Are you confused about which SEO tool to choose? You are at the right place because in this article we will clear your doubts about SEMrush vs LongTailPro. You won’t find many posts on the internet comparing SEMrush vs LongTailPro, hence I thought of creating one myself.

The best alternative to LongTailPro keyword research is SEMrush keyword research. SEMrush SEO tool will increase organic traffic but you must know how to use SEMrush for keyword research and other SEO aspects.

Try the SEMrush 7-day pro trial by creating a free SEMrush account and testing all its features. Every penny in your pocket counts, especially when you are a newbie. As a novice, you get confused in choosing the right SEO tool.

There are many SEO tools to choose between LongTailPro, SEMrush, Moz, SERPstat, and more but choosing between these tools is daunting. So, I  decided to come up with a post to help you decide which tool to choose for your site or blog with specific SEO needs.

It is time to get ready for a merry-go-round between SEMrush vs LongTailPro and decide which is a better tool for keyword research and other SEO needs. Before going into a detailed comparison between SEMrush vs LongTailPro, you should know why to choose paid SEO tools over free ones.

Semrush vs LongTailPro: Introduction

What is SEMrush?

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SEMrush is a global leader in SEO toolkits that helps millions succeed in online business. It helps you discover the winning keywords that generate profit.

Is SEMrush free to use?

You can get SEMrush 7-day pro trial- an all-in-one marketing toolkit used by millions around the world. To access all the features, you have to buy a premium plan. We will show the plans in the later section of this post.

SEMrush marketing solutions are tailored and made for eCommerce to boost their online store and for enterprises looking to stretch their dream of expanding their presence globally. With over 11 years of experience, more than 800 employees in 4 countries, and 7 offices on 2 continents, SEMrush is right now unbeatable and the most popular SEO toolkit.

What is LongTailPro?

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If you want to discover long-tail keywords then LongTailPro is the right tool to rank your site URL or pages high in Google. It helps you find long-tail keywords with less competition makes it easy to get massive traffic conversion and ranks your site on the first page of Google. This is the advantage of LongTailPro over SEMrush as SEMrush doesn’t give you a massive list of long-tail keywords.

🔥 Semrush vs LongTailPro Feature Comparison

SEMrush Features

🚀 Keyword Magic Tool:

semrush keyword magic tool

Let the magic of building a profitable SEO campaign begin with the SEMrush keyword magic tool. By entering a seed keyword, you can search for over 20 million keywords, and even filter out based on some criteria like search volume, keyword difficulty, competitive density, SERP features, and cost-per-click data.

The results are displayed in tabular format which is easy to read and understand. Keyword grouping helps you segment your keywords by topic so you can build long-tail keywords to boost your search engine ranking.

You can compile the keywords that work best for you and save them in the keywords manager. Based on some metrics like top competitors, volume, keyword difficulty, click potential, and SERP features, the tool will display the list.

These metrics help you identify the potential of a keyword to bring maximum traffic to your site. With the compiled list handy by your side, you can export or integrate this list with other SEMrush tools for monitoring performance.

If you have multiple websites then you can create a list of up to 50 target keywords handy to organize your workflow and save time.

🚀 Keyword Difficulty Tool

semrush keyword overview

Do you also want to rank on the first page of Google like your competitors?

SEMrush keyword difficulty helps you discover profitable keywords with less competition by estimating keyword difficulty instantly. This tool shows you the percentage difficulty of any keyword so you can grab a higher ranking in Google’s top 100 leaving your competitor in vain.

By entering a seed keyword, you can optimize its competition by identifying the competitors. Later, you can export the result into XLS or CSV formats.

semrush backlink analysis tools

It hurts when Google penalizes you for harmful backlinks and till the time you realize this, your site is taken down. SEMrush Backlink Audit tool helps you discover such toxic backlinks and disavow them before they enter Google’s radar.

With a strong database of over a billion backlinks, SEMrush helps you find all the domains that refer to your site. To avoid Penguin penalties, this backlink tool analyzes backlinks referring to a URL or subpath.

Using machine learning, the backlink tool analyzes the risk factor of being penalized and produces the toxic score of every backlink. In seconds, you will identify the website that has been linked to your domain, and with the backlink audit interface, you can send an email to the website owner to remove the link.

If the website owner doesn’t remove the link, you can move the link to the Disavow list before being penalized by Google and send it to the Google Disavow tool. The Backlink Audit tool regularly crawls your website to keep it clean from any backlinks. This happens every two weeks but you can manually conduct it weekly if you think your site is potentially at high risk.

LongTailPro Features

🚀 Keyword Identification:

While other keyword tools like SEMrush identify keyword competitiveness as low, medium, and high, LongTailPro measures keyword competitiveness on a scale of 0 to 100.

Different color shades indicate keyword difficulty for precise results. Green indicates easy, yellow being moderately difficult and the unshaded keywords are out of your range of competition.

🚀 Compete & Stay Ahead:

What use an SEO tool is if you can’t spy on your competitors?

LongTailPro helps you compete with your competitors and stay ahead of them. This is achieved by conducting a website competitive analysis of the top-ranking sites that appear in SERPs.

Outrank your competitors with useful metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, SiteAge, and Referring Domains.

You could also insert the competitor’s page URL to uncover the keyword strategies implemented on that page.

If you want keyword ideas for PPC then this is the most effective method.

🚀 Track Regularly:

No more guesswork, no rocket science, with LongTailPro Rank Tracker you can identify what works best for you.

It allows you to check your site ranking on each target keyword simply by entering your domain or a specific page URL.

You get a ranking for each keyword updated daily in the tool so you can easily decide which keywords are making the most conversions and which ones should be avoided.

🏷️ Semrush vs LongTailPro Price Comparison

SEMrush Pricing & Plans

There is no guessing that if you choose any SEMrush plan and bill it annually then you save more up to 16%.

SEMrush coupon code helps you save more but at present, there aren’t any coupons available.

Choose the plan that suits your budget and SEO needs. There are three plans to choose from and all of them include 40+ advanced tools & features for the best marketing experience.

💸 Pro Plan: If you are an individual then you can choose the Pro plan starting at $83.28/month if billed annually. This is only if you have a low budget and trying SEMrush for the first time.

💸 Guru Plan: More than 50% of the SEMrush users choose the Guru plan starting at $166.62/month if billed annually.

This has all the pro features like historical data, branded reports, etc. This plan is best suitable for SMBs and agencies with growing marketing needs.

💸 Business Plan: The Business plan starts at $333.28/month if billed annually and is suitable for large businesses like eCommerce or big brands with a global presence.

LongTailPro Pricing & Plans

Every plan is covered with a 10-day money-back guarantee so you won’t lose your money if not satisfied with any of the plans.

There are three plans to choose from as per your budget and needs.

💸 Annual Starter Plan: Starts at $25/month when billed annually. This plan allows you to search up to 800 keywords per 24 hours but only 1 person can log in at a time.

💸 Annual Pro Plan: Starting at $45/month billed annually, this plan offers keyword lookups per 24 hours and 2 people can log in simultaneously.

💸 Annual Agency Plan: If you have a team then this plan is for you. This plan offers 5 logins simultaneously and up to 6000 keyword lookups are allowed per 24 hours.

This plan is the most expensive and starts at $98/month.

Conclusion: Is SEMrush worth it?

I believe the best alternative to LongTailPro is SEMrush and you know why?

Because it not only helps you find profitable keywords but also helps you spy on your competitors.

But this is my opinion whereas yours could be different. So what do you think is the better SEO tool between SEMrush vs LongTailPro?

Decide for yourself after trying out the free trial of both SEO tools and then go for it. I hope this SEMrush vs LongTailPro article was helpful to you. If you feel that indeed it was then you know what to do.

Till then…

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

Take Care Reborns

🌟 FAQs Semrush vs LongTailPro

Can I get Semrush for free?

Semrush offers a 7-day free trial. You can sign up for free and use its features for free.

Is LongTailPro a better alternative to Semrush?

Semrush is very costly and LongTailPro is affordable. Although Semrush is a complete SEO package, not everyone needs all the features. In such a case, LongTailPro is a better alternative.

What is the use of LongTailPro?

LongTailPro is the best keyword research tool for finding long-tail keywords that are easy to rank on Google.