Best AI Writing Software Affiliate Programs In 2024

Artificial intelligence is buzzing in every corner of the world. How could writing be left behind? AI copywriting tools are a big-time saver for bloggers, marketers, and agencies. If you are a blogger, you can make money with these AI writing tools affiliate programs.

The global AI writing assistant software market is expected to reach $1030 Million by 2030 at a CAGR of 15%. The projected growth rate is based on various applications of artificial intelligence like education, travel, and more.

Why choose AI Writing Affiliate Programs?

  • Promoting AI writing tools will help your audience save time on copywriting.
  • Some AI writing assistant tools offer recurring commissions.
  • The cookie duration is a minimum of 30 days.
  • There is no cap on the earning possibilities. The more you refer, the more you earn.
  • AI copywriting is a targeted niche. Not many recognize its usage and thus gives a fresh opportunity to newbies to earn as an affiliate.
  • Fast payouts with a low minimum payout threshold.

Without further ado, let’s check out the top AI writing assistant tools offering high-paying affiliate programs.

List of Best AI Writing Tools Affiliate Programs Of 2024

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jasperai logo


Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 30% recurring

📆 Cookie Duration: 30 days

Jasper is the hottest AI writing tool helping creators write unique long-form articles. Boss mode is overwhelming and offers exclusive features.

Not everyone gets approved by as they are looking for partners in the long run. If you have a website and good traffic, then the affiliate program is the best choice.

The best thing about the Jasper affiliate program is that it offers a recurring commission. So your referral signup is one-time, and you keep earning as long as the customer is using Jasper.

Users signing up for Jasper with your affiliate link get 10,000-word credits as a bonus. To promote Jasper on your blog, you can make use of high-quality banners. Also, you can promote on social media and via email marketing.

wordai logo

2. WordAi

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 20% recurring

📆 Cookie Duration: Unknown

Help others rewrite content with clarity by promoting WordAi affiliate programs. By using artificial intelligence, WordAi rewrites any content just like a human does.

Just like, WordAi offers recurring commissions to its affiliates. It’s easy to promote WordAi using PPC ads, banners, emails, and more. 

You can track your performance with your WordAi affiliate dashboard. Till the time a customer renews a WordAi subscription, you get your commissions paid. 

writesonic logo

3. Writesonic

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 30% month recurring

📆 Cookie Duration: Unknown

Writesonic helps users write SEO-optimized long-form articles within a few seconds. Users can kick-start for free without any credit card information required.

The Writesonic partner program is growing massively and so is their affiliates’ income. The Writesonic affiliate program provides recurring commissions as long as the user is subscribing to the paid plan.

There are over 60+ features that users can benefit from while using Writesonic. This is why Writesonic affiliates get an edge over their competitors by par. The conversion rate is overwhelming and visitors reaching Writesonic don’t leave without subscribing. 

copysmith logo

4. Copysmith AI

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 30% month recurring

📆 Cookie Duration: 30 days

The Copysmith AI writing assistant tool helps individuals, bloggers, and agencies reduce the time to write blog posts and articles. It saves up to 80% of the time and therefore the Copysmith affiliate program is a game changer for affiliates.

The Copysmith AI affiliate program is free to join and provides all the necessary tools for marketing. PostAffiliatePro manages Copysmith’s affiliate program. Payouts are processed every 15th of every month with a minimum payout of $100.

rytr logo

5. Rytr

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 30% recurring

📆 Cookie Duration: 30 days

With Rytr, copywriting can be done 10x faster. At a minimal cost, you can write high-quality content faster and easier by saving countless hours. 

By using copywriting formulas like AIDA & PAS, Rytr ensures super-quality content with minimal editing required. 

Using the Rytr Chrome extension, users can write email copy, blog posts, or social media posts in a snap. 

With so many advanced features, the Rytr affiliate program is a great choice for every affiliate. When you refer others through your affiliate link and the user makes a payment, you get a commission. The minimum payout should be $100.

Rytr affiliate program doesn’t allow affiliates to run Google ads that violate its policies.

anyword logo

6. Anyword

Program Details:

🤑 Commission: 40% on monthly subscription renewal (Revenue Share), or one-time payment for a monthly or annual subscription (CPA).

📆 Cookie Duration: 90 days

Anyword is one of the best AI copywriting platforms out there helping affiliates make money online. It is an excellent high-converting affiliate program offering recurring commissions. 

When you refer Anyword to your audience, they get 20% off the first month of their subscription. The program is managed using FirstPromoter for attribute tracking. Using the FirstPromoter dashboard, you can view clicks, leads, customers, and rewards in real time. 

Payouts are processed every month in NET 30 days via PayPal. The commission is based on the affiliate plan you choose. There are two affiliate plans to choose from.

First is Revenue share, where you get 40% of the subscription renewal monthly or annually.

The second is CPA, where you get a one-time commission equal to the monthly subscription cost. 

How Does Anyword Affiliate Work?

Below I have shown the commission structure to clear your doubts about affiliate plans. 

One Basic Customer$19/month$7.6/mo
One Data-Driven Customer$99/month$39.6/mo
One Data-Driven Unlimited Customer$399/month$159.6/mo
articleforge logo

7. Article Forge

Program Details:

🤑 Affiliate Commission: 25%

Recurring Commission: Yes

📆 Cookie Window: 30 days

Article Forge is a recurring affiliate program that uses artificial intelligence to deliver unique, compelling, & plagiarism-free articles. By referring freelancers, writers, and agencies to Article Forge, you can earn a recurring commission.

The platform provides easy-to-use promotional materials including banners, email swipes, and pre-made PPC ads. You can simply promote your Article Forge through your affiliate link and track the progress in your affiliate dashboard.

Conclusion: Best AI Writing Affiliate Programs

AI Copywriting tools affiliate programs are mostly recurring commission affiliate programs. But in this list, I have mentioned affiliate programs like that provide CPA models. 

Anyword is a high-paying affiliate program with a CPA commission equal to the monthly subscription. It is your choice to choose the best AI writing software affiliate programs. is one of the trending AI assistant tools including the Boss mode working like a charm. 

I suggest you try out some of the best AI copywriting tools. Once satisfied with the AI writing assistant tool, you can promote its affiliate programs. The minimum commission is 20% monthly and goes up to 30% monthly. 

I hope the list of best AI writing assistant affiliate programs is a time saver for you. So, get the best out of these recurring commission affiliate programs.

Till then…

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🌟 FAQs | AI Writing Affiliate Programs

What is an AI writing affiliate?

Affiliate marketers can use AI writing tools to write blog posts, email copies, and social media posts. 
AI writing affiliate programs are an evergreen source of income for affiliates as they can promote AI affiliate programs and earn a commission. 

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

Although this post talks about AI writing software affiliate programs, it consists of the best AI writing tools. You can choose any AI copywriting tool from the list mentioning Jasper, WordAi, Writesonic, Ryter, Copysmith, or Anyword.

Are AI writing affiliate programs free to join?

Yes, you can join the AI writing tools affiliate program for free. No credit card information is required. 

Are AI Writing affiliate programs profitable?

As you can see, the cookie period for AI writing software affiliate programs ranges from 30 days up to 90 days. So, you won’t lose your visitors. The AI writing tools are high-converting, so visitors subscribe to the paid plans. Thus, resulting in a commission to you at no extra cost to the customers.

Which niche is best for affiliates?

Though there are a plethora of affiliate marketing niches, artificial intelligence is the trending one. 
Since AI and machine learning dominate the market, they are one of the best affiliate niches. 
You can choose other affiliate program niches like health & fitness, sports, baby products, and more.

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