17 Best Education Affiliate Programs In 2024 For Educators

The online education market in India itself is going to grow to 360.3 billion by 2024. The growth rate expansion is at a CAGR of ~43.85% during the 2019-2024 period. (Source: BusinessWire)

Hi! I am Abizer Izzy and in this post, I want to help newbie affiliate marketers to make money with affiliate programs in the education niche. These are similar to the Book affiliate programs. I want to let you know that I ordered a book on Amazon recently – “Attitude Is Everything”. This book is a must-read.

Let’s take a look at the popular education affiliate programs to help you make money online.

Best Education Affiliate Programs Of 2024

grammarly logo


Cookie Period – 90 days

💸 Payout Model – CPS

💰 Commission – $20 per sale

Grammarly is an excellent tool for checking grammar mistakes and plagiarism. It is mostly loved by bloggers, content writers, teachers, and students. You can earn free sign-ups and paid subscriptions with the Grammarly affiliate program. You can join its affiliate program at CJ Affiliate or ShareASale.

amazon logo

Amazon Associates

Cookie Period – 24 hours

💸 Payout Model – CPA

💰 Commission – 1% up to 10%

Amazon Associates is the best platform with excellent tools to promote educational materials. With the Amazon SiteStripe, you can build your associate link to any page with one click. You can earn 8% commissions on eBooks and up to 10% on other products like Amazon Kindle.

You can share the products directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Amazon Bounty Program lets you earn fancy bonuses on Bounty Programs as listed below:

Prime Paid Membership – INR 100, 

Audible Free Trial & Paid Membership – INR 150, 

Amazon Business – INR 200

coursera logo


Cookie Period – 30 days

💸 Payout Model – CPA

💰 Commission – 20% up to 45%

Coursera is the world’s best online learning platform and also the best education affiliate program. There are over 4000+ courses and specializations to promote to users worldwide.

You can use banners, text links, or your unique format to promote Coursera courses and track the traffic sent to Coursera with Linkshare tracking links. You earn recurring commissions as many times a user purchases using your affiliate links.

udemy logo


Cookie Period – 7 days

💸 Payout Model – CPA

💰 Commission – 15% up to 40%

With the Udemy affiliate program, you can monetize your site traffic for over 1000s of courses daily. At Udemy, you get access to course-specific links, custom links, and more for tracking. You can share links, and banners on your blog, email newsletters, and social media. As an affiliate, you will also have access to exclusive coupons and discounts. You can learn C++, Java, SQL, and access other online tutorials at Udemy.

microsoft365 logo

Microsoft 365 Affiliate Program

Cookie Period – 30 days

💸 Payout Model – CPA

💰 Commission – $5 up to $20 on a single purchase

Partner with Microsoft 365 and start earning commissions on Microsoft 365 product referrals. Microsoft 365 affiliate program is free to join with no minimum sales requirement. You can earn as much as you want with no limitations. You can promote Microsoft 365 products on your website, email, and social networks. 

alpha omega publications logo

Alpha Omega Publications

Cookie Period – 10 days

💸 Payout Model – CPA

💰 Commission – 4%

AOP is not new and has been providing advertising options for over 40 years. As an AOP partner, you can find the best-selling distribution to increase your sales with an award-winning curriculum. The curriculum includes Monarch, Switched-On School House, Lifepac, and Horizons.

360training logo

360 Training

Cookie Period – 60 days

💸 Payout Model – CPA

💰 Commission – 15%

360 Training is a leader in providing approved online training in various categories. The 360 Training affiliate program is an excellent choice for affiliates as there are broad categories to promote. The 360 Training includes Environment, Health and Safety, Food and Beverage, Real Estate, Insurance, Business Skills, etc.

pdhengineer logo


Cookie Period – 60 days

💸 Payout Model – CPA

💰 Commission – 12%

The PHDengineer.com affiliate program offers recurring commissions for up to 60 days when a user is registered. The earning potential is high as the product prices range from $30 to $500. The commission structure is simple, with no tier or volume-based restrictions. You only have to place a banner or insert a text link on your website, and start tracking your commissions.

elearners logo


Cookie Period – Unkown

💸 Payout Model – CPL

💰 Commission – $40 per Lead

At eLearners.com, college students and working professionals can research a wide range of online learning options. Students can search for online certificates, courses, degrees, etc. It is not an online college, but an online directory of schools and colleges. By joining the eLearners affiliate program, you get access to high-quality educational material.

quickstart logo


Cookie Period – Unknown

💸 Payout Model – Revenue Share

💰 Commission – 30% per Sale

The Quickstart affiliate program is the best online IT skills training and educational course affiliate program. It pays the highest commissions in the education industry. It also has a rich library of over 800+ courses and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. As an affiliate, you get Quickstart coupon codes, a dedicated manager, and landing pages to promote Quickstart courses.

teachable logo


Cookie Period – 90 days

💸 Payout Model – Revenue Share

💰 Commission – 30% recurring

The teachable affiliate program offers passive monthly income by joining for free. The best thing about Teachable is that it pays commissions every month. The reason for this is that the customers pay Teachable every month. So, as long as the customers are paying, affiliates get paid every month. You get paid directly to your PayPal account. You can target the audience by A/B tested funnels and increase conversions.

treehouse logo


Cookie Period – 30 days

💸 Payout Model – CPL, CPS

💰 Commission – 50%

Treehouse has more than 300+ courses, and more than 80000 students enrolled for these courses. There are four subscriptions that students can choose from. These subscriptions are Basic, Pro, Techdegree, and For Teams. Treehouse affiliate program pays high commissions on sales and leads.

edx logo


Cookie Period – 60 days

💸 Payout Model – CPL, CPS

💰 Commission – 10%

To promote the edX affiliate program, you need to join Awin.com with a small $5 activation fee. The activation fee gets refunded in your first commission payment. When you sign up at Awin, your application is under review in 2-3 business days. After approval of your application, you can start promoting and earning commissions.

textbookx logo


Cookie Period – 30 days

💸 Payout Model – CPS

💰 Commission – 5%

If someone is looking for new and used books at a discount, then TextbookX.com is a one-stop destination. Sellers can earn up to two times more by selling books back in the marketplace. If you are already a CJ Affiliate member, then the TextbookX.com affiliate program is available to join at CJ Affiliate. All your sales tracking, banner ads, & text links are available at CJ Affiliate. 

edugram logo


Cookie Period – 30 days

💸 Payout Model – CPA, Revenue Share

💰 Commission – 60% on new orders and 15% recurring

EduGram affiliate program is the largest educational CPA network. If you have an education content website, then the EduGram affiliate program is for you. The minimum payment amount is $10. Funds get processed to affiliates on weekdays via Bankcard, WebMoney, ePayments, Payoneer, and PayPal. If you want to withdraw instantly, then you have to apply for it. At EduGram, you will find hundreds of affiliate programs to monetize your site.

thinkific logo


Cookie Period – 90 days

💸 Payout Model – CPS

💰 Commission – 20% recurring commission

If you want to start an affiliate with the Thinkific affiliate program, sign up on PartnerStack. Your account gets approved in 2-3 business days, and you can get your referral link inside the Links Tab. Thinkific offers commissions on new sales as well as on recurring sales. You can earn recurring commissions every month as long as the customer pays Thinkific.

diy org logo


Cookie Period – 14 days

💸 Payout Model – CPS

💰 Commission – $5 per sale

DIY is the best platform for kids to learn any skill from anywhere. By joining the DIY affiliate program, you can earn on trial and sign up. You can sign up at Impact Radius which is one of the leading CPA affiliate networks. At Impact Radius, you will find quality banner Ads, and text links to promote DIY on your blog or social media.


There are hundreds of top education affiliate programs that you can search on Google. In this post, I tried to cover only the best Education affiliate programs. 

Stay tuned for more Affiliate programs to earn online income.

Till then…

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

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🌟 FAQs | Best Education Affiliate Programs

Can I join affiliate programs for education free?

Yes, Education affiliate programs are free to join. However, not all affiliate programs have easy approval. Some have an easy approval process while others review your application manually and then approve it.

Is there a minimum traffic requirement to promote affiliate programs?

Top brands have strict traffic policies. But you don’t need to waste your time on such affiliate programs. The easiest education affiliate program is Amazon.

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