Cryptocurrency promotions have been banned by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But, there are Crypto ad networks to target millions around the world. So, if you are a publisher, then you are likely to earn a lot with best crypto ad networks.

If you are a publisher, then you should join the top Crypto ad networks. You can monetize your crypto site traffic to earn money online.

You can earn by promoting these ad networks on your blog by writing reviews, or placing banners. If you have a targeted traffic, then any crypto ad network would love to partner with you. 

Some Cryptocurrency advertising networks also offer referral commissions. So, if you join their network, you earn a flat commission for lifetime. 

List of 13 best Crypto Advertising Platforms

1. CoinZilla

Join CoinZilla crypto ads platform and get the exposure you need for your project. Publishers can earn more from their website by displaying crypto and finance ads. 


  • Variety of ad formats to monetize website like native, banner, and more.
  • 99% fill rate guaranteed regardless of the traffic location.
  • Multiple payment methods supported like bank transfer, bitcoin, and Ethereum.
  • Supports CPM model.
  • High-quality banners so your users won’t fade away.
  • Payments are made daily keeping the cash flowing always.

2. Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon is the first DeFi ad platform. It is a Blockchain advertising platform for advertisers and publishers.


  • Peer-to-peer advertising network. 
  • There are no contracts, no strict code to insert into your website.
  • Get paid instantly using smart contracts and Ethereum.
  • Set prices on your own having complete control over CPM rates.
  • 0% commission is charged to you for your sales.
  • No privacy violation.

3. BitMedia

Bitmedia is a secure and flexible Bitcoin advertising network for publishers and advertisers. It supports high-performing ad formats like display ads, videos ads, and rich media.


  • Publishers can withdraw payments at any time any moment freely.
  • Conversion-focused ad formats help you maximize revenues.
  • Get high commissions by promoting bitcoin ads.
  • Start monetizing your website within minutes after registration.
  • Supports both CPC and CPM models.

4. Adshares

Adshares connects publishers and advertisers with ADS Blockchain technology. Publishers can easily monetize their website with any content on any device. 


  • Publishers can monetize adblock traffic with Adshares decentralized ad servers.
  • It is an open ecosystem eliminating the middleman between the advertisers & publishers. This would result in lower commissions.
  • Payments are processed every hour from advertisers to publishers.
  • Even if you have a low traffic website, you can join Adshares decentralized advertising network.

5. Adconity

Adconity is a cryptocurrency and Blockchain advertising platform with competitive pricing. If you want to monetize your site effortlessly, then Adconity is the choice.


  • Earn money for every valid click from your niche website.
  • Get the highest bidding ads to increase your revenue.
  • Create text or banner ad codes and place them on your website effortlessly.
  • Get paid instantly with Bitcoin.
  • Filter out competitor ads and get the most out of it.

6. Coinverti

Coinverti is one of the most powerful cryptocurrency advertising networks. It offers a variety of ad formats for publishers and advertisers. Over 500+ websites trust Coinverti for its services since 2017.


  • Grab visitors’ attention using various ad formats like Native, In-feed, and Pop-under.
  • Anti-fraud protection that helps prevent bot traffic.
  • Real-time reports to monitor and analyze your performance over time.


A-Ads is the first crypto and bitcoin advertising network where you can choose your advertising package. 


  • Easily integrate html code into your website or app.
  • If you refer others, then you can earn up to 10% referral commissions.
  • Every ad is moderated manually.

8. Cointraffic

Cointraffic is trusted by many big crypto companies making it a leading crypto and bitcoin advertising network. 


  • Drive targeted audience with multiple ad formats like banner, native, and press release distribution.
  • Anti-fraud solution to fight against spam and bot traffic.
  • Leading crypto ad network with targeted audience.
  • Performance reports that can be monitored daily.

9. Bitraffic

Bitraffic is a cryptocurrency tracker that shows the price, market cap, and more for bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


  • It shows accurate and precise live prices for top crypto exchanges worldwide.
  • Get detailed insights into 2100+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Check the latest cryptocurrency and Blockchain related events and keep yourself updated.

10. AdEx

AdEx unlike other advertising platforms is an instant revenue generator for publishers. You can start earning with the very first impression. 


  • Set your own inventory without any charges and add more to your revenue.
  • A secure platform that eliminates middleman and fraud ads.
  • There is no withdrawal threshold, so you can withdraw instantly.
  • You have complete control over your ad space.

11. CoinAd

By joining CoinAd crypto advertising network, you can run ads for targeted audience. You can monetize your website by rendering ads from the highest bidders.


  • Easy to start an advertising campaign in under two minutes.
  • CPC and CPM models with 24/7 online support.
  • Target audience on any device including both desktop and mobile.
  • By sharing your PR story like a guest post, you can reach a targeted audience.

12. Mellows Ads

Mellow Ads is a simple bitcoin banner and pop-under advertising network. It is an overwhelming bitcoin advertising network with over 8.2 B impressions served in a month.


  • There is no contract or setup fees. 
  • Geo-targeting helps you target an audience specific to any country or region.
  • Get instant statistics with metrics like view, clicks, pops, and more.
  • CPM and CPC campaign models.

13. AdBit

AdBit is a Blockchain empowered advertising network that provides high efficiency. Its smart bidding system among other unique features make it unique.


  • Instant account activation and delivery of high ads.
  • Using filter settings, you can have control over your ads.
  • Automatic payments based on current market prices. 

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How to run ads for crypto?

First, you need to learn about the crypto industry. Gain some knowledge and start sharing it with others. The best way is to start a blog and write crypto niche articles. Once you start gaining momentum, join crypto ad networks. Upon approval, you can run crypto ads on your blog and make good commissions.

Is crypto niche good for affiliate marketing?

Cryptocurrencies are now legal in major countries like the US. Even in India, the Income-Tax Department have come up with crypto advertising regulations such as TDS. Even though crypto is a highly volatile market, it is still the most trending niche. You can join the cryptocurrency ads network or affiliate programs and make money.

How to choose the best ad network?

Before joining any crypto advertising company, read its payment terms and conditions. Look out for the commissions paid and read the ad network reviews on different forums. Once you ensure that the platform is legit, then join it and promote different crypto-related offers.

Conclusion: Should You Join The Best Crypto Ad Exchange Networks?

Bitcoin is a digital currency expanding at a huge price. According to some experts, it is predicted to reach $1000,000 in 2025, so its worth investing.

Bitcoin is growing every year, so if you want to earn from it, join the top Blockchain and crypto ad networks.

Happy earnings!

Till then..

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

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