Best FunnelFlux Pro Alternatives and Competitors 2024

FunnelFlux Pro is a top-class tracker for affiliates, but these FunnelFlux Pro alternatives and competitors are no less.

A tracking software helps affiliates to track their sales, clicks, conversions, and more. By creating campaigns, you can easily identify which one is working and which one needs to be closed.

I would say, an affiliate tracking tool is the heart of affiliate marketing. So, if you havenโ€™t got one for you, then hereโ€™s the chance to grab one at the best price.

Do not choose trackers that offer cheap prices with fewer features. But sometimes, you will find premium tracking software coupon codes to save some bucks.

Before heading down to the list of the best FunnelFlux Pro alternatives, let’s check out FunnelFlux Pro features and pricing.

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FunnelFlux Pro Introduction


  • Core: $99/month
  • Growth: $299/month
  • Scale: $499/month

A visual tracker, a self-hosted tracker, and whatnot. FunnelFlux Pro minimizes the coding complexities so that you can draw and track the funnels.


  • Itโ€™s simple to draw and visualize your marketing journey of any size.
  • Drill down the reports with limitless metrics to analyze your campaigns.
  • Integrate with multiple traffic sources like Facebook, Google AdWords, etc.
  • One-to-one support team to help you with tracking implementation.
  • Rocket speed redirects with cookie-less tracking.

So, now that you have seen FunnelFlux Pro features, let us look at the best alternatives and competitors of FunnelFlux Pro.

List of Hand-Picked FunnelFlux Pro Alternatives and Competitors Of 2024

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  • Basic: $49/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Team: $199/month
  • Agency: $449/month

RedTrack is the #1 FunnelFlux Pro alternative and competitor of all time. It provides tracking, optimizing, and managing ad campaigns across any device and platform.


  • Real-time monitoring and analyzing of important metrics like clicks, impressions, and conversions.
  • By attributing all conversion events, you can identify when a conversion took place for each customer.
  • You can collaborate and share reports with your team and partners. By setting the access rights, you can show what you want to your team and partners.
  • Integrate 150+ traffic sources in one click.

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2. Voluum


  • Discover: $69/month
  • Profit: $149/month
  • Grow: $449/month
  • Agency: $999/month

Voluum is the greatest affiliate tracking software recommended by top digital marketers globally. With Voluum, you have all the campaigns under your control in a single ad tracker. You can easily track, optimize, and automate your advertising with integration to 40+ traffic sources.


  • Monitor your ad campaigns with metrics such as clicks, visits, profits, and more.
  • Redirect and direct tracking.
  • Track your payouts in local currency even if the traffic source uses a different currency.
  • A/B tests your campaigns to find out what performs the best.
  • Redirect your traffic to different landing pages and offers by creating a set of rules.
  • With AI traffic distribution, traffic is sent to the best-performing offer.

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3. AdsBridge


  • Starter: $29/month
  • Professional: $89/month
  • Advanced: $199/month
  • Business: $379/month

AdsBridge prevents fraud traffic and saves your ad spend. You can maximize your revenue with its breathtaking technology. Some of the big ad networks like PropellerAds, Adcombo, and TrafficHunt trust AdsBridge.


  • Experience fast redirects with flexible DNS servers powered by AWS.
  • Split testing or A/B testing helps you evaluate and analyze the results.
  • Attract clients by creating a landing page with an LP builder.
  • Utilize conversion tracking, PPC tracking, Pixel tracking, and Ad tracking.
  • The best feature is the URL rotator.
  • Blocks fraud traffic in real-time by checking OS, devices, occurrence, and more.
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4. BeMob


  • Basic: Free
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Business: $249/month
  • Enterprise: $499/month

BeMob is a one-stop ad-tracking software for media buyers and affiliates. With an advanced set of rules, you can manage all the data in one place. It’s the only tracker that offers a free plan.


  • Fast redirects approx 10 ms.
  • Only high-quality traffic as it blocks bot traffic.
  • No traffic loss as BeMob servers have auto-scaling architecture.
  • Achieve the highest ROI by targeting the audience.
  • Get support in multiple languages without any hesitation.
  • 24/7 notification to alert you on your campaign performance.
  • Cookie-less tracking for Facebook, Google, and Bing.
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5. ThriveTracker


  • Cloud Elite: $35/month
  • Cloud Classic: $79/month
  • Custom

ThriveTracker is an AI-based tracker to tracks all the offers in one dashboard. It helps performance marketers to compare their spending and earnings in real-time.


  • Increase campaign efficiency by split-testing your landing pages.
  • Redirect traffic based on GEO, browser, OS, and more.
  • Fastest redirects with AWS infrastructure and advanced technology.
  • Cloud-based technology with auto-scaling.
  • Support at its best.
  • LP pixel tracks everything.
  • Offer split tests, track unlimited pages, and swap offers with no coding required.
  • Multi-user access allows you to set up different logins.

Conclusion: Which are the best FunnelFlux Pro Alternatives and Competitors?

Choosing the right affiliate tracker could be daunting but not any more. If you have reached the end of this article, then you are likely to find a suitable tracker.

RedTrack is the finest self-hosted affiliate software with good technical support. Voluum is an automated affiliate marketing software with affordable plans. Time to grow your affiliate business with the top-pick affiliate tracking software.

Till then…

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๐ŸŒŸ FAQs | Best FunnelFlux Pro Alternatives and Competitors

Is FunnelFlux Pro free?

FunnelFlux offers a 14-day free trial.

How does FunnelFlux Pro work?

FunnelFlux is a visual builder that helps you keep track of your ad campaigns by analyzing clicks, visits, and conversions across multiple platforms.

Why should I choose an alternative tracker to FunnelFlux Pro?

The alternatives mentioned in this article include more affordable trackers than FunnelFlux Pro.

Can I get free tracking software?

If you are looking for affiliate tracking software free, then choose BeMob as it offers a free plan with limited features. So, whether you are a media buyer or an affiliate marketer, you can easily get a tracking tool here.

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