The bottom line to make huge profits is by choosing the hot products with a niche research. In this post, I am sharing the best AmzScout alternatives and competitors to find profitable products.

These Amazon research tools help you find a profitable niche, discoverable products, and more.

Let’s see what each one of these top alternatives and competitors to AmzScout have inside for Amazon sellers.

What is AMZScout?


AMZScout offers a suite of tools to find the best profitable products to sell on Amazon. You can sign up for free and proceed with the free trial of all-in-one sellers toolset.

You can access the step by step guide on how to sell on Amazon.

Features At a Glance:

  • Access to the product database to find out hot new products.
  • Enhance your selling skills by learning from the masterclasses.
  • Search for international suppliers in any country and create products under your brand.
  • Monitor your competitors keywords, sales, pricing, and more.
  • Easy installation in 3 clicks and get real-time analytical insights from Amazon.

Why Choose AMZScout Alternatives and Competitors?

AMZScout is one of the best Amazon tools out there, but lacks some features.

It does not provide BSR chart analytics, and insights into profitable niches. Check out the below list of top alternatives to AmzScout, and count on the best one.

List of 9 Best AMZScout Alternatives and Competitors



AmzChart is the best and top competitor to AMZScout. This Amazon BSR chart tool covers 9 countries, with over hundreds of thousands of product insights.

The tools help you discover a profitable niche and boost your sales up to 200%.

If you want to beat the heat, dominate your competitors’ market, and bring fortune to your business, then choose AmzChart.

Top Reasons to Choose AmzChart as AMZScout alternatives:

  •  Allows you to discover low competition niches in Amazon BSR.
  • In under a minute, you could find out the most profitable categories. Dive into the category in which you could generate more sales.
  • Track the performance of your competitors products and get an email notification.
  • The reverse ASIN feature helps you research competitors keywords.
  • Track your competitors’ metrics and stay ahead of them.
  • Get the product price line chart and also view the history. You can download the history tracker plugin easily and install it on your website.
  • Get professional guidance through analytical reports, and video tutorials. At any stage of your Amazon journey, you won’t be left alone.

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Jungle Scout


Whether you are a first-time seller, or an existing Amazon seller, Jungle Scout has all the tools to manage your business.

Whether you want to launch your product, or grow your business, you can master Amazon selling.

Top Reasons to Choose Jungle Scout as AMZScout alternatives:

  • Save your time and find winning products from the Product Database using filters.
  • First-time sellers can launch their product easily with data-driven decisions.
  • Don’t waste your time in managing your business. Jungle Scout helps you streamline your business with features and insights. You can focus on growing your business hassle-free.
  • Plenty of features like rank tracker, listing builder, review automation, inventory manager, etc.

You can also checkout the comparison between AmzChart vs Jungle Scout.

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SellerLabs Pro


One of the smartest Amazon keyword tools is Seller Labs. It helps you improve your organic and paid traffic with its extensive tools.

Whether you are looking for long-tail keywords, or PPC terms, you can get it all. The Seller Labs Pro plan starts at $49/mo, but you can save more with the annual plan. The annual plan starts at $39/mo and you could save $120.

Top Reasons to Choose SellerLabs Pro as AMZScout alternatives:

  • Monitor the traffic, ad spend, conversions, and download the reports anytime you want. You will get notified for important metrics.
  • Real-time notifications help you make decisions quickly, so you never run out of stock.
  • AI-powered smart suggestions provide detailed insights for building SEO strategies.
  • Access optimization tools to discover profitable keywords and save tons of time.

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Helium 10


If you are striving hard to grow your eCommerce business, then Helium 10 is the best platform. New or not, you can easily grow your Amazon business with Helium 10 all-in-one Amazon tool.

Top Reasons to Choose Helium 10 as AMZScout alternatives:

  • The 450 million ASIN database helps you find a product faster. You get to know the analytics and profit estimates to validate your product’s success.
  • You can explore keyword research like single word, reverse ASIN, backend, and low competition phrases.
  • Write listings seamlessly with hundreds of keywords and rank high.
  • Built-in security tools keep you away from security threats. You can manage your business effortlessly with alerts and updates.
  • Analytics help you make powerful decisions and create better product rankings.
  • With minimal effort, you can grow your business using the PPC management & automation.

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AmaSuite 5


AmaSuite 5 is power-packed with newly added features. This includes Research desktop apps that work seamlessly on Mac and PC.

With the AmaSuite 5 suite of tools, you can uncover profitable keywords and products to make money on Amazon.

Top Reasons to Choose AmaSuite 5 as AMZScout alternatives:

  • Using the Ama Product Analyzer, you can uncover top selling products in any category.
  • You can find similar top selling products by entering the main product keyword. Search, analyze, and uncover related products.
  • Get private label product ideas by extracting product reviews. You can analyze the features, advantages of the products and sell risk-free.
  • Access the Bonus Amazon selling course and learn how to scale your business on Amazon. The step-by-step guide ensures you don’t miss out on anything.



AMZBase is a free research tool for Amazon sellers. The tool is a free chrome extension to assist you in finding the right products to sell on Amazon.

Top Reasons to Choose AMZBase as AMZScout alternatives:

  • Helps in obtaining the Amazon products ASIN no. and the title description of listings.
  • Gives you free access to CamelCamelCamel, Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay and Google search engines.
  • You can identify your estimated profits with auto-calculated FBA fees.
  • All-in-one instant search tool to search products on Google and related ones on Alibaba.
  • Simply pick the keyword and search instantly.
  • To use AMZBase, update the chrome browser to the latest version.

Unicorn Smasher


Unicorn Smasher is a product of Amz Tracker to save your time in selecting products on Amazon. Get insights into product pricing, ranks, reviews, estimated sales for any product on Amazon.

Top Reasons to Choose Unicorn Smasher as AMZScout alternatives:

  • One single dashboard to manage your research effectively.
  • Get monthly sales estimates based on real data from live Amazon listings.
  • Save your favorite searches and also get accurate metrics for each product’s child variations.
  • Integration with AMZ Trackers Sales tracker, and On-page Analyzer.
  • Complete customer support for any help regarding the software.
  • Quick links help you go to any products listing right inside the dashboard.
  • Download your research data in .csv format.



Keepa is a free browser extension and the best free alternatives and competitors to AmzScout. It works on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Install the Keepa browser extension once, and all the Keepa features can be accessed directly.

Top Reasons to Choose Keepa as AMZScout alternatives:

  • A free Amazon product search tool with premium data features.
  • Price history graphs with price drop and availability alerts.
  • You can compare prices on Amazon for different locations.
  • Get access to the latest deals in any category  with the highest price drop.
  • You can keep an eye on your tracking with notifications and wish list.



ASINspector is a free chrome extension to become a pro in selling on Amazon. The tool offers profitable, in-demand products to save your time in selling on Amazon.

You can find reliable suppliers who have the stocks ready when you need them to ship. The tool lets you contact suppliers for the lowest price, so you gain maximum profit.

Top Reasons to Choose ASINspector as AMZScout alternatives:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Amazon directly. Also, populates results like sales estimate and profit in real-time.
  • Take out the guesswork of product research and save your time with the AccuSales™ data analysis engine.
  • Uncover profitable product ideas with red, green, and yellow markers.
  • With the profit calculator, you can decide if the product is valuable or not.
  • Works seamlessly with any Amazon website for any country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AmzChart the best AmzScout Alternatives and Competitors?

Yes, AmzChart is the top alternative to AmzScout with Amazon BSR Chart tool. The tool helps boost your sales by up to 200%

Is Jungle Scout and AMZScout the same?

No, Jungle Scout has more features than AmzScout. The operating speed of Jungle Scout chrome extension is better than AmzScout.

Is AmzScout accurate?

AmzScout is accurate for the US marketplace but when it comes to other Amazon websites, it lacks accuracy.

Conclusion: Are These AMZScout Alternatives and Competitors Worthy?

In my opinion, you can test out the free Amazon research tool browser extensions. The free tools do not provide accuracy, so you need to go for the pro ones.

The best free Amazon BSR chart analytics tool is AmzChart. The next big competitor to AmzScout is undoubtedly Jungle Scout.

Amazon selling is unlimited and unbiased but only if you have the right analytics tools. I hope these AmzScout alternatives help you boost your Amazon sales.