18 Best CPS Affiliate Networks For Publishers In 2024

In this article, you will find the best CPS affiliate networks for publishers. Affiliate networks that provide publishers with the CPS commission model are called CPS networks. 

In the CPS affiliate model, advertisers pay publishers only for a valid sale. Publishers and affiliates still find the CPS model favorable as the πŸ€‘ commission rates are high. 

In the CPS model, the commission rates are as high as $500 per sale for some renowned products. 

If you are an affiliate looking for high-paying CPS affiliate programs, then join the best CPS Affiliate Networks.

List of Top CPS Affiliate Networks for Publishers Of 2024

amazon logo

1. Amazon Associates

πŸ’³ Payment method: Bank Transfer, Check, Amazon gift card.

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $100

I recommend the Amazon Associates affiliate program as a high priority to all the new affiliates. The reason is its simplicity and popularity. If you haven’t started your affiliate journey yet, then joining Amazon will be a life-changing opportunity for you.

The set of tools that Amazon offers is a gem in the eye for any new or experienced affiliate. Although I joined Amazon Associates later as I wasn’t aware of its affiliate program, I suggest you all join it first.

No other affiliate program offers you the ease to promote different offers on social media networks like Amazon. I love the way it saves my time in sharing the affiliate link on my blog and social profiles.

impact logo

2. Impact Radius

πŸ’³ Payment Methods Available: Check, Bank Transfer.

πŸ€‘ Payment Terms: Net 60 days

πŸ’° Minimum Payout Threshold: $50

Impact Radius is the first Cost-Per-Sale Affiliate Network that I joined and admire it.

As I did not know about affiliate marketing and how to join any offer to promote it, Impact was my friend in need.

You get a lot of tools like different sizes of banner ads, text links, and more to share on your blog.

As far as payouts are concerned, affiliates get paid via PayPal, Bank transfer, or Check. Affiliates can set the threshold payment window on their own to specific days.

cjaffiliate logo

3. C J Affiliate

πŸ’³ Payment Methods Available: Check, Direct Deposit.

πŸ€‘ Payment Terms: Net 20 days.

πŸ’° Minimum Payout Threshold: $50

C J Affiliate is the next CPS affiliate network that I joined after Impact. You will find top CPS affiliate programs to promote and earn high commissions. 

Some of the biggest brands in health, fashion, and technology run their campaigns at C J Affiliate.

It gives an incredible opportunity for affiliates to earn a lot of money by running high payout campaigns.

Get access to unique features like:

  • Affiliate personalization.
  • Cross-device sales.
  • Cookieless Tracking.
  • Insights & Analytics.
  • Ad & Content Monetization Suite.
  • Robust APIs
rakutenadvertising logo

4. Rakuten Advertising

πŸ’³ Payment methods: PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $50

Rakuten is an internet marketing company that connects brands with diverse audiences around the world. There are more than 150K publishers and brands working closely with them over the last nine years. With Rakuten’s proprietary data and intelligence, you can make better decisions and spend smarter.

It is the best performance marketing network with an advanced suite of tools to outperform your targets. Get access to the insights and technologies that help you connect with your audiences. Affiliates get educational tools like newsletters, webinars, documentation, and video tutorials for the best experience.

ebay logo

5. eBay

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: Check / ACH (Direct Deposit)

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $25

eBay is one of the largest marketplaces and opens up the door to earning money by driving traffic. At eBay, you will find diverse brands from across the globe connected with the buyers. It empowers millions of people around the world by creating a global opportunity.

By leveraging deals & promotions, affiliates can drive traffic to high-converting landing pages and earn on a sale. With insights into your performance, you can analyze and optimize your results to generate more profit.

pepperjam logo

6. Pepperjam

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: PayPal

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $25

Ascendβ„’ is the next-generation cloud affiliate platform built for 21st-century marketers. It helps you to identify high-quality partners for your white-label affiliate program.

Affiliates get a comprehensive dashboard with integrated custom reporting and actionable insights. It enables a dynamic payment model and boosts your revenue with monitoring and enforcement solutions. You can find partnerships in all niches ranging from food to technology to promote on your website.

awin logo

7. Awin

πŸ’³ Payment methods: ACH, Check, Wire Transfer

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $20

Awin gives opportunities to publishers to partner with the world’s best brands. You can promote products and services to your followers and earn maximum profits. 

More than 15,200 brands have registered on Awin from various sectors. For publishers, this means a big platform with tremendous earning potential. 

Payments are consistent and reflect in your account faster. It has a highly intuitive platform and a support team to help you with any concerns you may have. You can track and optimize your performance with advanced tools and improve your ROI.

avangate logo

8. Avangate

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: Wire transfer, PayPal, Cheque

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $100

Get started with the industry’s highest affiliate commissions network- Avangate. Avangate provides advanced tools that make it a perfect choice to join a CPS affiliate network.

By creating deep links, your customers get routed to the product checkout page. Such an innovative technique increases your conversion rate. Get extensive reports with insights into clicks, sales, EPC, and more.

You get paid every month once a minimum threshold of $100 has been reached. Avangate email support is available 24/7 by real humans and not by bots.

flexoffers logo

9. FlexOffers

πŸ”₯ Commission Type: CPA, CPS

πŸ’° Minimum Payment: $100

πŸ€‘ Payment Frequency: Weekly / Monthly

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: Check / Bank Wire / ACH (Direct Deposit)

FlexOffers is back in the affiliate market with a bang. It has the new Publisher Pro features 2.0 that lets publishers earn more revenue than ever.

You will get connected with only the best brands with high-paying offers and the latest products.

The new affiliate dashboard is updated with the latest features, loads faster, and is clutter-free. You also get professional support in between business hours.

shareasale logo

10. ShareASale

πŸ’³ Payment methods:Β Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer, Wire Deposit

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $50

ShareASale is a part of Awin and home to more than 3,900+ merchants. It has a no-software policy, with on-time payments and responsive support. Joining the ShareASale affiliate network is not an easy process because the team verifies your account. Once your account gets verified, you are good to go.

With its unique technology, Clickstream Attribution, you can view the recent clicks made by a consumer before buying a product. Get real-time tracking with banner clicks, sales count, and total commissions earned.

linkconnector logo

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: PayPal, Check

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $100

LinkConnector is a performance marketing network that empowers affiliates with high-tech tools. Their affiliate relationship team provides in-depth support to maximize your performance. It enhances your relationship with the top partners by building trust.

Only genuine affiliates get accepted which eliminates fraudulent activities and enhances ethical business. You will be auto-applied to campaigns if you meet the campaign criteria. Get Private coupon codes, comprehensive reporting, EPC by affiliate type, conversion pixel placement, etc.

tradedoubler logo

12. Tradedoubler

πŸ”₯ Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: Bank Transfer

πŸ’° Payment threshold: Β£30

Tradedoubler is the first certified partner of TikTok in Europe. It relies on Blockchain and open Platform technology that benefits publishers & advertisers. Their new self-service platform Grow has been launched and is helping small businesses grow worldwide.

It has a reliable tracking and commission payment system built in-house. You get access to its proprietary technology that provides dynamic commissioning, deep linking functionalities, custom reports, and powerful API. Different tracking supports include mobile, cookieless, promo code, cross-device, and product-level.

webgains logo

13. Webgains

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: Wire transfer, PayPal, Cheque

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $25

Webgains is a global network of more than 1800 advertisers & 250 K publishers in over 211 countries. Over 100 experts from around the world skyrocket your sales with their knowledge & experience.

As publishers, you get training to drive more traffic and generate more sales. With their global publishing community, you get insights into the secret sauce of success. You can earn a lot with world-class brands like Decathlon, Mothercare, Hertz, ebuyer.com, and more.

avantlink logo

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: PayPal, Direct Deposit

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $50

Founded in 2005 in Park City, Utah, AvantLink is privately owned and incorporates around 35 employees. Its three independent affiliate networks in the US, Canada, and Australia are over-flooded with premium advertisers and quality publishers.

You can search, review, and apply directly to any brand that you think can generate revenue. Fervora is a performance-based marketing platform to help you make extra cash with your social media following.

partnerize logo

15. Partnerize

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: PayPal, Direct Deposit

πŸ’° Payment threshold: $50

Partnerize is the best CPS marketing network for marketers to maximize their growth. It helps you automate your workflow and earn profits from niches like retail, travel, subscriptions, and more. There are lucrative affiliate programs to grow your revenue by driving conversions.

You get the opportunity to connect with hundreds of global brands. With real-time data and technology, you can earn your share of commission every year. Get paid in over 60 currencies every day within 24 hours of a locked sale on any device. 

skimlinks logo

Skimlinks is a hub for commerce content empowering publishers to monetize good content. Over 60,000 publishers connected at Skimlinks get access to over 48,500 affiliate programs.

You can work with C J Affiliate, Rakuten, and over 50 networks to receive the best offers. By working closely with the merchants, you can get 2x the usual rates. With the Skimlinks publisher hub, you get reports that show merchant performance, clicks, and revenue in real-time.

By installing the Skimlinks code into your website, all your links will get converted into affiliate links automatically. You can focus on creating good content instead of wasting time on building affiliate links.

affiliate future logo

17. AffiliateFuture

πŸ’³ Payment Methods: Wire transfer

πŸ’° Payment threshold: Β£100

If you have a website, then making money is simple with AffiliateFuture. You will get all the tools to succeed quickly in affiliate marketing. With targeted advertising, you get connected to retailers and top brands in any niche.

By logging into your AffiliateFuture dashboard, you get all the information regarding your revenue performance. The AffiliateFuture dedicated team of experts assists you in optimizing your revenue.

The cash flow is faster as you get paid twice a month, so your wallet will never be empty. You can meet advertisers face-to-face with AffiliateFuture partner Events and grow your business.

tradetracker logo

18. TradeTracker

In our list of best CPS affiliate networks, TradeTracker is the final network that I would recommend publishers to join. Once your website is up & running, you can start monetizing your site with TradeTracker. It offers you all the necessary tools to monetize your site.

You can find an array of advertisers that your customers are looking for on your website. Publishers get paid quickly for every commission generated with details for tracking and invoicing. TradeTracker has industry-leading software that offers a wide range of tools to make your task simpler.

With the same login, you can manage multiple sites. Your commissions are paid within 72 hours after the transaction is approved.

More Ad/Affiliate Networks

Conclusion: Best CPS Affiliate Networks

As an affiliate, the most important aspect is to choose the right CPS offers. The list of CPS affiliate networks that I have mentioned in this article can help you get the top offers. It is time to earn and grow with the free CPS affiliate networks for publishers.

Till then...

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🌟 FAQs | Best CPS Affiliate Networks

Do CPS affiliate networks accept crypto payments?

Crypto payments aren’t accepted by any CPS affiliate networks. The most common payment methods include PayPal, Check, and Wire Transfer.

What is the minimum threshold amount?

The minimum threshold payout for publishers is a minimum of $25 and goes up to $100. This varies from network to network.

Is Impact reliable?

I have joined Impact and I highly recommend it as the best CPS affiliate network for publishers and bloggers.

Are CPS affiliate networks free to join?

Yes, you can join premium CPS affiliate networks for free. Some networks take time to review your website and can reject your application if it doesn’t meet their requirement.

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