Do you know that the total revenue in the Health and fitness industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.72% and reach US$5.77bn by 2027? (As per Statista)

With the fitness industry growing to over 3 trillion dollars, it opens the earning door for bloggers and affiliate marketers. So, here’s the list of the best high-ticket health & fitness affiliate programs to promote on your blog and earn high commissions.

Fitness is a rich niche due to its never-ending demand. With so much work in a digital era, people look for the best health tips to remain fit. Without the need for any equipment, you can reduce your weight, and tone your body with the workout lessons.

Hi! I am Abizer Izzy (a not-so-fitness freak guy). Because I tend to provide money-making ideas, I thought of sharing lucrative affiliate programs in the fitness industry.

How To Monetize Your Blog For Fitness Affiliate Programs?

There are hundreds of affiliate programs for fitness but it’s difficult to choose high-ticket fitness affiliate programs. To promote any affiliate program, you need a blog or a website with good organic traffic.

Join the best CPA Affiliate Networks like Impact, CJ, Rakuten, and more for free. Once, your account is approved, you can start searching for affiliate programs in the fitness, health, sports, and exercise niche. 

Request to join the affiliate program and upon approval, you can share an affiliate link, or a banner on your blog.

Start monetizing your website traffic right now with these ultimate fitness affiliate programs.

List of Best Fitness Affiliate Programs Of 2024

The list below contains fitness affiliate programs all over the world. You can run affiliate programs for countries like fitness affiliate programs USA, fitness affiliate programs UK, and fitness affiliate programs in Canada.

So what are you waiting for?

Join any of these health fitness affiliate programs and earn money by sharing health tips online.

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leanjoebean logo


🤑 Commission: 50% per Sale

Who doesn’t like coffee if you could reduce your weight with it, then it’s a superfood.  LeanJoeBean is the best weight loss coffee affiliate program that burns fat, cuts cravings, and increases energy levels.

natalie jill logo

Natalie Jill Fitness

🤑 Commission: 30-50% per Sale

When it comes to women’s fitness affiliate programs, Natalie Jill Fitness tops the chart. It is one of the fastest-growing health and fitness brands changing women’s lives by shaping their bodies.

bodybuilding com logo

🤑 Commission: $9, 3-9% per Sale is a popular fitness equipment affiliate program with a variety of supplements and clothing accessories. Customers can save more with Bodyfit membership and free domestic shipping on supplements and equipment. It is also the best supplement affiliate program with high commissions.

ace fitness logo

ACE Fitness

🤑 Commission: 8% per Sale

ACE is one of the best fitness products affiliate programs offering a personal trainer. There are over 90,000 ACE-certified pros helping others move their lives. ACE offers certifications for a personal trainer, health coach, and more. Upon successful subscription, you earn commissions.

body spartan logo

Body Spartan

🤑 Commission: $9, 3-9% per Sale

Body Spartan offers chemical-free, no additives, no artificial flavors nutrition products. By using the Body Spartan app, you can start a fitness program at your fingertips. Body Spartan fitness supplement affiliate program is one of the best with high commissions.

amazon logo

Amazon Associates

🤑 Commission: 1-10% per Sale

The Amazon Associates program is the world’s largest affiliate program with easy link-building tools. Sign up for free and once, you make qualified sales, your account gets approved. Start monetizing your health blog right now with tons of thousands of products on Amazon.

bowflex logo


🤑 Commission: 3% per Sale

If you are looking for a home exercise equipment affiliate program, then Bowflex is the best one. Bowflex brings a gym inside your home so you don’t have to wait for your turn to get your hands on the equipment. Customers can buy bikes, treadmills, accessories, and more.

4wd supacentre logo

4WD Supacentre

🤑 Commission: 3% per Sale

4WD Supacentre is a water sports online store offering free delivery. Some of the best brands it deals with include Kings, Domin8R, Hercules, Titan, Thumper, and more. You can get solar panels, sleeping bags, rooftop tents, and other camping accessories.

24hourfitness logo

24 Hour Fitness

🤑 Commission: $20 per Sale

24-Hour Fitness offers a clean, spacious, and modified gym with Gx24 Studio classes, virtual classes, and an app. On each successful membership, you can earn a $20 commission, So, think, eat, and move to the 24-Hour Fitness affiliate program.

titanfitness logo

Titan Fitness

🤑 Commission: 5% per Sale

Titan Fitness provides strength and conditioning fitness equipment with free shipping and a warranty. Customers can purchase bumper plates, power racks, gym machines, barbells, and more. If you don’t have enough balance in your account, you can get easy finance through Bread.

5starnutrition logo

5 Star Nutrition

🤑 Commission: 10% – 20% per Sale

Here is one high-paying affiliate program that offers a commission of up to 20% per sale of a product. 5 Star Nutrition offers supplements and clothing & accessories that make it a super fitness and clothing affiliate program.

adidas logo


🤑 Commission: 7% per Sale

Adidas is a renowned brand for clothing, shoes, and apparel. If you want to promote a lifestyle brand then join the Adidas affiliate program. It is of a kind fitness apparel affiliate program. It provides gym and sports products like shoes, clothing, and accessories.

adventure kings logo

Adventure Kings

🤑 Commission: 3% per Sale

Camping is the best way to enjoy with friends and family, and Adventure Kings realizes its importance. So, if you are planning for camping, then you need camping accessories. Adventure Kings offers some of the finest camping, touring, lightning, and spare parts products online. 

eight sleep logo

Eight Sleep

🤑 Commission: 4% per Sale

Sleeping is the best way to remain fit and healthy. But, if you don’t have a cozy & comfortable bed, then you won’t get proper sleep. Join the sleep fitness movement with the Eight Sleep Fitness affiliate program. It offers the world’s best cooling and heating mattress with smart features. Promote the Pod Pro and accessories to earn commissions for helping others sleep well.

anabolic warfare logo

Anabolic Warfare

🤑 Commission: 10% – 20% per Sale

Established in 2015, Anabolic Warfare offers quality hardcore bodybuilding supplements with free shipping. The hardcore Anabolic Warfare affiliate program offers 20% for new customers and 10% for existing customers.

f45invest logo

F45 Invest

🤑 Commission: $1200 per Contract Won

F45 allows you to own a franchise anywhere across the world. It is the world’s fastest-growing franchise in the health and fitness industry. With F45’s innovative technology and global support, your clients will experience the taste of quality.

athleta logo


🤑 Commission: 1-2% per Sale

Athleta is a women’s yoga fitness clothing brand offering lightweight pants, bras, masks, and more. If you are looking for a fitness clothing affiliate program, then Athleta is your choice. Bring the change in someone’s life by promoting top-quality brands with Athleta affiliate programs. 

ashleespowers logo

Ashlee’s Powers

🤑 Commission: 15% per Sale

Ashlee’s Powers is a high-quality brand offering effective products at a reasonable price. You won’t find any additives, flavors, or unwanted ingredients. All the ingredients are added to meet consumers’ demands. Set the bar high with Ashlee’s Powers affiliate program which is one of the highest-paying fitness affiliate programs.

aurofitness logo

Auro Audio Fitness

🤑 Commission: $10 – $25 per Sale

Auro is a fitness app that offers over-the-edge training plans with the best content. You can search from over 11 categories like running, yoga, strength, rowing, etc. The app provides real-time metrics like heart rate, calories, and more. There are hundreds of video guides to help you tone your body the way you want. The Auro affiliate program is the #1 fitness app affiliate program.

bodyrocktv logo


🤑 Commission: 10% per Sale

Bodyrock affiliate program is another high-ticket fitness affiliate program offering 24-hour fitness coach and workout buddy. Promote Bodyrock equipment, bundles, boot camp, and nutrition guide & recipe books. 

cityrow logo


🤑 Commission: $150 per Sale

City Row presents a wonderful idea to remain fit with a rowing machine. The rowing machine is a high-intensity workout of legs, core, and arms. When rowing, your body consumes 84% of your muscles making it a full-body workout.

decathlon logo


🤑 Commission: 3% per Sale

Decathlon is a fitness clothing affiliate program with super-quality products to promote on the blog. It offers cardio fitness, bodybuilding, hiking, running, and more fitness products.

Dioxyme logo


🤑 Commission: 10% per Sale

Dioxyme is a best-selling supplement affiliate program with the right supplement for the right need. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, recover faster, or need athlete performance, you will get supplements as per your need.

fitness mentors logo

Fitness Mentors

🤑 Commission: 20% per Sale

If you want to become a certified trainer, then Fitness Mentors is the best place. It offers an online personal training certificate to make you stand out in the crowd. The world is moving towards virtualization, thus it allows grabbing virtual training certificates.

flexit fitness logo

Flexit Fitness

🤑 Commission: 20% per Sale

If you need virtual training for boxing, dance, pilates, cardio, or more, then Flexit Fitness is the right place. With the Flexit Fitness affiliate program, you can offer virtual training courses to your audiences, and earn high commissions. It is the best virtual training affiliate program.

fitreserve logo


🤑 Commission: $50 per Sale

FitReserve serves on-demand live workouts from the best studios and instructors. By promoting the FitReserve affiliate program, you earn commissions when a user purchases its membership. Users can work from anywhere with unlimited access to different classes.

ativafit logo


🤑 Commission: 5% per Sale

AtivaFit is a home exercise and fitness equipment affiliate program that brings the gym home. It provides top-class home equipment for strength and tone like dumbbells, cardio bikes, and yoga products.

chain reaction cycles logo

Chain Reaction Cycles

🤑 Commission: 3.5% per Sale

The best exercise to stay fit is cycling, and Chain Reaction Cycles knows it. It is the best online cycle store with over 500 brands like Nukeproof, Shimano, and more. There are various categories to shop from like bikes, components, tires, accessories, and more. Promote Chain Reaction Cycles on your blog and earn commissions on every sale.

bronson vitamins logo

Bronson Vitamins

🤑 Commission: 3% per Sale

Since 1960, Bronson Vitamins have been offering vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more for body immunity. Customers get 20% OFF on purchases of $55 or more. All special products are organic, and non-GMO with a one-year money-back guarantee. Bronson is the best vitamin affiliate program

bulletproof fitness logo

Bulletproof Fitness

🤑 Commission: $25 per subscription, 10% per Sale

Bulletproof Fitness offers group fitness and one-on-one consultation with a coach. The Bulletproof Fitness affiliate program is for those who are passionate about fitness. It is for you if you have a fitness blog or a fitness freak.

oncourtoffcourt logo

Oncourt Offcourt

🤑 Commission: 6% per Sale

If you are looking for a tennis hub, then Oncourt Offcourt is a super-fun place for you and your kids. Get an array of tennis balls and keep changing them. You will also get nets, training aids, ball machines, and more. So, now you can earn when someone plays tennis.

gainzbox logo

Gainz Box

🤑 Commission: 15% per Sale

Gainz Box delivers fitness to your doorstep with an easy membership. You only have to select an athlete profile, get the best fitness brands in one package, and earn points by filling out a survey on the box. Join the Gainz Box affiliate program and earn maximum commission.

horizon fitness logo

Horizon Fitness

🤑 Commission: 5% per Sale

Get durable, high-performance exercise equipment at your home by shopping at Horizon Fitness. Shop unique treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and rowers made to fit your space and comfortable. Join the Horizon Fitness affiliate program and offer your customers innovation in exercise.

issaonline logo


🤑 Commission: 7.5% per Sale, $10 per lead

ISSA is a personal trainer and fitness certification affiliate program. It delivers the world’s most successful fitness professionals in only four weeks or less. ISSA certification affiliate program pays commission to affiliates for successful lead generation and also for membership.

lifespanfitness logo

Lifespan Fitness

🤑 Commission: 6% per Sale

Wondering if you could exercise while working? Lifespan Fitness makes your workplace a gym without covering extra space. You could have bike desks, so you could sit comfortably, work, and keep your legs moving on the pedal. Working from home is cool with Lifespan Fitness smart gym equipment. Earn on every sale with the Lifespan Fitness affiliate program by sitting at home.

miniweight logo


🤑 Commission: 7% per Sale

Miniweight fat burner is 100% natural and vegan. The products are made from herbs like Cherry Hibiscus, mint Yuzu Basil, and Apple Chamomile. Earn a reasonable commission with Miniweight’s green affiliate program. Join the #1 herbal affiliate program right now.

mysweatspace logo


🤑 Commission: 4% per Sale

A mat is an essential requirement when exercising at home. Mysweatspace provides customized mats with sun damage protection and a 5 years guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it with a 30-day return policy. By joining the Mysweatspace affiliate program, you can offer your customers a mat with a better grip, more comfort, and safety.

myxfitness logo


🤑 Commission: $100 per Sale

Get the best in class professional grade bike at home and pay over time with MYXFitness. Other products include a heart rate monitor, weight set, kettlebell, stretch band, bike & activity mat, and foam roller. Start a change and provide your audience with fitness at home by joining the MYXFitness affiliate program.

ncsf logo


🤑 Commission: 20% per Sale

NCSF is a recognized fitness training certification providing an accredited professional trainer certificate. Appear for an online exam from home, pass it, and then move to advance NCSF programs. Join the NCSF affiliate program and earn money on successful registrations.

nautilus logo


🤑 Commission: 3% per Sale

The Nautilus affiliate program allows you to promote fitness equipment for home. Without ever going outside, people can reach their goals by pushing their limits. Customers can shop for upright bikes, treadmills, recumbent bikes, and ellipticals.

onnit logo


🤑 Commission: $10, 15% per Sale

The Onnit affiliate program offers everything in the fitness industry. It has supplements, Nutrition, men’s and women’s apparel, and more. Onnit is an all-in-one affiliate program with good commissions on a variety of products.

pvolve logo


🤑 Commission: $5, 10% per Sale

P.volve has some of the most amazing and cutting-edge equipment for better performance. It is a trusted brand by Forbes, Elle, Vogue, and more. If you want to evolve yourself with less pain, then P.Volve is worth it. Join the P.volve affiliate program to promote P.Ball, P.Band, and more.

physique57 logo


🤑 Commission: 10% per Subscription

Physique57 delivers virtual live classes on Instagram and on-demand. So, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, you can book a class and start exercising from anywhere. Physique57 affiliate program is a workout affiliate program for everybody.

playmakar logo


🤑 Commission: 10% per Sale

PlayMakar is a recovery and performance solution provider that reduces fatigue, boosts strength, and relieves pain. The MVP Percussion Massager is nominated as the best massager by Gadget Reviews. Join the PlayMakar affiliate program and offer your audiences a smarter gadget.

rootine logo


🤑 Commission: $50 per Sale

Rootine is a blood nutrient test examiner that helps you understand the root sources of poor sleep, weak immunity, and slow body growth. The test measures Biotin, Iron, Folate, Vitamins, and more. Join the Rootine affiliate program to earn money on every test taken by anyone.

tempofit logo


🤑 Commission: 5% per Sale

Tempo is an AI-powered gym that guides you on every workout. It is the first-ever AI-powered home gym and comes with $1000 in premium equipment. It has 3D sensors to capture every movement and then gives instant personalization improvement techniques. Tempo AI-powered affiliate program is one of its kind and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

the healthy man logo

The Healthy Man

🤑 Commission: 7.5% per Sale

The Healthy Man is a complete meal replacement that increases stamina, reduces belly, increases vitality, and more. The Healthy Man affiliate program is a good option to offer complete nutrition to your audiences.

the healthy mummy logo

The Healthy Mummy

🤑 Commission: 7.5% per Sale

The Healthy Mummy is a one-stop shop for various smoothies like caramel, double chocolate, espresso, salted, vanilla, and more. Give power to women with amazing products from The Healthy Mummy affiliate program. 

xterra fitness logo

XTERRA Fitness

🤑 Commission: 8% per Sale

XTERRA Fitness provides total body workout equipment for home, office, and gym. Get award-winning treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, seated steppers, and accessories. Offer your customers high-quality fitness equipment by joining the XTERRA Fitness affiliate program.

More Affiliate Programs To Look Out For In 2024


Do you have a health or fitness blog, or are you a trainer, or coach passionate about fitness?

If yes, then you should join the top and best health and fitness affiliate programs. You can provide your customers with the best fitness equipment, proteins, and clothing & gym accessories online.

I hope this article helps you to earn money online by monetizing your blog. With these fitness affiliate programs to promote on the blog, success is yours.

Till then...

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

Take Care Reborns

🌟 FAQs | Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

What are the best health and fitness affiliate programs in India?

You can join the best health and fitness affiliate programs from the list that I have curated in this post. Amazon Associates is one of the easiest and most popular affiliate programs in India. The program offers easy-to-promote tools and tracking features.

Is the Fitness niche good for affiliate marketing?

According to Statista, the fitness industry revenue is expected to grow by a CAGR of 24.15% by 2027. This means the fitness niche is an evergreen niche for affiliate marketers. If you are a fitness trainer or a health blogger, then this is the right time to start affiliate marketing in the fitness niche.