimum of $399/year.

This is very unfriendly to some novice sellers, small and medium sellers, and increases invisibly. For a high cost, Jungle Scout is powerful, but many functions need to be used with plug-ins. Also, there are certain requirements for browser adaptation.


junglescout price


Both the tools in this comparison are for Amazon users to select products and understand the industry. However, both tools have different functional focuses.

AmzChart relies on the data from the Amazon BSR rankings and the BSR corresponding to the largest category of the product.

The value is sorted, and the product BSR is provided for users to increase the ranking for reference. Jungle Scout also has its own database for product selection. It can also assist Amazon users in inventory and mass production listings.

In any case, for users, it is always the most useful to provide valuable services. The free function of AmzChart’s entire site is a selection tool that cannot be missed. So which Amazon tool from Jungle Scout vs AmzChart do you think is a clear winner?

Do share your thoughts about this comparison in the comments section.

🌟 FAQs | AmzChart Vs Jungle Scout

What is AmzChart?

AmzChart is a free Amazon product research and analysis tool for Amazon sellers.

Is AmzChart good?

Yes, AmzChart is affordable and offers extensive research tools to help you sell effectively on Amazon.

Which one is better – Jungle Scout vs AmzChart?

AmzChart offers far better functionalities and features compared to Jungle Scout which is also costly. So, AmzChart is a winner.

Is there anything better than Jungle Scout?

AmzChart is the best Jungle Scout alternative and therefore a clear winner. Other than Jungle Scout, take a look at AMZScout alternatives.

Is Jungle Scout free?

Jungle Scout is a free Amazon sales estimator tool that offers 10 free estimates per day.

Who are Jungle Scout’s competitors?

AmzChart is the best Jungle Scout alternative and competitor. Other Jungle Scout alternatives & competitors include Helium 10, AmzScout, Sellzone, etc.

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