8 Best CPL Affiliate Networks (Pay-Per-Lead) In 2024

Are you looking to earn online only by getting leads/clicks? If yes, then read this article that shows the best CPL affiliate networks or Pay-Per-Lead networks. Join right now and earn money online to generate leads.

Many advertisers are looking to generate leads and then convert them into potential buyers. So, they ask customers to fill up a simple form with information like name, email, address, etc. 

After a lead is generated by any blogger, affiliate marketer, or publisher, they contact the customer.  So, when the lead is confirmed, the advertiser pays the publisher a minimum of $1 to $5 per lead.

So, as an affiliate marketer, generating leads and earning a minimum of $1 per lead is always welcomed. But, not many marketers love it.

The reason most marketers don’t like the idea of earning with CPL affiliate networks is due to the low commission rate. But, if you are a novice, then joining reputed CPL affiliate networks is a smart way of earning passive online income.

How is CPL calculated?

CPL = (Total Ad Spend/ Total Attributed Leads)

In CPL, the commission paid by the advertiser is fixed, unlike the CPA and CPS commission models. 

CPL requires lead generation in the form of email confirmation, subscription single opt-in, or double opt-in.

List of Best CPL Affiliate Networks Of 2024

partners.house logo

1. Partners.House – Best performing CPL affiliate network

Webmasters and Media buyers can join Partners.House for free with no minimum traffic requirement. After signing up, you choose different payment methods for weekly payouts. The minimum payout is $50.

There are 4 ad formats including Native, Push notification, In-page, and On click. All ad formats have high engagement and work seamlessly on both Mobile and Desktop devices. Support for all modern OS and browsers ensures ads are displayed responsively and clutter-free. Partners.House works on RevShare, CPC, and CPL payment models.

There are two verticals to choose including Adult and Mainstream. You can choose the vertical at the time of adding your site. You can still monetize your landing page even if you don’t have a site.

For any assistance, you can chat with the support team via Skype or Telegram. Alternatively, you can send an email.

mylead logo

2. MyLead

Don’t want to leave home? MyLead is a comprehensive platform to earn money from home using the internet. No special skills or investment is needed. Simply join the programs and start promoting them on blogs or social media.

Join MyLead for free and choose any program from any category. If you find it difficult to choose a program, then their team will help you. When you promote your affiliate link and someone clicks on it to download or buy a product, you get a commission. Once, your commission is locked, you get paid via any payment methods supported in their system.

MyLead supports different models like CPL, CPA, CPS, PPI, SMS, IVR, SMS Chat, and SmartLinks. There are thousands of best affiliate campaigns to make a sheer amount of money. 

For any assistance and training, you can go through the blog, built-in-forum, and mobile app for Android and iOS. 

Every publisher gets a simplified dashboard to join and manage affiliate programs. MyLead collects useful data regarding your promotion. You can receive notifications regarding your performance with detailed reports, SMS notifications, and pop-up notifications. 

Take a look at the publisher dashboard where you can choose any category of affiliate programs.

leadbit logo

3. Leadbit

Leadbit is one of the top CPA affiliate networks for advertisers with offers in a wide range of verticals. It has over 50 offices located around the globe with the highest payouts in multiple verticals. The top-paying verticals include COD, Trials, 1-click flow, and more.

A team of 400 professionals sitting in Moscow and thousands more around the world work closely with publishers. You get exclusive tools for improving your performance like real-time reports, TDS and API, banner rotator, and free translation.

Publishers joining Leadbit get many advantages. It provides top offers by advertisers directly. Publishers receive net 7-day payment via PayPal, wire, Paxum, Webmoney, ePayments, and more. If you join top-performing verticals like Nutra, Dating, Finance, and more, then you could earn like a pro.

crakrevenue logo

4. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue has 10+ years of experience in affiliate marketing offering the highest-paying affiliate programs. It is the best innovative CPA network and has earned 5th position as the Best CPA Networks 2019.

To analyze your campaign performance, you get detailed reports with statistics and crucial data. There are hundreds of top-converting offers with customized landing pages.

The reports can be viewed on any device as it is fully responsive. Doesn’t matter where you are, you can access detailed information anytime you want. With its self-serve feature, you can create and manage trackers, and postbacks and access a knowledge base for any information.

admitad logo

5. Admitad

Admitad has the best and largest pool of over 1700 advertisers. Brands like Myntra, Agoda, Samsung, Mama Earth, Lenovo, Oyo, AliExpress, and more advertise their products. It gives a good opportunity for publishers to earn money online by monetizing their site traffic.

Publishers can withdraw their earnings easily via direct bank accounts, Payoneer, WebMoney, and PayPal. If you are a novice taking a new step into the affiliate world, then Admitad Academy will help you step-by-step to earn money. You can learn the basics of how to promote a product, and build strategies. 

There are several tools to ease your journey and make the most out of it. With graphical reports showing detailed metrics, and automated workflows, you have everything in control. The advertiser quality control ensures that the advertisers make payments to publishers on time unless anything is unacceptable.

There is a support team available 24/7 to help you with all the issues. Should you face any technical or non-technical issues, you can access live support.

adcombo logo

6. AdCombo

AdCombo is a leading CPA affiliate network in India offering tons of offers in more than 12 verticals. There are low-competition GEOs with COD conversion schemes that result in massive ROI in any niche.

You can integrate affiliate tracking software like AdsBridge, or Voluum for extensive performance reporting. There is no need to design a landing page, as you can find pre-made templates for promotional needs. 

All affiliates could get translated versions of promotional content in over 40 languages for as low as $0.03 per word. Even though you might be a new affiliate, you can always ask for help from the affiliate managers to make your way to success.

There isn’t any delay in the payments as the payments get processed twice a week. Payments are made via PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, ePayments, Webmoney, and Wire but the minimum threshold amount should be $50 for withdrawal. With the campaigns feature, you are allowed to combine several offers in one tracking link.

mobolead logo

6. MoboLead

MoboLead is a leading adult traffic affiliate network offering CPA, CPI, CPS, and CPL offers. Publishers get paid daily, or weekly as per request with flexible payment methods. Over 2000+ exclusive high payout campaigns are available to choose from, so make more money.

All the campaign offers that you run can be tracked in real time with detailed statistics. You won’t miss a lead and once the payment is locked, you get it on time. For any assistance, publishers can contact the support team available on 7/7. 

MoboLead believes in technology at first and therefore provides high-quality features. This includes specialized targeting, performance statistics, anti-fraud detection, and automation.

Whether your target audience is Android mobile phones or Mac desktops, campaigns are built for every device. If you want to get started, then simply create your account with the correct information, and talk to any of the affiliate managers. Once approved, start making money with automation.

imocash logo

7. Imocash

Imocash can help you maximize your revenue with some of the hottest offers in the market. Some amazing features at Imocash to make cash include:

  • It is a self-serve platform or can be managed platform.
  • Advance filter options to target specific audiences on specific devices resulting in high conversion.
  • Tracking tools help you track the performance of each campaign. So, by finding out the flaws, you can build new strategies.
  • You will find high-converting products in the hottest verticals so make more money.
affilight logo

8. Affilight

If you are looking to monetize site traffic with mobile web and in-app advertising, then Affilight is the best choice. It offers flexible pricing models for CPM, CPA, and Rev-share up to 80%, hence focusing on growing revenue for publishers.

Over 190+ countries and international offers give publishers global coverage. By referring others to Affilight, publishers can earn a 5% referral bonus for a lifetime. All the offers are selected considering no fraud policy by using fraud detection tools. Hence, it ensures safe ads and high conversions.

For any queries, you can contact the support team that pays attention to every issue. If you use its smart calculator, then you can get estimated income. Simply select the country, Ad inventory, Device, and Traffic type.


I hope my list of the best CPL affiliate networks has helped you find the right platform. Keep visiting my blog to look out for more affiliate networks and affiliate programs to make money online.

Till then…

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🌟 FAQs |  Best CPL Affiliate Networks

Can I join CPL affiliate networks for free?

You do not need to spend money from your credit card or PayPal account to join CPL affiliate networks as these are completely free.

Which CPL affiliate programs should I join?

Niches such as education and finance work best for CPL affiliate programs. Mainstream and Adult offers to pay high commissions.

Is there a minimum payout?

CPL networks like Partners.House have a minimum payout of $50.

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