Are you looking for critical keywords to increase more searches on your blog? You should choose Top 5 Keyword Research Tools 2021 to help you rank your site higher.

In this article, you will find the top 5 keyword research tools 2021 that offer a free trial.

Keywords are the backbone of SEO and the utmost care should be given. Other adjoining parameters like a landing page, call to action, unique & rich content, and more add up to the list of SEO.

If you want your blog or site to be successful in a short time then using the right keywords is a critical part.

It’s not easy as it sounds but we have the technology. I mean intelligent keyword research tools that pop up with abundant keywords.

Choosing the right keyword is an important aspect. If you are a beginner then you should go for less competent keywords with a maximum search. This way your chances of getting more visitors through Google increase.

If you don’t know which keywords are profitable that helps you drive massive traffic to your site, then study the basics of keyword optimization.

You need to know why your competitors are driving more traffic by spying on them. 

If your competitors are already cooking with the keywords then why can’t you make a fine recipe of the same?

Top 5 Keyword Research Tools 2021 are mostly paid ones but they do offer a free trial. So take benefit of these amazing AI-based tools and your site will be reborn with more profit than ever.

Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

1. SEMrush

semrush best seo tool

Our first choice in the list of top 5 keyword research tools 2021 is undoubtedly SEMrush as it is the best keyword research tool with over 4 billion users worldwide.

It is all in one marketing toolkit for bloggers, digital marketing professionals, SEO agencies & webmasters.

This is an amazing tool that lets you discover the most profitable keywords used by competitors. You just have to insert the URL of the site and there you go, all of the keywords ranking for that site will popup. 

Isn’t it easy?

SEMrush is the easiest tool but not everyone uses it due to high cost. 

If you are an eCommerce solution provider by using this tool you could drive massive traffic and increase your revenue. 

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Top features to look out for at SEMrush:

semrush features
  • Find the best short-tail & long-tail keywords.
  • Accumulate the most profitable keywords already working for your competitor’s website.
  • Tested keywords that rank your site on the first page in the Google search engine.
  • Discover the most popular landing pages.
  • Analyze the data for both desktop & mobile.
  • Target keywords for different countries with great SEO & PPC opportunities.

Semrush Pricing:

semrush pricing
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2. Ahrefs

ahrefs features

Ahrefs is a keyword explorer tool that helps you identify potential keywords. You can identify the keyword ranking difficulty by discovering tens of thousands of keywords.

It offers a 7-day free trial to test all its features and then kick-start your earnings.

If you want to outrank your competitors then Ahrefs strategic keyword research tool will help you identify them.

It has a database of over 150 million keywords in the United States alone and covers 150+ countries. So when working with Ahrefs, you have the opportunity for global coverage.

If you have any concerns or facing any technical issues, their support team is available 24/5 via chat or email. 

It keeps updating the tools by adding new features so if you have some request then their technical team is more than happy to hear a word from you.

Top features to look out for at Ahrefs:

ahrefs competitor analysis tool
  • Bring your ideas to perfections with tens of thousands of endless keywords. 
  • It covers 171 countries including the US, so do not worry if you are not a US citizen.
  • Not just Google, but it also processes keywords for YouTube, Bing, Amazon and more.
  • It provides precise search volumes by updating the keyword search volumes every month regularly.
  • Using the keyword difficulty score you can identify which keywords are difficult to rank so you can choose the easy ones.
  • It shows clicks metrics with an estimated number of clicks for the keywords chosen.
  • Other metrics such as return rate, clicks per search and more are displayed.
  • Identify the top-ranking pages and reasons that have led them to endeavor to succeed.
  • Save the list of keywords for future reference.

Ahrefs Pricing:

ahrefs pricing

3. LongTailPro

longtailpro best long tail keyword research tool

Unlock the secret of long-tail keywords to rank your site on the first page in Google in minutes. 

Get low competency keywords in any niche that drives a tsunami of traffic to your blog/site. 

Enter the keyword in the search box and hundreds of them will pop up on your computer screen. Based on 13 metrics you can run keyword & competitor analysis. Based on your search you will be notified how profitable the keyword is with its rank value. 

With LongTailPro your site traffic will grow twice more than your opponents. If you want to become an expert then kick start with video tutorials featuring abundant topics on finding the right keywords for masterpiece content.

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Top features to look out for at LongTailPro:

longtailpro features
  • A single seed keyword will provide you 400 long-tail keywords in seconds.
  • Use filters such as search volume, rank value and more for accurate results as per your preferences. 
  • Switching on the competitor’s keyword mode will show you what your opponents are cooking inside. 
  • Boost your keyword strategy by entering the page or domain URL of your competitor. 
  • Outrank your competitor by analyzing the top sites with key metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Site Age, and Referring Domains.
  • Rank Tracker helps you identify which keywords your site ranks higher.

LongTailPro Pricing:

longtailpro pricing
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4. KWFinder

kwfinder keyword research tool mangools

KWFinder is one of the best keyword research & analysis tools to help you find hidden long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty in your niche.

This tool is designed by Mangools that has also developed other SEO tools.

You can search for a keyword in any location and language. You can also search by domain. 

Just enter the keyword, choose the right option from the drop-down menu and click on Find keywords. You are all set for the keyword research journey!

Finding low SEO difficulty & high search volume keywords is no rocket science. Get accurate results easily and start ranking high on Google.

Start with a free 10-day trial with 5 lookups per 24 hours, 25 related and 10 competitor keywords per lookup. 

Top features to look out for at KWFinder:

kwfinder features
  • Easily search for keywords that you can rank on Google. Choose keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. 
  • Know your competitor’s behavior by finding out the keywords they rank for. Enter the domain or URL of your competitor’s site and whoop! Sneak, peek!
  • Historical data helps you create content based on trending & hot topics. This will drive seasonal traffic to your website.
  • Find out long-tail keywords based on location in more than 50K locations worldwide. Search for any country, city or region and get accurate results.
  • Affordable pricing with three plans to choose from and saving up to 40% off.

KWFinder Pricing:

mangools pricing
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5. Serpstat

serpstat all in one seo tool

If you are looking for all in one SEO platform then Serpstat is the right tool. Whether you are an ad agency, enterprise or blogger, you can make money with your site by using extravagant tools at Serpstat.

At Serpstat you can benefit from features such as position tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, and competitor research.

It is available for free with limited features but you can test its features and get familiar with its usage. 

If you want to boost your sales strategically then Serpstat will save you time and spend. Your site traffic will increase like a tornado by outpacing your competitors and getting searched on Google.

Top features to look out for at Serpstat:

serpstat features
  • Make it to the top position by collecting profitable keywords for SEO & PPC campaigns. 
  • Key metrics such as search volume, cost-per-click, and more help you determine the value & authenticity of keywords.
  • Drive crazy traffic by identifying long-tail keywords which are low volume keywords. 
  • Search keywords by targeting specific countries in all major languages included at no additional cost.
  • Determine which pages are missing relevant keywords compared to others and add them to your site pages to grow search results.
  • The graphical representation shows users’ interest in a keyword for a particular duration that helps you analyze users’ behavior.
  • Get additional data such as organic keywords, number of Facebook shares, and estimated traffic for any site page.

Serpstat Pricing:

serpstat pricing

Bottom Line: Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

Have you used any of the above keyword research tools?

Many of you must have used the Google Keyword Planner tool and found it to be useful and pretty easy to use.

But if you want more precise & accurate keyword research, then choose any of the top 5 keyword research tools and use it for a while to understand the features thoroughly.

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Till then..

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