If you are looking for native ads spy tools for affiliates, then you are at the right place. In this post, I have curated a list of top Adplexity alternatives and competitors.

The list of Adplexity alternatives mentioned in this article contains legit ads spy tools.

Are you looking to stay one step ahead of your competitors?

If so, then you need spy tools to help you run profitable ads and earn $$$$$.

Adplexity is one the best native ads spy tools in the market but these alternatives of Adplexity are no less.

Before jumping to the list of the best Adplexity alternatives and competitors, checkout Adplexity features.

Adplexity Introduction


Adplexity is a mobile, desktop, native, and push intelligence service provider. With Adplexity native ads spy tool, you can keep a track on your competitors most profitable ads.


  • Track ad campaigns on seven different native ad traffic sources.
  • Get data from OS like Windows & Mac, and devices like Smartphones & tablets.
  • Analyze ad campaigns worldwide across 32 countries including major regions.
  • At a single, you can find ads promoting affiliate offers from over 100 affiliate networks.
  • Download landing page in .zip including images, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Search campaigns by filtering options like keywords, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate networks.
  • Easy to use interface with round the clock chat and email support.


Monthly billing: $249/mo

Annual billing 17% OFF: $2490 per year.

Now let us jump to the main section and take a look at the top Adplexity alternatives and competitors.

List of 5 Best Adplexity Alternatives and Competitors 

Adplexity AlternativesPricingBuy Now
1. Anstrex$69.99/mo/user
2. Advault$97/month
3. PowerAdSpy$49/month
4. SpyOver$149/month
5. WhatRunsWhere$299/month
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1. Anstrex


Anstrex helps marketers & affiliates to unlock competitors marketing strategies. It helps you to analyze native advertising campaigns by spying on your competitors thereby saving your spend.


  • Integrate easily with platforms like AliExpress, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Save time on research and get massive data unlike other Anstrex alternatives.
  • Build attractive landing pages in minutes.
  • Covers over 64 countries and provides unmatched data than any other spy tools.
  • Search by filter like countries, devices, tracking tools, and more.
  • Use keyword search in combination with filters for more precise results.
  • Use Boolean operators for advance searching.
  • Download and deploy any landing page on your server in minutes.
  • Get detailed analytics and work efficiently.


Native Only: $69.99/mo/user

Native + Push: $139.99/mo/user

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2. Advault


Find the latest and hottest winning ad campaigns from around the world with the Advault native ads spy tool. Get data from networks like mgid, Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, and more.


  • Search & filter by keyword, advertiser, redirect, language, landing page, etc.
  • Instantly preview the landing page and funnel before publishing.
  • Get the best performing ads, keywords & advertisers each day.
  • Get all your search queries saved in the gallery.
  • Access the huge advertiser directory and contact them.
  • Export the results in csv and share it with your team.


Network: $1499

Pro: $97

3. PowerAdSpy


Stop wasting money on testing ads that don’t work. With PowerAdSpy native ad spy tool, you can save your ad spend. Simply enter the target audience, view instant results, and run ads that make profits.


  • Search for winning ads by keywords, niches, competitors, and domains.
  • PowerAdSpy shows the best performing ads in any niche by eliminating the guesswork.
  • A single dashboard that shows winning ads and landing pages.
  • Largest ads database of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Visit live ads with real-time audience engagement.
  • No need to search for ads over and over again. At one-click you can bookmark them and visit whenever you want.
  • Sorting ads by date, shares, likes, help you find the best performing ads and grow your campaign.


Free: $0 with 100 searches and 1000 ads for 10 days.

Basic: $49/month

Standard: $99/month

Premium: $149/month

Platinum: $249/month

Titanium: $299/month

Palladium: $349/month

4. SpyOver


SpyOver is a native ad monitoring and analytics tool with extraordinary features. With Spyover, you can analyze your competitors’ ad and make bigger profits. It gets data from 13 ad networks from around 115 countries.


  • It allows you to search ads by keywords, redirects, publishers, landing page, and links.
  • Filter ads by networks, countries, language, devices, browsers, affiliate networks, etc.
  • Along with ads, you can also search and filter landing pages.
  • Get in-depth statistics for each ad in graphical form.
  • A unique feature that allows you to download mass ads.
  • Download ads and LPs in one-click.
  • Automatic ad text translation into English.
  • Save your time and make more money by analyzing the trending ads run by your competitors.


Professional: $149 per month

Corporate: $299 per month

5. WhatRunsWhere


Discover winning ads using WhatRunsWhere ad intelligence platform. It helps you build profitable campaigns by analyzing your competitors strategies. With its digital ad intelligence, you can spend your money on winning ads and scale your business.


  • Reveal the top performing ads in your niche.
  • Identify winning ad campaigns and landing pages to build your own strategy.
  • Find out new traffic sources and expand your reach to audiences globally.
  • Explore data from 5 major countries, 500  networks and over 90K advertisers.
  • Get instant updates on your competitors strategies.
  • Accurate and fresh data collect 24/7 so you have nothing less than expected.


Basic: $299/mo

Full Coverage: $399/mo

Enterprise: Contact for pricing

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Conclusion: Why Choose Adplexity Alternatives and Competitors?

Adplexity is undoubtedly a top-class ad spy tool but its not cheap. With so many Adplexity alternatives and competitors, you can find cheap spying tools.

Anstrex is one of the top choice for marketers as it offers advanced features at low cost.

So, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then choose Adplexity competitors.

I hope the Adplexity alternatives article was helpful and informative.

Till then..

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