If you are a publisher or an affiliate looking for top pay-per-click affiliate programs, then you have landed on the right page. In this post, you will find trusted and reliable PPC affiliate programs.

Joining pay-per-click affiliate programs is free and doesn’t require any signup fees. Advertisers pay billions of dollars on AdWords, Facebook & Instagram Ads to drive traffic to their sites. 

Their only intention is to bring visitors to their landing page and generate leads. These leads then get converted into sales and boost their revenue. As an affiliate, you also get an opportunity to make money with the Pay-per-click affiliate programs.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

PPC is an advertising model where affiliates get paid for the total number of clicks on displaying ads on their website. 

The PPC model differs from the CPM model, where affiliates get paid for impressions. Though the CPM model makes it easier to earn money, you need massive traffic for that.

Whereas the PPC model does not require enormous traffic, instead it requires a targeted audience. Affiliates can display ads relevant to their site audience and upon click get paid by the advertiser.

List of Best Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs Of 2024

infolinks best pay-per-click affiliate programs

I highly recommend Infolinks as it is quick to join its affiliate program. Even if your site receives low traffic, your account still gets approved. 

By adding Infolinks to your site, you can start making money immediately. If you run a WordPress site, you can integrate Infolinks using a WordPress plugin. If you are tech-savvy, you can paste the code into the header of your website. 

Top Reasons To Join Infolinks:

  • Easy to join.
  • Easy to integrate with your website.
  • Manifold of ad products like infold, intop, inarticle, inframe, and inscreen.
  • 10% referral bonus for inviting others to join Infolinks. Earn 10% of your referral’s revenue for 12 months.
  • Real-time reports and statistics are available 24/7.
skimlinks logo

Bloggers and media publishers can monetize their site content automatically with Skimlinks. Skimlinks has a global network of 48,500 merchants supporting CPC, CPA, and PPC models.

The platform is certified and GDPR compliant. This makes Skimlinks one of the largest and most trusted commerce content monetization platforms.

Top Reasons To Join Skimlinks:

  • A pool of over 50,000 merchants with numerous affiliate programs.
  • Works with CPA networks like CJ, Awin, and Rakuten Advertising.
  • In-depth report with performance analysis in real-time.
  • Import data with your third-party business tools via API.
  • Affiliate links are automatically inserted, so you can focus on content.
medianet logo


With Media.net contextual ads, you can monetize your site with a large pool of advertisers. Your content will be monetized with Yahoo! Bing network worth billions. Its next-gen cross-format header bidding platform gives you an edge over your competitors.

Top Reasons To Join Media.net:

  • They are revolutionizing contextual ads which are Media.net’s proprietary ad format.
  • Filtered keywords with more targeted ads result in higher revenues.
  • Access high-quality ads by connecting with quality merchants.
  • Native ads are customized for a better user experience.
revenuehits logo


RevenueHits has an intuitive platform that lets you monetize your site with income generation. Over 20,000 publishers have joined RevenueHits and are earning with relevant ads.

You no longer have to waste your ad space, instead joining RevenueHits will boost your conversions. It is the best self-serve advertising platform for publishers.

Top Reasons To Join RevenueHits:

  • Easy to join with no traffic requirements. 
  • Cutting-edge technology that provides the best offers in the industry.
  • Get the best rates in the industry with in-house direct advertisers.
  • Understanding the importance of cash flow, RevenueHits processes on-time payouts.
  • A 100% fill rate is guaranteed.
  • Monitor your ad impressions, clicks, eCPM, and more.
adsterra logo


Adsterra is a global CPA affiliate network helping publishers maximize their profits. Affiliates can benefit at par with Adsterra with tools like backlinks and postbacks. 

Publishers can join the network immediately and get approved instantly. Whether you run a small blog or an app website, you can monetize any kind of traffic. It uses AI algorithms to provide competitive CPM rates with relevant ad content.

Top Reasons To Join Adsterra:

  • Instant approval with no traffic requirements.
  • Minimum payout is $5.
  • Affiliate referral programs increase your revenue when your referral joins Adsterra.
  • High-quality offers are meant to convert.
  • On-time payments with complete transparency.
  • Dedicated account managers helping trusted affiliates grow sales.
  • High-converting ad formats with 100% responsiveness.
  • Ad-block increases your revenue by 35% on average.
bidvertiser logo


Bidvertiser is a self-serve platform that finds a favorable connection between advertisers and publishers. You can target an audience based on GEO, browser, ISP, and more.

The platform is transparent with nothing hidden behind the scene. An experience of over a decade is what makes Bidvertiser an excellent PPC network. 

Top Reasons To Join Bidvertiser:

  • 100% coverage on both mobile and desktop worldwide.
  • AI-powered technology maximizes revenue on any device.
  • Its self-serve control panel allows you to optimize your traffic via JS Tags or XML.
  • Smartlink is CPC based supporting all GEOs and devices.
  • You can monetize websites, toolbars, apps, extensions, and more.
  • Safe ads are delivered keeping your website away from vulnerabilities.
  • The minimum payout is $10 paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, wire, and check.
propellerads logo

Propeller Ads

Marketers and affiliates love Propeller Ads’ performance-driven advertising platforms. With its top-performing ad formats, you can boost your revenue with conversion-focused campaigns. 

Propeller Ad’s self-serve platform offers easy onboarding, real-time reporting, and advanced features.

Top Reasons To Join Propeller Ads:

  • AI optimizes your ad campaign ensuring you get the right conversions.
  • Legit traffic suppliers are guaranteed a completely secure fraud prevention system.
  • High-converting ad formats to reach over 1 billion users.
  • Free educational resources for novice and experienced affiliates. 
  • All your traffic can be monetized with worldwide coverage on any device.
  • Payouts are processed weekly with a minimum withdrawal of $5.
  • Intuitive multilingual dashboard supporting 9 languages.
taboola logo


Taboola is the best monetization platform to reach a global audience at the right time. Publishers like MSN, NBC, Bloomberg, and more have partnered with Taboola.

With user behavior data, you can increase audience engagement and drive them to take action. Over 9000 publishers use Taboola’s marketplace to increase user engagement and drive better results.

Top Reasons To Join Taboola:

  • The audience will enjoy the newsfeed experience on your website pages.
  • Build the list of new audiences with Taboola’s massive network.
  • Actionable data insights in the Taboola newsroom with an A/B testing feature.
  • Allows you to exchange traffic with partners and other websites to drive better traffic to your site.
  • Allows you to embed video player with ads and analytics.
  • Optimize ads based on user experience. 
  • The largest sponsored content marketplace for site monetization.
outbrain logo


This ad company is partnered with top media owners & advertisers proving it to be the leading technology company. By joining Outbrain, you get access to the world’s leading media companies.

You can build better audience engagement and monetization. Non-interruptive smart ad format maximizes revenue. 

Top Reasons To Join Outbrain:

  • Dynamic experience with Smartfeed that engages audiences and optimizes content. 
  • Wide range of native ad budgets.
  • Access tools at your fingertips and optimize the user experience.
  • A unique AI-powered Smartlogic is delivering a commendable experience for every user.
  • Real-time 24/7 reporting API.
  • Highest security solutions implemented for safe ad delivery.
adblade logo


Adblade is a content-style native ad platform reaching over 300 million users. The network integrates seamlessly with any website providing high eCPMs to publishers worldwide. 

The OptiServe self-service platform is quick to implement on your site. Advertisers can upload NewsBullets ads on any of your sites integrated with Adblade.

Top Reasons to Join Adblade:

  • Over 200 billion audience exposure by selling ads through the OptiServe interface.
  • A wide range of campaigns are supported using Geo-targeting.
  • Flexible pricing models.
  • Only quality advertisers get a nod from the compliance department.
  • Customized ad formats and sizes.
  • Real-time analytics in your Adblade dashboard.
  • Real-time optimization technology to boost publisher revenue.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs Work?

In the Pay-per-click model, the advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on their ad. 

  • Let’s say the advertiser bids on a keyword auto parts online in India.
  • People looking for auto parts in India will search for auto parts online in India.
  • The auto parts business will show up in the SERPs. 
  • When a person clicks on the ads, the advertiser is charged per click.

You must be thinking about how will this benefit affiliates. Affiliates can join PPC affiliate networks. These affiliate networks upon approval allow affiliates to display ads on their website. 

When someone clicks on the ads, affiliates get a small commission based on the commission structure. Without further ado, let me show you the top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs to make money with the PPC model.

Best Tips to Earn More From Pay per click Affiliate Programs

Do you want to earn the maximum by monetizing your site with PPC affiliate programs?

Here are proven strategies to help you generate more profit.

💡 Pick a profitable niche, 💡Increase user experience, 💡 Improve website performance, 💡 Target the right audience, 💡 Make use of the right traffic sources

Conclusion: Are Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs profitable?

When it comes to profitability, not all PPC affiliate programs are worthy. But the list shared with you includes highly reliable affiliate programs. By joining these Pay-per-click affiliate programs, you can monetize your blog traffic without much to do. 

It’s easy to integrate your blog or website to run automated ads in different formats. Choosing the right ad format will result in a generous profit. You can pick any affiliate program with a PPC model from this list. 

Have I missed any recommended Pay-per-click affiliate programs?

Do share if you have joined any other Pay-per-click affiliate program and make money through it. Keep visiting AffReborn.com for more such money-making affiliate programs by monetizing your site traffic.

Till then…

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🌟 FAQs | On Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs

What is Pay-Per-Click?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a kind of advertising model, unlike the CPC or CPA model. In PPC, advertisers pay publishers only when someone clicks on their ad displayed on a blog or website.
Platforms like Google AdSense and Taboola are the best places for PPC affiliate marketing. However, these platforms are not easy to join and require certain criteria.

What is the best Pay-per-click website?

I have listed the 10 best websites with a pay-per-click model. You can choose any of them. This includes Infolinks, Skimlinks, Media.net, RevenueHits, Adsterra, Bidvertiser, Taboola, Outbrain, Adblade, and Propeller Ads.

How can you monetize your website with the PPC model?

The PPC advertising model is the bread and butter for many websites. Such websites follow the thumb rule of driving targeted traffic to their website. 

How Much Does Google Pay Per Click?

You can expect up to $2 per click with Google AdSense. Because getting approved for AdSense is difficult, these Google AdSense alternatives can be a time saver for you.