Oberlo is a dropshipping management platform that works only for Shopify, but in this article, I am sharing Oberlo alternatives and competitors that work with WooCommerce.

Do you want to earn online with Dropshipping? You can start your dropshipping business right away with WooCommerce but you need a dropshipping management platform.

If you are looking for an authentic and stable dropshipping management platform for your WordPress eCommerce store, then checkout this post. With these Oberlo alternatives and competitors you can start your eCommerce business right away.

Why Choose Oberlo alternatives and competitors?

As said earlier, Oberlo works only with Shopify, and Shopify is not a free to use platform for creating an eCommerce store. Shopify offers different paid plans to get your business online.

So, why choose the best Shopify alternative WooCommerce, that is free to use with plenty of free plugins.

WooCommerce is easy to handle manually with abundant features to track your sales, and performance.

In this article, I am sharing recommended Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce to get your dropshipping start at breeze.

AliDropship Woo

alidropship top oberlo alternatives and competitors for woocommerce

My best-pick as Oberlo alternatives and competitors is AliDropship. The AliDropship Woo plugin is a must-have WooCommerce dropshipping plugin. It helps you import AliExpress products into your WooCommerce dropshipping store in seconds. You can seamlessly track orders, performance, and process the shipping with dropshippers worldwide.

Reasons to Choose AliDropship Woo plugin:

  • Choose from the range of unlimited products in any category.
  • In one-click, you can send orders to AliExpress dropship suppliers.
  • Save your time in importing products manually and earn more money with automated processes.
  • Save your money by paying one-time for the plugin.
  • Free plugin updates for lifetime.
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce themes gives you the power to customize the look of your dropshipping store.
  • No hidden fees, and 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Safe to use with a secure online payment gateway.

AliDropship Woo Pricing:

  • $89 one-time payment.


dropshipme winning dropshipping plugin for woocommerce

Import 50,000+ best-selling and trending dropshipping products to your WordPress store with DropshipMe WooCommerce plugin. You can import up to 50 products for free by installing the free plugin.

Reasons to Choose DropShipMe plugin:

  • No need to research winning products. Save your time on editing and start selling right away.
  • Hand-picked dropshipping products to reduce the guesswork.
  • Get real customer reviews uploaded already to increase the engagement and sales.
  • Import products at one-click and get the titles and images edited professionally.
  • Only trusted suppliers with 23 criterias to make sure you don’t lose money.
  • Automatically set the pricing with recommended pricing markup and maximize your profit.

DropShipMe Pricing:

dropshipme pricing
  • 50 product imports: Free
  • 100 product imports: $29 one-time payment with +10 free imports
  • 500 product imports: $119 one-time payment with +200 free imports
  • 1000 product imports: $199 one-time payment with +500 free imports

No recurring fees, pay once and enjoy for lifetime.


spocket dropshipping for woocommerce

Spocket skyrockets your dropshipping business by 10x by easily integrating with WooCommerce for free. You will find only trusted US, EU and global dropshipping suppliers with on-time delivery on high-quality products. Exclusively get heavy discounts only on Spocket ranging between 30-40%.

Reasons to Choose Spocket plugin:

  • Choose only the best products from thousands of suppliers of original US/EU products.
  • Choose winning dropshipping products from various categories.
  • Test the products & suppliers yourself at one-click and build a trusted & reliable dropshipping business.
  • Easily integrate your online store with Spocket. Integration is supported for Shopify,  BigCommerce, Wix, and WooCommerce.
  • Make your brand stand out with brand invoicing.

Spocket Pricing:

spocket pricing

If you choose to bill annually, then you get 5 months off. The free plan allows you to browse Spocket’s catalogue of products.

  • Pro: $29/mo
  • Empire: $59/mo
  • Unicorn: $115/mo


dropified best oberlo alternatives and competitors for woocommerce dropshipping

Dropified puts your dropshipping business on autopilot and is made for AliExpress and eBay dropshipping. Start Dropified 14-days free trial by integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce. You no more have to import the products and process the orders manually, as Dropified is an automated dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce.

Reasons to Choose Dropified plugin:

  • Import hot products from AliExpress, eBay, and other suppliers at one-click.
  • All your orders are automated minimizing the errors and giving you peace of mind.
  • Saves ton of time with default settings, so you can easily edit and adjust price markup, weight units, and more.
  • Provide tracking details to customers and keep them updated to build trust.
  • If you don’t know how to start your dropshipping store, then walk through the guide and get started quickly.

Dropified Pricing:

dropified pricing

Save up to $567 by choosing the annual plan.

  • Import: $14/mo + 8% of product cost.
  • Private label on Demand: $83/mo +3% of product cost.
  • Dropified Black: $250/mo with no transaction fees.

You can additionally buy addons like CallFlex, AliExtractor, Google & Facebook Feeds, and Additional Stores and Users.


dropshix woocommerce dropshipping tool alternative and competitor oberlo

Dropshix is a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin that only assists you in importing products, but also helps you in monitoring and analyzing the prices. This would help you make more profit and build your brand.

Reasons to Choose Dropshix plugin:

  • With a cloud monitoring system, your products are monitored 24/7 up to 6 times a day.
  • The WooCommerce chrome extension helps you select the products directly from the suppliers website.
  • Import products from multiple marketplaces so you never run out of products. Import products from AliExpress, Amazon US, Banggood and Adihara.
  • At one-click, your customer’s order will be placed to the dropshipper. You just have to change the address.
  • Make your customers loyal by giving them product tracking information.
  • Analyze the products on your site with the number of views, order, and share in a snap.
  • Import product categories to check for similar products and also import reviews and ratings to show your users that you are an authentic eCommerce store.

Dropshix Pricing:

dropshix pricing
  • Free: $0/mo
  • Basic: $12.49/mo
  • VIP: $19.99/mo
  • VVIP: $59.99/mo


woodropship woocommerce dropshipping plugin alternatives and competitors oberlo

WooDropship is an AliExpress dropshipping business plugin for woocommerce stores. It has two options for its users, so you can choose to build a WooCommerce dropshipping store yourself, or let WooDropship build the store for you.

Reasons to Choose WooDropship plugin:

  • Pay one-time and import products for lifetime.
  • If you can’t create a WooCommerce store, you can get a business subscription where experts will set up the store for you.
  • Get 4x return on investment and earn 400% profit on an average.
  • Over 120 million products to sell from AliExpress.
  • Sell worldwide without any restrictions and shipping issues.
  • The business plan offers domain and hosting, so you no more have to pay extra for these resources.

WooDropship Pricing:

  • Dropshipping business: Starting from $199
  • Dropshipping WooCommerce plugin: $49


ali2woo aliexpress dropshipping business plugin

Ali2Woo is the best dropshipping plugin for AliExpress and also the best alternatives to Oberlo for WooCommerce. This Oberlo alternative for WooCommerce helps you build a store by yourself with WooCommerce plugin. You can also choose to order a dropshipping store and it will be created by the Ali2Woo experts. Try Ali2Woo’s free plugin for dropshipping business with AliExpress and grow your eCommerce business.

Reasons to Choose Ali2Woo plugin:

  • Easily install and configure the plugin on your own.
  • One-click unlimited product import from AliExpress.
  • Place unlimited orders at AliExpress.
  • Set the markup price wherever you want to make more profit.
  • Automated 24/7 sales solution.

Ali2Woo Pricing:

ali2woo pricing
  • Dropshipping plugin: $42 one-time
  • Dropshipping store: Starts from $299 one-time.


ezusy app for dropshipping store for woocommerce

Ezusy is a dropshipping app to import products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce store in a snap. In three simple steps, you can start selling products from AliExpress on your WooCommerce store. The first step is to connect your online store by going to the settings, entering the website URL, and save. Use the Ezusy chrome extension to import products directly from AliExpress website, or go to the dashboard and using search filter, find the hot products and import at one-click. Finally from the imported products page, select the product and push to your store.

Reasons to Choose Ezusy plugin:

  • Use the EPacket to filter out the products.
  • Get price and inventory updates automatically from AliExpress.
  • Get your orders fulfilled on AliExpress automatically leaving the guesswork out.
  • You can customize the products before pushing it to your store.
  • From the Ezusy dashboard, you can markup the prices in two simple steps.
  • Easily import all the variations including images hassle-free.

Ezusy Pricing:

ezusy pricing
  • Free Plan: $0/mo
  • Basic Plan: $9.90/mo
  • Pro Plan: $19.90/mo
  • Unlimited: $29.90/mo


wooshark dropshipping solutions for woocommerce

Wooshark is another good alternative to Oberlo for WooCommerce to start dropshipping business in a few clicks. It allows you to seamlessly import products to your WooCommerce store from AliExpress, Chinabrands, eBay, Amazon, Banggood, Etsy, Bigbuy, and Tmart. You can create up to 10 stores using the same license.

Reasons to Choose Wooshark plugin:

  • Import unlimited products and create up to 10 stores with multi-store licenses.
  • Multiple plugins to import products and reviews from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc.
  • No limit on the number of suppliers.
  • Get products based on customer suggestions and ideas with regular updates.

Wooshark Pricing:

wooshark pricing
  • Silver plan: $39.99 one-time payment
  • Gold plan: $49.99 one-time payment

WP Amazon Shop

wp amazon shop amazon dropshipping plugin for woocommerce

Last in the list of Oberlo alternatives and competitors is WP Amazon Shop. It is an Amazon dropshipping plugin that helps you to easily search and build products from Amazon. Get some mind-boggling features to make money from Amazon Affiliate, dropshipping or local businesses.

Reasons to Choose WP Amazon Shop plugin:

  • No more Amazon AWS keys needed.
  • No configuration needed, everything is plug and play.
  • Search any Amazon product with powerful search and filtering options.
  • Import products from Amazon by category, keyword, or ASIN number.
  • Set your own pricing rules by percentage,or fixed figure.
  • Import high-quality images from Amazon and load more with Ajax load button.
  • Display Amazon products as a tooltip.
  • Show a comparison table to your users and give them a reason to choose the right product on their own.
  • Import ratings and reviews count and show yourself a professional eCommerce store.

WP Amazon Shop Pricing:

wp amazon shop pricing
  • Single site: $59
  • Up to 5 Sites: $99
  • Up to 10 Sites: $139

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🌟 FAQs

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a dropshipping tool for Shopify that helps you search for the latest and trending products easily. You can seamlessly add, remove, and sell the hottest products with your Shopify store within a few clicks.

Is Oberlo Compatible with WooCommerce?

No, Oberlo does not support WooCommerce and works only with Shopify. It is designed to work only with Shopify but if you want to start dropshipping with WooCommerce, then choose from the list of best Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce. Alidropship Woo is the top and most recommended Oberlo alternatives and competitors to work with WooCommerce.

Which are the best Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce?

I have curated the list of the best Oberlo alternatives and competitors for WooCommerce to save your time. You can go ahead with the top 5 Oberlo competitors for WooCommerce.

  1. AliDropship Woo
  2. Spocket
  3. Dropship.Me
  4. Dropified
  5. WooDropship

Shopify Vs. WordPress – Is WooCommerce good for dropshipping?

Shopify is not for free but if you have money, and want to save time, then Shopify is the best choice. On the other hand, WordPress is a widely used CMS that is free to use.

WordPress offers more flexibility as there are plenty of themes and plugins to take your dropshipping business to another level.

Shopify is for laymen who don’t want to put a lot of effort into designing a dropshipping site. Whereas, WordPress requires a little bit of expertise but not that difficult to build a WooCommerce site.

Conclusion: Are These Oberlo Alternatives for WooCommerce Worth Trying?

Don’t buy my words, see for yourself how the best Oberlo alternatives and competitors for WooCommerce scale your dropshipping business.

Choose the free WooCommerce dropshipping plugin and start building your online store at fingertips.

Whether you want to start AliExpress dropshipping, Amazon dropshipping, or any other, these Oberlo alternatives are worth growing your business on automation.

I hope this year will be the luckiest for you with these WooCommerce dropshipping alternatives.

Happy Dropshipping!

Till then..

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

Take Care Reborns 🙂