Can you believe that there are so many CBD affiliate programs to make money online?

Yes, there are numerous organic, pure, and high-paying CBD affiliate programs. CBD is now a well-known industry with various medical benefits. It helps you reduce pain, depression, and more without getting you high. CBD or Cannabidiol is a substance found in Cannabis and is expected to grow a lot in the coming years.

In 2020, the global CBD market cap was USD 2.8 billion. At present it is around USD 3.5 billion with an expected growth of 21.2%. This means the global market for CBD can reach USD 13.4 billion by 2028. (Source: Grand View Research)

With a huge surge in the CBD market, CBD health affiliate programs are a lucrative niche.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid compound that is found in cannabis plants found in central and south Asia. It is a psychoactive drug that has innumerable medical effects.

CBD has no side effects, the industry is more likely to have around  $22 billion worth of net profit by the end of this year i.e. 2022. Isn’t it breathtaking to invest your schedule in such a booming industry?

Experts say that the CBD industry will grow by $ 24 billion by 2023. CBD drugs are formulated in many products like vapes, oil, and also in gummies.

So let’s know more about the top 10 CBD Affiliate programs to promote on your blog or website for passive income.

Once you start promoting these CBD Affiliate programs and their brands, you will start earning commissions.

CBD is in high demand by young people. When you start promoting CBD affiliate programs, and when someone purchases the product using your affiliate link, you earn a commission. 

It is banned in many countries but now it is legal in the US.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD?

CBD is extracted from marijuana plants but does not get you high. CBD oil comprises cannabinoids extracted from cannabis plants along with coconut or hemp oil. Some major health benefits of CBD include:

  • Relief from pain
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • Side effects of Cancer can be reduced
  • Factors causing Acne can be treated
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Heart, blood pressure, circulation, and other health conditions can be improved.

Now that you are aware of CBD and its health benefits, let’s delve into the top-most lucrative CBD health affiliate programs.

List of Top-Paying CBD Affiliate Programs Of 2024

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pure hemp botanicals logo

Pure Hemp Botanicals

πŸ€‘ Commission: 40 – 60%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 90 days

Pure Hemp Botanicals has been in the CBD industry since 2015. The company produces CBD products for pure balance, sleep, harmony, immunity, and more. It is 100% risk-free and also offers free shipping on orders over $75.

strainz logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 40 – 60%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

Strainz is a well-known wellness brand that helps everyone in the family to live a healthy life. The company was founded in 2013 and provides 100% vegan, Gluten-free, and organically grown CBD oil.

hemptealicious logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 40 – 60%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

Hemptealicious uses the highest-quality, organically grown hemp with 6 delicious flavors. So, if you love a cup of tea and not coffee, then try the Hemptealicious delicious tea for healthy living.

healthworxcbd logo

Healthworx CBD

πŸ€‘ Commission: 40%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

Join the Healthworx CBD affiliate program and earn by referring others with your affiliate link. You can share the affiliate link via email, blog, or social media platforms.

wisdomessentials logo

Wisdom Essentials

πŸ€‘ Commission: 35%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

Wisdom Essentials specializes in enhanced CBD products to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety, and pain relief. If you want to get rid of sleepless nights, try Wisdom Essentials Dream CBD oil.

trythecbd logo

Try The CBD

πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

Try The CBD store offers two options to buy that include Full Spectrum CBD or Isolated (pure) CBD. For CBD users, there’s a Loyalty program to earn 2 points for every dollar spent. You can buy CBD oil, CBD Vape Cartridges, CBD Vape Oil, Crystals, and Shatter. By joining the Try The CBD affiliate program, you can earn by sharing affiliate links via blog, email, or social account.

r&r logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

There is a wide range of CBD products at R&R. People can shop for CBD creams, Gummies, Tinctures, Softgels, Pet products, and more. The company offers a full refund within 30 days of purchase if not satisfied. With the use of quality hemp, the results are awesome.

focl logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 45 days

FOCL provides plant-based remedies including CBD and other ingredients. It is one of the best CBD affiliate programs with high commissions, real-time reporting, and various promotional tools. Also, you get a dedicated affiliate manager to help you grow your affiliate business.

kiaranaturals logo

Kiara Naturals

πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 45 days

Kiara has crafted high-potency CBD products made in Switzerland. The company uses organic Swiss hemp tested in the lab by a third party. You can find a full range of CBD products like oil, pain relief & relax tincture,

originalhemp logo

Original Hemp

πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 90 days

Get all types of Gummies at Original Hemp including immune, relief, lemon drop, sweet nectar, and more. Original Hemp uses original formulas you won’t anywhere else with the highest-quality CBD extracts.

columbiacare cbd logo

Columbia Care

πŸ€‘ Commission: 15%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

Columbia Care is an industry-leading cannabis supplier giving easy access to patients in the US and around the world. Their own hemp CBD products are full spectrum, organic, and GMO-free. Join the Columbia Care affiliate program and promote the highest-quality hemp CBD products.

cbd biocare logo

CBD Biocare

πŸ€‘ Commission: 35%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 180 days

CBD Biocare offers you the highest quality product made up of medicinal hemp plants. The product contains natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other molecules which provide healthful benefits. The plants are organically and exclusively grown only in the USA. Products are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Soil is tested for every growing season so it’s rich and fertile. CBD Biocare has a full spectrum of CBD Oil, CBD pain relief, CBD skin care, CBD Pet care, and so on. If you are a health blogger and dream of extra income, CBD Biocare is the best platform.Β 

goatgrasscbd logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 35%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 60 days

Goat Grass CBD provides the highest quality of CBD oils, gummies, capsules, and topical alternatives. They have all cannabidiol and hemp-based products. It has a variety of products such as CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD Oil drops for Pets, CBD topicals, CBN and CBD oil drops, CBD Bath bombs, and CBD Capsules.Β This will be the perfect platform for those looking to become a better version of themselves.

cbdpureoils logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 40%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 90 days

CBDPure is run by local family farmers who live in Washington and Colorado. CBDPure has 90 days of money guaranteed on each product. CBDPure oils consist of non-GMO hemp-based plants. It’s 100% natural, and no additives or chemicals are involved.

Products involved are CBD oils, CBD Soft gels, pet products, and muscle and joint creams. CBDPure has been in the market for a long time and also provides you with the best platform for affiliate programs. So join today by filling out the form on its website.

hit!balm logo

Hit! Balm

πŸ€‘ Commission: 40%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 45 days

Hit! Balm is one of the CBD brands that specialize in CBD products blended with harm-free beeswax. The product is infused with several high-quality essential medicinal plants and Chinese herbs including hemp-based CBD. Hit! Balm is especially for relief in your hands. They have a variety of products such as gummies, oils, bath bombs, and so on. If you are looking for a high-quality CBD site at an affordable range this is perfect for you and also for your blog.

hempmypet logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 90 days

HempMyPet is a CBD affiliate program dedicated totally to pets. Those bloggers are involved in dog-related blogs so this CBD affiliate program is best for high-income profit. HempMy Pet has a variety of high-quality organic products such as hemp-infused olive oil, coconut oil, seed oil, Hemp dog treats, and much more.

pinnaclehemp logo

Pinnacle Hemp

πŸ€‘ Commission: 30%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 30 days

Pinnacle Hemp is a family business that started to help their daughter suffering from Epilepsy. They have the best-selling products and high quality named as Delta 9, Delta 8, HHC, THCO, and so on. The Pinnacle Hemp affiliate program is perfect to promote the new cannabinoids entering the market.

sevenpointscbd logo

Seven Points CBD

πŸ€‘ Commission: 25%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 60 days

Seven Points CBD is engaged for those people who have an active lifestyle and need relief with high-quality CBD products. So your finding is over now. This CBD is based in California and has a range of products such as tinctures, gummies, gel caps, infused honey, and so on.

joy organics logo

Joy Organics

πŸ€‘ Commission: 25%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 60 days

Joy Organic is a rapidly growing CBD company with USDA-certified organic full and broad-spectrum CBD Tinctures. They have best-selling CBD products of gummies, softgels, salves, and oils. For new beginners, this CBD affiliate program is a lifesaver.

cbd essence logo

CBD Essence

πŸ€‘ Commission: 40%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 180 days

CBD Essence is the leading and trusted small-batch company. The products include capsules, tinctures, topicals, taffy, vape, and CBD for pets. It is the best Affiliate program for the blogger. So join today.

cbdsavage logo


πŸ€‘ Commission: 35%

βŒ› Cookie duration: 60 days

CBDSavage has top-quality, lab-tested, natural alternatives at very affordable rates. It is the leading company in this era that provides retail and wholesale opportunities. Products include oils, edibles, topicals, vape juice, tinctures, CBD for pets, and many more. If you are a pet blog this is the best platform to attract customers quickly for their affordable price.


With the rise of the CBD market, there is an unexpected growth in the CBD affiliate programs. Pick out the best CBD health affiliate programs from the list and start making money online.

I hope the list of high-paying CBD health programs helped you choose the right offer.

Do visit AffReborn for more such high-paying affiliate programs.

Till then…

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

Take Care Reborns

🌟 FAQs | Best CBD Affiliate Programs

What is a CBD affiliate?

An affiliate marketer that promotes CBD health affiliate programs is known as a CBD affiliate.

How to promote CBD affiliate programs?

Some CBD affiliate programs allow you to promote their offers on social media platforms like Meta (previously Facebook) and Instagram. While top-paying CBD affiliate programs allow you to promote their offers on a blog or website along with social media platforms.

Which is the best CBD affiliate program?

Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD affiliate program is the best and high-paying affiliate program. The cookie duration is also high 90 days. With a 90-day referral period, you won’t miss your leads even if they leave at first instance.

How much do CBD affiliates make?

CBD affiliates can earn online by promoting a range of CBD products ranging from 15% up to 60%. Pure Hemp Botanicals, Strainz pays up to 60% for each sale made. While other CBD programs like Columbia Care pay their affiliates 15% per referral.

How can I make money with CBD affiliate programs?

The CBD market is growing with a market cap of around USD 3.5 billion and is expected to increase by a whopping 21.2% in the coming years. With such a huge market, affiliates can make a lot of money with the best CBD affiliate programs around the world.

How To Join the Columbia Care Affiliate Program?

To join the Columbia Care affiliate program, click on the link, create your account at Impact, and start promoting on your blog, social media, email, etc.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in the USA, India, and other countries with some terms and conditions. One of them is that it should not contain 0.3% of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in the CBD oil.