Anstrex review is for affiliate marketers who want to boost their ROI by analyzing their competitors.

By unlocking your competitor’s marketing strategies, you have the added advantage of boosting your ROI.

Have you ever thought, why are you lagging behind your competitors?

It is because of a lack of strategies and not knowing the secrets of your competitors.

Anstrex spy tool is the best native ads spy tool to help you build winning native ad campaigns.

To help you enhance your marketing strategies, you should read Anstrex review. 

Who Should Use Anstrex?

Anyone who wants to uncover the secret of running a successful ad campaign should use Anstrex. 

If you have a target to achieve, then Anstrex world-class spying tool is the destination.

Choose Anstrex if you are:

  • A performance marketer/affiliate who wants to generate a high volume of sales with native advertising. 
  • Want to boost your sales as direct sales marketers by unlocking the techniques of top B2C & B2B marketers.
  • A brand advertiser; looking to grow its brand by using native ad spying techniques.
  • A content creator; looking for out-of-the-box ideas to build ad arbitrage.

You can increase your productivity by integrating Anstrex with popular platforms.

Automate your online store on Shopify using the Anstrex chrome browser extension and Shopify app.

If you have a Woocommerce store to sell your products online, then you can automate everything. Your order processing and store management can get managed with the Anstrex Woocommerce plugin.

Use Anstrex dropshipping feature to import all the products from AliExpress using its chrome browser extension.

Anstrex helps you export your landing pages to AWS and import them into Digital Ocean instances using its deployer tool.

Anstrex Native Ads Spying Tool Features

If you want to build winning native ad campaigns, then choosing a spying tool is the best choice.

You can save countless hours on research and money on your advertising spend.

Anstrex offers supplementary data than other spying tools and builds conversion-focused landing pages in no time.

Look at these mind-boggling features offered by Anstrex:

Abundant Data

Anstrex offers more native ad networks than any other spy tools. It provides high-quality residential proxies and tons of data that is easy to read & understand.

Manifold Searching Effectively

By using the filter & sorting option, you have control over what type of ads you want to see. You can filter ads by ad-network, category, country, device, affiliate network, tracking tools, etc.

You can search using specific keywords along with filter options. One more outstanding search option is the Advance Boolean Searching. With Anstrex Advance Boolean Searching, you can implement boolean operators for a combination of dynamic results.

Build Stunning Landing Page

Customize your landing page with lightning-fast Anstrex landing page tools in minutes. You can rapidly deploy the customized landing page directly to your server via FTP or AWS S3 bucket.

Thorough Campaign Insights

Anstrex gives you insightful information on which targets are working for advertisers by monitoring them. For a knowledgeable understanding, you can segment your campaign by traffic source, Geo-target, & device. Get landing page analytics and make it useful.

Anstrex VS Adplexity Spying Tool

Is Adplexity a better Anstrex alternative?

Let us find out by comparing both the spying tools with their features and pricing.

Anstrex features:

  • Total Ad Networks – 27
  • Number of countries – 64
  • Number of Ads – 10 M+
  • Data Filters – Yes
  • Keyword Search – Yes
  • Save/Recall Search – Yes
  • Affiliate Network Detection – Yes
  • Landing Page Tools – Yes
  • Advanced Boolean Searching – Yes
  • Alerts on Competitors – Yes
  • Anstrex Pricing – $59.99
anstrex review pricing

As for now, there are no Anstrex coupons or promo codes available. If you want to save more, then buy Anstrex plans & discount offers during Black Friday Deals.

Currently, there is no Anstrex free trial, but you get a full refund if you cancel the plan within two days.

Now let us see what Adplexity has to offer to its customers.

Adplexity features:

  • Total Ad Networks – 8
  • Number of countries – 27
  • Number of Ads – 700 K+
  • Data Filters – Yes
  • Keyword Search – Yes
  • Save/Recall Search – No
  • Affiliate Network Detection – Yes
  • Landing Page Tools – No
  • Advanced Boolean Searching – No
  • Alerts on Competitors – No
  • Anstrex Pricing – $249
  • Did you see the difference?
  • Anstrex is by far the best spying tool compared with Adplexity, Advault, and other spying tools.

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If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, try Anstrex push ads spy tool and dropshipping tool.

If you want to earn, then join the Anstrex affiliate program and earn recurring commissions.

I hope the Anstrex review was helpful and gave you insightful information about its spying tool.

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