Do you often lose your customers due to poor marketing? Constant Contact review will reveal the importance of email marketing so you could grow your contact list with automation.

Constant Contact is a powerful email marketing tool to scale your business by investing less.

Email is a mandatory meal for everyone and a study shows that 98.4 % of customers go through their inbox daily. But how to reach customers’ inbox effectively?

Therefore, connecting with customers at the door which they open daily is a smart choice. But this requires automation to handle large customer databases.

This is where Constant Contact plays a vital role and therefore the most effective email marketing tool for conversion and boosting ROI.

And you would be amazed to know that it delivers a whopping $38 for $1 ROI.

In Constant Contact Review, I will show its pricing & features, so read till the end if you want to execute powerful email campaigns.

Constant Contact Introduction


For 2 decades, Constant Contact has been serving its customers with powerful email marketing tools.

It has taken measure steps in email marketing to help small businesses succeed. Therefore, it is regarded as a paramount expert surpassing all other email marketing platforms including MailChimp and others.

Effective email marketing requires on-time email deliverability, mobile-optimized templates, and easy to edit functionality.

Constant Contact email templates save your time as you can hand-pick a template of your choice and start editing.

You don’t have to stress yourself with long lines of coding. Whether you are an eCommerce, Real estate, or any industry, you can instantly get your emails delivered with the finest templates to soothe your customers.

If you are a WordPress user then Constant Contact WordPress plugin can be easily installed.

Email marketing is all about automation to reach out to your audience at the right time with less effort.

Let us dive into the features to understand how Constant Contact email marketing helps build your business and boost ROI.

Breathtaking Features

It is no rocket science to manage your email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact offers impressive features that are not only easy to use but make you a pro in creating your email marketing campaigns.

Choose a plan and get the first month free to use.

Underlying are the features that will take your breath away.

Drag & Drop Editor

With drag & drop editor, you can customize your email templates like a pro with a snap.

Create professional emails that look perfect on any device. All the templates are mobile-responsive.

Awe your visitors with beautifully crafted email templates in your niche.

Increase Audience Engagement

Email automation helps you keep your audience engaged and drive more sales. This helps you earn your audiences’ trust and build strong relationships.

Automation helps you greet new subscribers with a welcome email on a timely basis.

Based on users’ behavior, a series of emails can be triggered.

You can segment your contact list so the right emails are sent to the right people every time.

Identify who all didn’t open your emails and resend them automatically.

Increase your reach to a global audience with list building tools.

Grow your online store

With email automation, you can grow your eCommerce business by finding new users and keep them engaged to your door for more.

The key to success for eCommerce is staying connected with the customers and email marketing helps you greatly.

Turn your leads into subscribers and potential buyers by segmenting emails.

Contact Management

You can easily import your contact list using Constant Contact powerful email marketing tool.

Emails that get bounced or unsubscribed by the customers are automatically updated so you could identify the reasons.

Using an email list-building tool you can add new customers from FB on your site.

Do you know only 77% of emails hit customers’ inboxes?

But with Constant Contact, the email hit rate grows to 98%.

Real-time Tracking

If you use normal email services, you cannot identify the click rate, open rate, and email sharing.

But with Constant Contact email marketing service, you can track them all in real-time.This helps you focus on the weak areas to improve your campaign performance.

You can post your emails automatically to your social contacts on fingertips.

If you want your email marketing campaign to be effective, you can segment the content and deliver relevant content based on users’ behavior.

Connect Beyond Imagination

Email marketing automation allows you to connect with your customers and keep them engaged in modern ways. This could be offering coupons, asking for donations, or filling up surveys.

You can schedule your emails with auto mode thereby reducing your manual work so you could focus on business growth.

Using Eventbrite integration you can create events and ask your customers to participate in it.

If you want to grow your contact list, you can design signup forms that are proven to be effective.

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact customer service helps you choose the right plan according to your email marketing needs.

Its support is available via a phone call from Monday- Saturday or live chat from Monday-Friday.

There are three plans to choose from based on your email marketing needs.

constant contact review

Lite: This plan starts at $5/month and allows up to 10,000 email sends per month. It also includes 500 MB file storage, easy to customize templates, eCommerce oriented, only 1 user login, and more.

Email: This plan starts at $20/month and allows unlimited email sends per month with more storage. One advance feature with this plan is that it resends an email to customers who haven’t open their emails.

Email Plus: If you want all the advanced email marketing features to drive massive sales then choose this plan.

It starts at $45/month with all the features to take your business to the next level.

Constant Contact sign up with any plan offers a two month free trial.

Constant Contact vs MailChimp

The most important factor of an email marketing platform is its support and clearly, Constant Contact wins over MailChimp.

MailChimp support sucks whereas Constant Contact support team is amazing and they even give you a call when you sign up.

Conclusion: Is Constant Contact Free?

You can get a free 60-day trial on each of the plans but not for a lifetime. So, enjoy the features free for 60 days as per the plan you have chosen.

With an automated email marketing platform, you can manage your email marketing campaigns at a breeze.

I hope Constant Contact review was helpful for your email marketing needs. Please do share with us your thoughts on Constant Contact review in the comment box.

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