Securing your devices like computers, phones, and tablets is essential and requires Antivirus software. If you are a blogger who talks about software, then here are the best Antivirus affiliate programs to make money online.

Users install Antivirus so their computer is protected against viruses and malware. Though some Antivirus tends to block unwanted apps, this is only for users’ protection. 

The market cap of Antivirus in India is expected to grow by USD 87.58 million between 2022-2026. (Source:prnewswire)

antivirus market india

The number of mobile users has increased and so has the demand for Antivirus. With so many best Antivirus affiliate programs, it is time to make some money online.

Why Do You Need Antivirus Software?

  • Protects your device from the transfer of viruses.
  • Blocks pop up ads that are sometimes harmful and spam.
  • Defenses your device from hackers and snoopers looking to steal your data.
  • Detects virus from removable devices such as USB and protects your device.
  • Scans your device for harmful files and data entering your system.
  • Frees up the disc space and increases the overall performance of your device.
  • A firewall with antivirus software protects against phishing attacks.

List of Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs Of 2024

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amazon logo

Amazon Associates

🤑 Commission: 1-10% per sale

Cookie Period: 24 hours

Amazon is the easiest Antivirus affiliate program to join and make money online. With a few steps, you can join Amazon Associates and start promoting antivirus software. 

With the Stripe link generator, you can share the antivirus product affiliate links on social media or blog. 

Whatever sources you use to promote Amazon products, just make sure you add those in the settings. 

mackeeper logo


🤑 Commission: 55% per sale

Cookie Period: 180 days

Mackeeper is a dedicated Antivirus for Mac users. You can monetize Mac traffic by prompting Mackeeper to Mac users. 

While Mac users secure their devices, you make money. The commissions are also high, so you can make money on new purchases and renewals. 

The payout terms are flexible and with a high 180-day cookie lifetime. You have a dedicated affiliate manager and promotional materials to help you make more money. 

You can join the Mackeeper affiliate program on the best CPA affiliate network Impact Radius.

kaspersky logo


🤑 Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Period: 60 days

Join the free Kaspersky affiliate program and earn high commission rates on qualified sales. Avast is a leader in security solutions and joining this program will help you grow your website traffic. 

You can join the Kaspersky affiliate program on CJ Affiliate and access all the promotional materials. All the commissions on Kaspersky product sales will be paid by CJ Affiliate every month. 

bullguard logo


🤑 Commission: 35% per sale

Cookie Period: 60 days

Bullguard is an Antivirus as well as a VPN service provider. It provides complete internet security solutions. It is therefore regarded as one of the best antivirus affiliate programs. 

With over 19+ years of experience in internet security, Bullguard is the best internet security affiliate program. But it is only for serious affiliate marketers who like to talk about internet security services Antivirus or VPN.

The Bullguard antivirus has some amazing features like dynamic machine learning and the latest multi-layered protection. Being a Bullguard affiliate, you can offer your readers a 14-day free trial. 

securemac logo


🤑 Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Period: 30 days

As an affiliate and webmaster, you can promote SecureMac’s Macintosh security software. Only verified affiliates are allowed to promote the SecureMac affiliate program. 

The Securemac affiliate program is run and managed by Impact Radius. At Impact, you will find all the promotional materials you need for SecureMac. 

Promotional materials like banner ads, text links, and more are present. So, if you run a security services blog, then join the SecureMac affiliate program and make money online.

nortonlifelock logo

Norton Lifelock

🤑 Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Period: 60 days

Identity theft is a big cybersecurity concern, especially on Holidays and big events. Most individuals are concerned about their identity being stolen by cybercriminals. 

This gives you the best chance to promote the Norton Lifelock affiliate program. Norton is a leading identity theft protection service provider.

In one step, you can join the Lifelock affiliate program and start promoting its high-creative products. On every successful Lifelock purchase, you earn a commission. 

mcafee logo


🤑 Commission: $20 per sale

Cookie Period: 7 days

McAfee is one of the most popular software offering industry-leading security solutions. It is owned by Intel Corporation which is the largest security company in the world. 

With over 30 years of experience in security services, McAfee is the best product to offer your customers. 

You can join the McAfee affiliate program on either FlexOffers or Impact Radius. You can join this security affiliate program by clicking the button below. 

trendmicro logo

Trend Micro

🤑 Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Period: 30 days

Trend Micro offers small and medium business products. You can join the Trend Micro affiliate program and recommend its award-winning SMB & home security solutions. 

You can promote:

  • Worry-Free Business Security Services, Standard, and Advanced
  • Trend Micro Titanium™ Internet Security
  • Trend Micro Titanium™ Maximum Security

When your commission equals or exceeds $50, then you get paid via check. Simply fill up the form and get approved to start earning via Impact. 

bitdefender logo


🤑 Commission: 20%-50% per sale

Cookie Period: 30 days

Bitdefender is a total security, internet, and antivirus provider. By promoting Bitdefender security products, you can earn a commission when someone buys with your unique tracking link. 

You can also place Bitdefender banners on your blog and on purchasing, users will get an instant 10% OFF. 

avast logo


🤑 Commission: 55% per sale

Cookie Period: 180 days

Join the Avast affiliate program to grow your antivirus business with high commissions. It’s easy to join and get approved by filling out a form right away. 

You get lots of banners and text links to help you promote Avast the way you want it. To help you more, you receive promotions, exclusive offers, newsletters, and campaigns. 

When you grow your sales and become a top-tier affiliate, you earn special rewards. To join the Avast affiliate program, you need to join the CJ Affiliate CPA network. 

More Affiliate Programs To Look Out For:


Security is a big concern for everyone. Whether a desktop or a mobile user, everyone is concerned about security. 

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer looking to make some money with a security affiliate program, then this post is for you. 

Join from the list of updated security & antivirus affiliate programs and make money online.

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🌟 FAQs | Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs

Which affiliate network is the Avast Affiliate Program a part of?

Avast affiliate program is available at CJ Affiliate. You can sign up at CJ and upon approval start promoting the Avast Antivirus affiliate program. CJ is one of the best CPA affiliate networks that offers all kinds of promotional materials.

Can I promote Avast products via paid search?

Whenever you promote any affiliate program via paid search, you should read the terms carefully. There are certain keywords that you cannot bid for as these are restricted by the company. If you still bid on the restricted keywords, you won’t get your commissions paid. So, you can promote Avast antivirus affiliate programs via paid search but first read the policy.

What is McAfee’s affiliate program?

The McAfee affiliate program is the best-in-class security solutions provider. By joining this program, you get in-depth promotional materials and incentives. You can make money by earning commissions on every sale made through your affiliate link.

What is the best antivirus for PCs?

The list of Antivirus affiliate programs mentioned in this post are the best antivirus for PCs. The list contains security solutions for Windows, Mac, Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.