Honest Proxysale Review 2024: Is It Free To Use?

ProxySale Review
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Proxysale offers a secure proxy solution that supports both HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. Their proxies can be used for Gaming, Web scraping, and Social media marketing. You can buy Datacenter (IPv4 and IPv6), ISP, Mobile, and Residential proxies.


  • Real-time & transparent proxy statistics.
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Unique affiliate link to earn referral commissions
  • High-speed and reliable datacenter proxies
  • Proxies for sneaker copping
  • CCPA and GDPR-compliant
  • Worldwide proxy coverage
  • Excellent customer support
  • Also offers free proxies


  • There is no free trial

Do you need private proxies for web scraping, gaming, and other use cases?

Proxysale is a secure and fast (up to 1 Gbps speed) personal proxy provider that supports HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.

In my honest Proxysale review, I will cover its features, and pricing, and also show you the signup steps with insights into the dashboard. So without further ado, let’s explore the platform in my exclusive Proxysale review with real registration steps screenshots.

ProxySale Introduction

Founded Year2014
Founder/CEOIgor Efimenko
HeadquartersSofia, Bulgaria
PriceFree + Paid
Starting price$0.7 per IP for 7 days
Refund Policy24 Hours
IP TypesIPv4, IPv6, ISP, Mobile, and Residential
ProtocolsHTTP(s) and SOCKS5
Countries210+ including Russia/ Germany/ France/ Italy/ Netherlands/ Spain/ US/ Brazi/ India/ Mexico/ Turkey/ UK/ Canada/ Japan/ Belgium/ Czech Republic/ Lithuania/ Portugal/ Sweden/ Finland/ Switzerland/ Norway/ Poland/ Cyprus/ Indonesia/ Australia/ China/ South Africa/ Ireland/ Austria/ Bangladesh/ Belarus/ Bulgaria/ Georgia/ Kazakhstan/ Korea/ Latvia /Malta/ Moldova/ Nigeria/ Serbia/ Slovakia
Languages English and Russian 
Use CasesSocial media, Online games, Web scraping, and more.
ToolsProxy checker, Port scanner, My IP, Ping IP, Anonymity check, UTM Builder, Speed test, IPv6 Validator, IP Blacklist checker, Proxy List Filter, and IP Tracing.

Reasons to choose Proxysale

  • High speed and stability with IPv4 and IPv6 proxies.
  • Around-the-clock support.
  • Personal proxies from reliable and vetted suppliers.
  • Private proxies are used only by you for the duration you rent them.
  • Cheap and affordable proxy packages.
  • CCPA and GDPR compliant.
  • Diverse proxy ranges and types.

Types of Proxies & Pricing Plans Offered by ProxySale

IPv4 Proxies

proxysale ipv4 proxies

The IPv4 protocol is widely supported by most of the websites hosted worldwide. These kinds of IPs are known for their speed, reliability, and anonymity. The prices are very low.

The table below is the pricing plan for Location: India. Price varies depending on the location and the rental period.

Quantity (pcs.)Total Price ($) (7 Days)Price per IP ($) (7 Days)Total Price ($) (30 Days)Price per IP ($) (30 Days)

IPv6 Proxies

proxysale ipv6 proxies

IPv6 is not accepted by every website but will slowly replace IPv4. The prices are cheaper than IPv4 starting at $0.07 per IP but have low anonymity.

The pricing table is for Location: USA.

Quantity (pcs.)Total Price ($) (7 Days)Price per IP ($) (7 Days)Total Price ($) (30 Days)Price per IP ($) (30 Days)

ISP Proxies

proxysale isp proxies

These are residential proxies supplied by internet service providers and are different than datacenter proxies. Check out the prices of ISP proxies for Location: USA

Quantity (pcs.)Total Price ($) (7 Days)Price per IP ($) (7 Days)Total Price ($) (30 Days)Price per IP ($) (30 Days)

Mobile Proxies

proxysale mobile proxies

Mobile IPs do not mean IPs for mobile devices rather these IPs belong to real mobile carriers. Mobile proxies are secure and do not get blocked or flagged by websites as they appear real. The cost is higher than IPv4 and IPv6 proxies but are more anonymous.

Mobile proxies change automatically upon every restart. You can manually rotate IPs and this option should be selected when purchasing them.

Look at the pricing of mobile proxies for Location: India.

Quantity (pcs.)Total Price ($) (7 Days)Price per Unit ($) (7 Days)Total Price ($) (30 Days)Price per Unit ($) (30 Days)

Residential Proxies

proxysale residential proxies

These are well-known proxies for their speed and reliability. Residential IPs are real device IPs and therefore anonymity is high. Proxysale offers residential proxies starting at just $7 per GB. You can choose over 10 Million + residential IPs in over 210+ locations.

Plan per (GB)Total Price ($)Price per GB ($)

How To Sign Up and Buy Proxysale Proxies?

My Proxysale review would be incomplete without sharing the steps to purchase their proxies. Let me show you how to register and buy proxies at Proxysale. 

Step 1: Visit Proxysale’s official website and click on the Quick Order button or Log in button.

proxysale homepage

Step 2: Click on the Signup button and register your account with your email address and password. You will receive a confirmation email. 

proxysale register step2
proxysale signup step2

Step 3: Log into your account with the email address and password you used at the time of registration. Once logged into your Proxysale dashboard, you can change your password or simply buy proxies. As you can see, I already have 5 proxies in my account which are IPv4 proxies. 

proxysale dashboard step3

Step 4: When you buy proxies, you will receive an email with the authorization details along with Ports and IPs. 

proxysale buy proxy step4

Step 5: To buy a proxy, go to Buy proxy > choose a location > choose the purpose > Number of proxies > Rent term.

  • Locations: 210 +
  • Purpose: Social networks, online games, web scraping, gambling, or other purposes.
  • Proxy count: Ranging from 1 up to 5,000
  • Rent term for IPv4: 7 days up to 360 days
  • You can check the price for the options you chose and click on the Buy Proxy button.
proxysale buy proxy step5

Step 6: A few more options need to be selected. Specify the service, choose the authorization method either user: password or static IP, and choose a payment method.

proxysale buy proxy step6

Step 7: Enter the postal code, check the box, and Continue with the payment. Fill in your card details or choose to pay via PayPal. Click on Pay Now. Once your payment is successful, you will receive an email with the proxy details.

proxysale payment step7

Step 8: Go to your proxy dashboard, and you will see the proxy details.

proxysale dashboard step8

Step 9: Connect to the internet via any tool like SwitchyOmega. Create a New Profile and enter the name. Save the profile.

swtichyomega step9

Step 10: Choose the protocol (HTTP (s)/SOCKS5), IP address, and Port number. Click on Apply Changes. Click on the Lock icon and enter your username and password for the proxy server. You can now start browsing the internet via Proxysale reliable proxies.

switchyomega port ip step10

How To Get Free Proxies?

Go to the Proxysale website and click on Free Proxy. You will see lots of free proxies available for different countries.

proxysale free proxy

To filter out the proxies, select a country and the list of proxies will be displayed for that country.

proxysale free proxy check

To check working and non-working proxies, click on Check proxy, and the list of total proxies with indication will be displayed.

Proxysale offers a free IP checker tool. Go to the My IP tab, and the Proxysale system will detect your IP and location.

proxysale my ip

Proxysale Use Cases

Social Media Management

Using Proxysale proxies, you can create unlimited accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok, and YouTube. There is no risk of getting blocked as all the proxies are highly anonymous private proxies.

Online Games

Using Proxysale proxies, you can create unlimited accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok, and YouTube. There is no risk of getting blocked as all the proxies are highly anonymous private proxies.

Web scraping

There is no limitation to web scraping when you buy private proxies at Proxysale. Using private proxies, you can scrape data from Google, Scrapebox, and Trafficbot Pro. You can safely create unlimited accounts without your IP getting flagged or blacklisted.


Everyone has their reasons for using proxy services for gambling. Some use it to create accounts and bypass government bans. Others use it to hunt down bonuses and more use cases. Proxysale proxies can be used for accessing gambling websites that are restricted in some countries like Malaysia.

Notice: AffReborn does not promote or support Gambling.


Amazon is the largest online marketplace followed by eBay, Etsy, and more. By using proxies from Proxysale, you can create multiple user accounts and automate your tasks. Sometimes discounts are available only for a particular country. 

With proxies, you can avail of those discounts by bypassing geo-restrictions. You can also scrape data from these websites, especially reviews.

Pros and Cons

βœ… Free IPs available❌ No free trial for paid proxies
βœ… Supports IPv4 and IPv6 both❌ More language support is needed
βœ… Affordable pricing plans
βœ… 24-hour refund policy
βœ… Free tools such as proxy tester, IP checker, etc.
βœ… Supports HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 both
βœ… Username/password or IP authorization
βœ… Country, City, state, and ISP Targeting
βœ… 24/7 customer support
βœ… Up to 1 Gbps speed
βœ… Up to 400 networks and 1000 subnets

My Verdict on Proxysale Review: Why do I recommend ProxySale?

After using Proxysale, I would rate its services 4.9 out of 5 stars. This is because of the speed, ease of use, and affordable pricing. 

Proxysale offers its affiliate program for affiliate marketers who want to earn by promoting proxy services. The program offers a 30% commission on the first purchase and 10% recurring commissions for a lifetime.

Proxysale Reviews

  • Erick Richardson says he is happy with a clear site and the articles that helped him a lot.
  • Carlos Alfonso says he bought a proxy for Facebook and everything works fine.
  • Deniz Seren says he bought 1 proxy for 1 week and is happy with the support and price.


Though Proxysale offers free proxies, it is not recommended to use the free proxies. If you are using proxies for the first time, I recommend buying one proxy at a time.

I hope my Proxysale review was helpful and informative covering its major aspects. If you loved and think my Proxysale review was on the spot, do share it with others and help someone get a proxy for free and at an affordable price.

Enjoy proxying!

Till then…

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

Take Care Reborns

🌟 FAQs | Proxysale Review

Is Proxysale free?

Proxysale provides free proxies in limited locations.Β 

Will I get a refund for the proxy plan cancellation?

There are certain terms and conditions to get a refund. Refund can be requested only within 24 hours of purchasing a proxy.

When can I access proxies after purchase?

The issuance of proxies is immediate after payment confirmation. The process of proxy issuance might take longer only if certain details need to be clarified.Β 

Can I use proxies for scraping?

Proxysale proxies can be used for scraping Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Google, and other websites.Β 

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