How To Get Rank Math Content AI Credits Free 750/Month For Lifetime?

Do you want to start a blog in 2024 and are looking for an AI tool to write content for you on autopilot?

You have a jackpot! Rank Math Content AI can greatly help you start your blogging journey with AI SEO features for free.

Hi! I am Abizer Izzy – a blogging freak, and in this post, I will show you how to use Rank Math content AI to generate SEO-friendly articles.

Rank Math Content AI credits are now free for every free user. You will now get 750 free credits in your wallet each month. It’s up to you to use it or leave it. Let’s explore the Rank Math Pro plugin and its AI SEO features.

Rank Math Introduction

Rank Math is the best and #1 SEO plugin for WordPress. Now the plugin has extended AI SEO features that allow anyone to generate AI content inside the WordPress dashboard.

How to get the Content AI credits?

  • To use the AI SEO features, users need to sign up for a free Rank Math account.
  • If you have already registered, update Rank Math to the latest version
  • Finally, enable the Content AI feature inside the WordPress dashboard and head over to the WordPress post editor.

This is not clickbait and let me show you the exact email that I received from Rank Math.

rank math content ai credits free email

How to leverage Rank Math Content AI credits for free?

Content AI by Rank Math provides a gamut of features to write SEO-friendly features. With the AI SEO features, you no longer need other SEO tools. Whether you want to write an article from scratch or write meta descriptions, Content AI has it all.

You can also do some keyword research and optimize the article for more than one keyword. All of this for free! Let’s explore 40+ AI tools offered by Rank Math to create more effective SEO-optimized articles.

Before we dive into the set of features, let me show you how to get 750 free credits.

How to get Rank Math Content AI credits for free?

Step 1: Head over to the Rank Math SEO section and enable the Content AI feature.

rank math dashboard

Step 2: Click on the Settings option and scroll down at the bottom where you can see the total number of credits left this month. Simply click the refresh icon and the 750 free credits will be updated in your account. Click on Save Changes.

rank math content ai credits free

Accessing the Content AI features

Go to Post > Add New and on the top, click on Content AI next to Rank Math. You will see 750 credits updated for free. You can now start writing from scratch by accessing AI tools or starting a chat with Rank Bot.

accessing rank math content ai free credits

Rank Bot

The free Rank Bot feature is accessible only once in the free version. To get more sessions, you need to upgrade and buy more Content AI credits.

You can either enter a prompt in the search box or access the Prompts Library with 125+ ready-made prompts.

rank bot

How to use prompts in the library?

Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t provide this feature. But when you upgrade, you will have access to the prompts. This minimizes the cumbersome task of entering prompts. Once you have access to the prompts library, you will see prompts on the left side. You can select any prompt and get the answers just like Chatgpt. 

rank bot prompts library

Why not Chatgpt?

Chatgpt does not have WordPress integration, whereas Rank Bot is available inside your WordPress editor. This saves you time in copying and pasting.

AI Tools

Rank Math offers a complete set of AI tools to generate content simply by entering prompts and choosing some options. You need to write in short what you need, select a language, audience, tone, and style. Click on Generate and the output will be displayed. You can reduce the output to 1 or increase the output above 5.

How to write a blog post using Rank Math Content AI credits for free?

Method 1:

If you are starting from scratch, choose the Blog post Idea to generate the topic for your blog post. Then generate the outline, introduction, conclusion, and description for each outline.

Method 2:

If you have done the topic research, you can skip the Blog Post Idea and generate the outline, introduction, and conclusion. You can then get the description for all the outlines one by one.

How to fix grammatical errors?

You no longer need to buy or install any grammar apps like Grammarly. Rank Math Content AI offers a free grammar checker tool. 

Go to the Fix Grammar option and enter the text you want to check for grammatical mistakes in the text field. Click on generate and you will get the rectified text which is error-free.

fix grammar using rank math content ai

Note: For each word, one Content AI credit will be used.

How to Generate OpenGraph Meta Tag for Social Media Posts?

An OpenGraph meta tag is just like an SEO meta tag. The difference is that OpenGraph is used by social media platforms to extract the data of the posts shared on social media.

You can now generate an OpenGraph meta tag using Rank Math Content AI. 

Step 1: Click on the Rank Math icon and then click on the Edit snippet.

opengraph using rank math content ai step1

Step 2: Select the Social tab and click on either Facebook or Twitter. You can upload a different image or use the featured image.

opengraph using rank math content ai step2

Step 3: Click on Generate with AI and the Content AI tool will generate the topic and description for you. It’s that easy!

opengraph using rank math content ai step3

To get more OpenGraph ideas, click on the Generate more button. Remember, your credits will be utilized based on the number of words generated.

What Else Can I Do With Free Rank Math Content AI Credits?

Rank Math Content AI is an ocean full of precious AI tools that no other SEO plugin in the world offers to its customers for free.

You can generate:

  • Product description, 
  • Instagram caption, 
  • YouTube video script & description,
  • Tweet reply,
  • Facebook Comment & Reply,
  • Email Reply,
  • Podcast Episode outline,
  • AIDA style content
  • IDCA style content
  • PAS style content
  • HERO style headline
  • SPIN style content
  • BAB style content
  • Prepare a recipe
  • Freeform writing
  • And a lot more than you can think of!


I am very happy and would like to thank Rank Math for offering free credits each month. These free Content AI credits will be of great help to bloggers and writers like me.

To get more Rank Math Content AI credits, upgrade your plan and enjoy SEO-friendly content written by AI.

Want to learn the basics of SEO?

Grab the Rank Math SEO Course and learn SEO to scale and improve your site ranking on Google.

Till then…

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

Take Care Reborns

🌟 FAQs | Rank Math Content AI Credits

Is Rank Math Content AI credits free?

Rank Math is offering 750 Content AI credits free.

How are credits deducted from my account?

For every word count, one credit is utilized and for each keyword research or content refresh, 500 credits are utilized.

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