10 Best CPM Advertising Networks For Publishers In 2024 🔥

CPM ad networks are the best Google AdSense alternatives to earn money by monetizing your site traffic. However, finding high-paying CPM ads for bloggers and publishers as Google AdSense alternatives can be quite confusing.

If you are looking for high-paying CPM ad networks, then you should go through this list. In this article, you will find the top CPM ad networks that offer better revenue and support compared to Google AdSense

Are you a publisher looking for the best CPM advertising networks?

Hi! I am Abizer Izzy, and presenting to you in this post is a list of the best CPM advertising networks with high CPM rates.

List of Top CPM Advertising Networks Of 2024

Start a free publisher account at PropellerAds and make more money with high-converting ad formats. PropellerAds has the most advanced monetization solutions including cross-device platforms.

Reasons to Choose PropellerAds:

  •  Multiple profitable ad formats like push, on-click ads, in-page push, interstitials, and smart links.
  • Global coverage with 100% traffic monetization.
  • Your audience will experience clean virus and malware-free ads only of the highest quality.
  • Increases your revenue with AdBlock technology.
  • Refer other publishers and earn extra income.
  • Add MultiTag and auto-optimize your platform across all devices, OS, and GEOs.
  • The minimum payout is $5 processed on autopilot every week on Thursday.
hilltopads logo

2. HilltopAds

Get the best converting offers with high eCPMs and make more money from your website. Advertisers can launch their campaigns in minutes with their self-serve platform. It is the recommended pop-under network and is therefore a top CPM ad network for publishers with high payouts.

Reasons to Choose HilltopAds:

  • Choose the best ad format like Native, Video, Push, Display banners, etc.
  • Monetize your site 30x more than with any other alternate CPM ad networks.
  • Monetize your site for any niche, any device, and platform.
  • Payments are made every week to publishers.
  • Supports popular payment methods like ePayments, Webmoney, Wire, ePayService, and Paxum.
  • All ads delivered are free from malware and viruses keeping it clean for your audience.
  • Real-time performance analytics and eCPM optimization.
adsterra logo

3. Adsterra

Adsterra is the best CPM advertising platform for publishers with a 100% fill rate. It is a good alternative to AdSense. Your application gets accepted in under 10 minutes, and you can then start monetizing your web traffic. With Adsterra, you can monetize desktop and mobile traffic and boost your revenue. 

Reasons to Choose Adsterra:

  • With three-level security combining in-house, third-party fraud detection, and accurate human checks, Adsterra ensures clean ads.
  • Its self-serve platform allows you to work without a manager. You can launch or stop a campaign, track campaign statistics, and do a lot more.
  • Adsterra’s manager is always there to assist you and build a strong relationship with you.
  • Various ad formats like Popunder, Push Ads, Native Ads, Banner Ads, Social Bar, Direct Link, and many more.
  • Choose your preferred payment method. This includes Visa/Mastercard, Wire, Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney, QIWI, Bitcoin, Yandex Money, and Capitalist.
  • Anti-adblock solutions increase your revenue by 20%.
admaven logo

4. AdMaven

AdMaven offers high-quality CPM ads with minimum intrusiveness for a better ad experience. You can monetize your site and generate massive revenue with an authentic payment policy. It is considered authentic CPM ads for bloggers providing complete transparency.

Reasons to Choose AdMaven:

  • You won’t miss a lead with 100% global coverage. The platform monetizes every single impression on any device. 
  • AdMaven’s optimization tools provide competitive CPM advertising costs and high revenue.
  • Easily place ads on your site in less than 5 minutes. Integrate AdMaven’s ad format like native push or full-screen, and monetize your site traffic right away.
  • Payment is made via popular payment methods with flexibility at any time you want.
  • Keeps your site safe from vulnerabilities so your visitors are satisfied.
  • A dedicated account manager ensures you take full benefit of the platform and keep moving forward.
adpushup logo

5. AdPushup

AdPushup helps publishers increase their revenue using its top-notch features. It’s a revenue optimization platform offering A/B testing, AdBlock, and is backed by Microsoft Ventures.

Reasons to Choose AdPushup:

  • Grow your ad revenue and click-through rate with A/B testing.
  • With the ad inventory, you can get bidding in real-time by partners and increase revenue with high eCPMs.
  • Recover the revenue you lost due to ad blockers.
  • Maximize revenue with sticky ads, docked ads, in-image ads, and native ads.
  • Easy payments via PayPal or Wire transfer in NET 45 days.
  • Dedicated account manager to help you on-board and resolve any technical issues.
medianet logo

6. Media.net

Media.net gives exclusive access to the Yahoo! Bing network and runs contextual ads for 20x more revenue. It doesn’t matter what niche your blog inculcates, you will always find relevant advertisers.

Reasons to Choose Media.net:

  • Get maximum engagement with the no cookies policy because it is the content that matters and not the audience data.
  • Automatic ad optimization serves relevant ads that perform the best with your audience.
  • Put a line of code into your website and let the contextual ads leverage your site with a revenue-making machine.
  • Create ads of any size with the standard IAB units.
  • Leave your ads on auto-pilot and their ad specialists will handle all the changes.
  • You have the control to show the ads the way you want and filter the advertisers.
  • With an intuitive control panel, you can monitor ad impressions and track your performance in real time.
conversant media logo

7. Conversant Media

With Conversant Media, you can reach your monetization goals by connecting with the brands. It has been the leader in digital marketing for over 20 years providing relevant and quality advertisers. Get the most out of your content with the best digital marketing service and technology.

Reasons to Choose Conversant Media:

  • Access to premium advertisers with over 4000+ trusted brands. 
  • In-built technology shows only relevant ads with creative layouts to fit your site’s beauty. You can block the advertisers that you don’t want leaving complete control in your hand. 
  • Easy to use interface and API to look into the activity in real-time with data on impressions, CPM, and earnings.
  • Your data won’t be shared with others with strict usage and privacy policy.
revenuehits logo

8. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is the best-performing CPM ads network in the advertising industry. With minimum effort, you can generate maximum revenue. Get the best offers with its intuitive platform and optimize your earnings easily.

Reasons to Choose RevenueHits:

  • Display relevant ads to your audience by utilizing the ad space and boosting conversion.
  • Simple to join and start earning money irrespective of the amount of traffic.
  • Get the best CPM rates in the industry with in-house direct advertisers.
  • Flexible payment terms with on-time payments to keep the cash flowing.
  • 100% fill rate with only profitable ads displayed based on the geographic location of the user.
  • Monitor clicks, revenue, eCPM, impressions, and more with a robust reporting platform.  
adcash logo

9. Adcash

Adcash for publishers is a high-paying CPM ad network to monetizes website traffic and boosts ad revenue. Whether you are an Indian publisher looking for the best offers or residing in any other country, you can monetize site content on any device. With Adcash, you can monetize web and mobile traffic by showing only relevant ads to users.

Reasons to Choose Adcash:

  • Multiple high-performing ad formats to deliver the right ads to your audience.
  • Traffic from any country is acceptable with global coverage.
  • Every single user and impression is monetized with a high fill rate.
  • Anti-adblock technology bypasses ad blockers and increases your revenue further.
  • Real-time tracking of your clicks, impressions, and earnings.
  • Multiple payment options to get paid quickly with Net-30 days payment.
clickadu logo

10. ClickAdu

ClickAdu offers the finest solution for site monetization with 2.8 billion+ impressions each day. There are various ad formats such as banner ads, popunder, push notifications, inPage push, and more.

Reasons to Choose ClickAdu:

  • High CPM rates in 240+ countries compared to other CPM ad networks.
  • Automated payouts with a variety of payment methods supported.
  • Start easily by signing up, getting approved, and installing the code on your website.
  • Safe ads with bot and fraud filtering.
  • A variety of ad formats ensure full coverage.
  • A qualified team of experienced managers to help every way out.

More Advertising Networks To Look Out For In 2024


Choosing the best CPM advertising networks for publishers could be a daunting task, but I have done the hard work and curated a list of high-paying CPM ad networks.

Grow your revenue & CPM by 40% with these Google AdSense alternative CPM advertising networks.

This is the chance to earn more money by monetizing your site traffic for any device. Join the best CPM advertising networks for Indian publishers and around the world and make big money.

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🌟 FAQs | Best CPM Advertising Networks

What is the CPM advertising model?

The cost per Mile or CPM advertising model is the one in which the advertiser pays publishers on the total number of ad views.

How much is the CPM advertising cost?

Mostly, the CPM cost ranges between $5 – $10 per 1000 ad impressions. In some cases, it could be more than that.

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