10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs 2024

WordPress is an open-source platform used by millions around the world. Have you ever thought of making money with Managed WordPress hosting affiliate programs?

If not, this is the time to grab the opportunity and make money with WordPress hosting.

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In this post, I am sharing the best hosting affiliate make-money programs. You can join these WordPress hosting affiliate programs for free with no credit card required.

Why Promote Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs?

  • The projected revenue for web hosting in 2022 is US$79.25bn.
  • It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.75% between 2022-2027. The result would be a revenue of US$144.40bn. This source is taken from Statista.
  • Hosting affiliate programs run worldwide.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement only in some cases like WPEngine.
  • The commissions paid are some of the highest compared to other niches.
  • The cookie duration is also longer compared to other affiliate programs.

List of Top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs of 2024

liquidweb logo
Dedicated servers starting at $50/mo for 3 months

1. LiquidWeb

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 150% ($150 – $2000)

Cookie: 90 days

liquidweb affiliate and refer a friend program

If there is one hosting company that you shouldn’t miss out on, then it would be LiquidWeb. The LiquidWeb affiliate & refer-a-friend program lets you monetize your site and earn cash or hosting credit.

It’s the most lucrative hosting affiliate program in the industry that allows you to choose the right program.

You can either choose an affiliate program and earn $150 per sale. Or, you can choose a refer-a-friend program to earn a $100 hosting credit in your LiquidWeb account.

The earning potential with the LiquidWeb affiliate program is amazing. You can earn up to $2000 per hosting sale. To promote LiquidWeb, you can join Impact Radius and get all the tracking links from there.

kinsta logo

2. Kinsta

Program Details:

🤑 Commissions: $50 – $500 one-time + 5-10% recurring commission

Cookie: 60 days

kinsta best managed wordpress hosting affiliate program

Kinsta is the #1 Managed WordPress Hosting company with world-class features. The recurring affiliate program of Kinsta offers monthly commissions for a lifetime.

When you refer to Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting, you earn a one-time commission of up to $500. Along with that, you get paid a 10% recurring commission.

The churn rate is 4% which means customers don’t leave empty-handed. The expert support 24/7/365 makes your affiliate journey a breeze.

The in-house tracking relies on First-party cookies with a long conversion window.

Ready-to-use banners and materials are available to boost your sales and conversions.

nexcess logo

3. Nexcess

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 150% ($150 – $2000)

Cookie: 90 days

nexcess hosting affiliate program

Nexcess is a brand of LiquidWeb specializing in Managed hosting solutions. It is one of the high-paying affiliate programs in the hosting industry.

Affiliates get a 50% bonus if the user subscribes to the prepaid plan. You can easily convert visitors into subscribers through Nexcess landing pages and exclusive coupons.

For any assistance, the Nexcess account manager is always on your side. 

rocketnet logo

4. Rocket.net

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: $150 per sale

Cookie: 60 days

rocket.net wordpress hosting affiliate program

Rocket.net is a Managed WordPress hosting provider with decades of experience in the hosting industry.

There is no minimum requirement to join the Rocket.net affiliate program. You can get special coupons to offer special discounts to your site visitors. With coupons, you can increase your conversions by 30%.

The best part is that Rocket.net only provides Managed WordPress hosting services. So, if your target audience is looking for WordPress hosting, then the Rocket.net affiliate program is a bingo.

You can create custom landing pages and increase your conversion rate by 20%. You can negotiate for higher payouts if you refer more than 20 customers a month.

templ logo

5. Templ

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: $100 + 10% recurring commission

Cookie: 60 days

templ unlimited commission affiliate program

Templ is a recurring hosting affiliate program with a bonus on sign-up. Joining the Templ affiliate program provides commissions for a lifetime paid via PayPal.

You can generate your referral links and share the link via blog or social media platforms. There are no minimum payouts.

Templ provides its tracking interface where you can track your referral earnings. The big question would be “When and How will I get paid?”. 

Templ pays on the first week of the month only via PayPal.

flywheel logo

6. Flywheel

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 300% (Up to $500 per referral)

Cookie: Unknown

flywheel referral program

Flywheel is one of the oldest WordPress hosting platforms. Customers love Flywheel for its efficient service and jaw-dropping features.

There are two ways to make money with the Flywheel affiliate program. You can either choose Referrals or Transfers.

There is no performance requirement, so you get paid even for a single qualified referral. Becoming an affiliate gives you an edge over others as you will be the first to know about promotions.

As partners, you will get to review new products further enhancing your promotion strategies.

wpx logo

7. WPX Hosting

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: $70 – $100 per sale

Cookie: 60 days

wpx hosting affiliate program dashboard

WPX is the fastest WordPress hosting. With the WPX Hosting affiliate program, you can skyrocket your affiliate income.

Affiliate commissions are paid once per week on Fridays upon request. WPX affiliate manager makes your affiliate journey smooth and friendly. 

Once a sale is made, it goes into a queue for verification purposes. This is to ensure no fraudulent activity takes place.

Once you have made 5 qualified sales, you can contact the WPX team for a custom landing page.

bluehost logo

8. BlueHost

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: $65 per referral

Cookie: 90 days

bluehost referral program affiliates

BlueHost is the #1 recommended web hosting with affordable pricing solutions. Joining the BlueHost affiliate program gives you access to multiple hosting products.

You can promote BlueHost hosting products via Impact Radius. Sign up on Impact, get approved, and share your unique tracking link with others.

a2hosting logo

9. A2 Hosting

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: Up to $125 per sale

Cookie: 90 days

a2 hosting top tier commission affiliate program

A2 Hosting is known for its blazing-fast Turbo hosting plans. But not just fast hosting, its affiliate program is also popular. 

By joining the A2 Hosting affiliate program, you can earn up to $125 per sale. The commission structure is flexible. The more sales you refer to, the more commissions you earn.

You get real-time statistics with in-depth reporting. This program offers a high conversion rate and low churn rate.

pressable logo

10. Pressable

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: $100 – $200

Cookie: Unknown

pressable affiliate program

Join and promote Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting affiliate program through the blog, social media, or email for free.

There is no earning cap, so you can make the most out of this affiliate program. With industry-leading tracking, you will never miss out on any visitors.

Dedicated affiliate managers provide insightful tips to help you succeed with your affiliate business.

More Affiliate Programs To Make Money Online


WordPress hosting offers one-click WordPress installation and many more features. Adequate hosting for WordPress provides sufficient features at an affordable price.

Becoming a hosting affiliate is only good if you are a hosting expert.

Join these affiliate programs for Managed WordPress hosting and make some money.

Till then…

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🌟 FAQs | Best WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs

Which type of hosting should you choose for affiliate marketing?

Before you promote any kind of hosting service, you should research it. Your research should include testing the product, reading genuine reviews, and comparing the prices. For non-technical users, Managed WordPress hosting is the best choice over Shared Hosting.

What are the best WordPress hosting companies?

LiquidWeb and Kinsta are the all-time top WordPress hosting companies. You can try other companies mentioned in this post without any bias.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Good?

Managed WordPress hosting is a bit expensive compared to Shared hosting. With Managed WordPress hosting, you get WordPress pre-installed on your site with one click.

Is GoDaddy Managed WordPress worth it?

I do not recommend GoDaddy for its cheap prices and low-quality hosting services. You cannot host multiple websites as the speed fluctuates. 

How much does it cost to be an A2 Hosting affiliate?

There is no fee or minimum traffic requirement to join the A2 hosting company.

How do I become an affiliate marketer for hosting?

You need a blog or a website where you can promote hosting services. Without a blog or a website, your application might get rejected. You can write reviews, compare services, and place your affiliate link to get conversions and sales.

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