Because Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide, it has become a preferred choice for growing business. I thought of sharing the best Instagram marketing tools because it would help you in growing your business.

If you want to take your Instagram account to the next level, then read this article. 

Instagram is no more about scrolling for memes and nature photos. It has now become an online business opportunity to scale your business. 

With the free marketing tools for Instagram, you can schedule, analyze, and increase organic followers.

Best Instagram Marketing Tools

This article contains a list of top Instagram marketing tools, but not all are free. Some might offer a free trial for a week or a month, but then you have to buy a plan.

canva login

At Canva, you can get beautiful, attractive, ready-made Instagram post templates. By using the Canva Instagram templates, you can create a stunning post and publish it to your IG account. 

Canva is a free Instagram marketing tool, but premium images cost $1. If you want to access advanced features of the Canva imaging tool, then get its paid subscription. 

The Canva Pro plan comes with abundant advanced features to take your Instagram post to the next level.

Canva Pricing:

canva pricing
  • Free – 8000+ free templates
  • Pro – $9.95/user/month (try 1 month for free)
  • Enterprise – $30/user/month (Try 1 month for free)
crowdfire vs hootsuite instagram marketing tools

If you want to fire up your social media account with a massive crowd, then Crowdfire is one of the best Instagram marketing tools 2021.  

You can discover & schedule content for all your social accounts from a single dashboard. 

You can customize your posts for all your social profiles automatically, instead of doing it manually.

Crowdfire Pricing

crowdfire pricing
  • Free – Includes 03 accounts and ten scheduled posts per account.
  • Plus – $7.48/mo (Includes 05 accounts and 100 scheduled posts per account.)
  • Premium – $37.48/mo (Includes ten social accounts and 100 scheduled posts per account.)
  • VIP – $74.98/mo (Includes 25 social accounts 800 scheduled posts per account.)
shortstack landing page

You don’t require any coding skills to run social contests because it is easy to customize. 

It is all-in-one contesting software with creative tools. It helps you to create landing pages, send emails, analyze results, and run social contests.

Create contests like a hashtag, comment, and retweet for your brand awareness.

Shortstack complies with the data privacy laws, GDPR, CCPA, ensuring your data is safe.

Sign up for Shortstack free trial, and boost your Instagram marketing skills.

Shortstack Pricing:

shortstack pricing
  • Business – $79/month (10,000 entries)
  • Agency – $159/month (50,000 entries)
  • Brand – $399/month (500,000 entries)
ritetag free instagram marketing tool

If you have no idea which hashtags to use to increase followers, then use RiteTag. With RiteTag, you can get real-time hashtag suggestions for images & texts on any device.

You can use RiteTag for hashtag suggestions with any integrations for managing your account. RiteTag is a product of RiteKit with other products like RiteForge, RiteBoost, and

RiteKit offers features like publishing, enhancing, ad linking, and hashtag suggestions. Want to see how it works?

RiteKit pricing:

ritetag pricing
  • RiteTag – $49/year
  • RiteForge – $12/month
  • RiteBoost – $24/month
  • – $15/month


iconosquare free instagram analytics tool

Iconosquare Instagram free marketing tool provides actionable social media analytics. 

You can save a lot of time with Iconosquare auto-scheduling, reporting, and in-depth analytics. 

With Iconosquare data-driven decisions for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you stay ahead of your competitors. 

Managing multiple profiles from a single dashboard not only saves your time but also boosts your performance.

Iconosquare Pricing:

iconosquare pricing
  • Free – 14 days free trial
  • Pro – $29/mo (Manage 03 social profiles, 02 team members)
  • Advanced – $59/mo (Manage 05 social profiles, 03 team members)
  • Agency – contact sales team (Manage 10 social profiles, unlimited team members)


tagembed social media widget

Tagembed is a social media aggregator for any kind of website including WordPress, etc. It provides a social media widget that can be displayed on your website to engage your audiences.

This helps you increase your site traffic and boost your sales & ROI. You can easily embed a social media, review, story, and album widget.

The tool collects data from 18+ social media channels including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, and more. In four simple steps, you could display the content from your social media channels. Collect, curate, moderate, and finally embed the content on your website.

Tagembed Pricing

tagembed pricing
  • Lite: Free – Allows 1 feed, 2000 views/mo, and collects data from 5 social media channels.
  • Basic: $9/month ( Suitable for Beginners) – Allows 2 feeds, 10000 views/mo, and collects data from 15+ social media channels.
  • Pro: $19/month ( For small and medium-sized businesses) – Allows 4 feeds, 100000 views/mo, and collects data from 15+ social media channels.
  • Plus: $39/month ( For large enterprises) – Allows 16 feeds, unlimited views/mo, and collects data from 15+ social media channels.
hootsuite free instagram marketing tools

Hootsuite is a leading social media marketing and management dashboard. With this tool, you can not only enhance your social media engagement but also manage multiple networks and profiles. 

If you want to make your #instalife simple, then try Hootsuite. It not only helps you to schedule, publish, & collaborate, but also analyze your Instagram account. Start your 60-day Hootsuite free trial today.

Hootsuite Pricing

hootsuite pricing
  • Free – 30 days free trial
  • Professional- INR 1260/month (Manage 10 social profiles, single user, unlimited scheduling.)
  • Team – 6600/month (manage 20 social profiles, 03 users, unlimited scheduling)
  • Business – 45000/month (manage 35 social profiles, 5+ users, unlimited scheduling)
soldsie instagram marketing tools

Soldsie helps users increase their sales on Instagram and Facebook using comments. It not only helps you in selling, but also in managing your inventory.

With Soldsie, brands have seen an increase in engagement of over 30% on their posts. 

You can manage inventory, emails, customers, orders, and products using the Soldsie inventory system. 

You can sell on Soldsie by managing inventory and sales tracking on Shopify.

Soldsie Pricing

soldsie pricing
  • Basic – $49/month (5.9% transaction fee)
  • Connected – $99/month (4.9% transaction fee)  
  • Branded – $199/month (2.9% transaction fee)
tagboard instagram marketing tools

If you want to make your story engaging, interactive, and happening, then use Tagboard. 

Tagboard saves your time in searching for relevant content and delivering it to your audience. Not only you will save time, but also you will see increase in engagement & interaction.

Your post engages your audience for a long time, and this leads to sponsorships across different channels.

Tagboard Pricing:

tagboard social media plans
  • Standard – Includes Launch, mobile app, and chrome extension.
  • Professional – Includes Standard features and Composer, Producer, API access, and Smart Panels.
  • Enterprise- Includes Professional features and White Label.
olapic instagram marketing tools

Olapic is an all-in-one content platform that drives brand engagement with visual content. It is now a part of Social Native. Olapic is one of the best Instagram marketing tools that helps you deliver high-performing content to your audience. 

Because it is an influencer marketing platform, you can find influencers to manage your content. Your long videos can be presented into short-form videos to share on Instagram. 

Brands like Adidas, L’Oréal, Unilever, and more trust Olapic.

Olapic Pricing:

There is no pricing mentioned on its website.  

sprout social reviews

With Sprout Social, you can connect with the people empathetically, real, and transparent. It is one complete package that offers audience engagement, content publishing, analytics & reporting, etc. 

More than 20,000+ happy customers include world-class brands and organizations that trust Sprout Social. Time to create a real connection with your audience with Sprout Social award-winning support platform. 

Sprout Social Pricing:

sprout social pricing
  • Standard – $99/user/month (Manage 05 social profiles)
  • Professional – $149/user/month (Manage 10 social profiles)
  • Advanced – $249/user/month (Manage 10 social profiles)

If you want to share some memory or engage your audience by reposting content, then choose Regram. It is the #1 repost app Instagram marketing tool.

It helps you repost images and videos with a watermark or no watermark.

Regram supports caption in reposting the content.

You can get this free Instagram marketing tool on the play store. 

Regram Pricing: 

  • Free – without watermark
  • Credits – with watermark

Grum is an excellent Instagram scheduler. Right now, it is available to only those who have a valid coupon code. The reason for limited registration is due to the heavy load on their servers.

buffer features

Buffer is a publishing, analytics, and engagement platform to grow your brand engagement on Instagram.

It is a free 14 days trial Instagram growth tool with no credit card required.

You can cancel the plan anytime.

With Buffer, you can plan hashtags, stories, comments, tagging, and do a lot more.

Buffer Pricing:

  • Buffer offers two different pricing structures for Publish and Analyze.


buffer publish pricing
  • Pro – $15/month (08 social accounts)
  • Premium – $65/month (08 social accounts)
  • Business – $99/month (25 social accounts)


buffer analyze pricing
  • Pro – $35/month (08 social accounts)
  • Premium – $50/month (10 social accounts with Shopify integration)
awario free trial

Awario is a monitoring app that shows instant mentions from every corner of the world. It helps you to join any conversation on any social media platform.

By joining the conversation, you can spread the word about your brand and increase followers.

You can start using Awario’s free trial with up to 3 alerts and search for up to 30,000 mentions.

Once you reach the limit, your account will expire and will get deleted if you don’t subscribe to a paid plan.

Awario Pricing:

  • Starter – $24/month
  • Pro – $74/month
  • Enterprise – $249/month  
socialinsight instagram growth tool

If you want deep insights to grow your social network, then use Social Insight ultimate Instagram marketing tool.

With Social Insight, you can schedule your content and post it from your computer. 

You can analyze your follower’s engagement with your post. 

It helps you in monitoring interactions of your post and identifying which content is more interactive.

Start your 14-day free trial for Social Insight today, but for full features subscribe to its paid plan.

Get the tools you need to drive more sales & engagement.

Social Insight Pricing:

socialinsight pricing
  • Small agencies/enterprise – $299/month
  • Business – $79/month
  • Basic – $29/month

Unfold is a toolkit for storytellers that helps to create unique & elegant stories. Creators can use over 150+ beautiful templates and customize them accordingly.

The Unfold app is available on Android & iOS to download for free. You can customize the templates by changing background colors, stickers, and more. 

When you are ready to publish your work, you can share it on your Instagram stories.

Unfold Pricing:

  • Free to use
sendible reviews

Sendible is an all-in-one platform for content planning, analyzing, and collaborating on social media.

Within a single dashboard, you get access to social media tools.

You can not only plan & strategize your content but also analyze your published content.

Sendible helps you improve social engagement by monitoring brand mentions, so you stay productive all the time.

Start Sendible 14-day free trial now if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Sendible Pricing:

sendible pricing
  • Starter – $24/month
  • Traction – $84/month
  • Growth – $169/month
  • Large – $254/month
download instagram followers with picodash

With Picodash, you can download the list of Instagram followers and find a specific post on Instagram. 

You can find influencers and target potential audiences. Not only you can export Instagram hashtags with usernames & likes count, but also analyze your audience effectively.

All the data downloaded from Instagram can be made available in spreadsheets for analysis. 

Picodash Pricing:

picodash pricing
  • Data export – $10 per export
  • Analytics – $100 per report
  • Instagram Marketing – $1000 per month

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Wrapping It Up

This post with the best Instagram-free marketing tools will surely help you achieve your business goals. 

Is Instagram a worth marketing tool? 

Yes, it is but to manage your account effectively, you need the best Instagram growth tools.

With Instagram marketing tips, you can build a powerful Instagram marketing strategy so as to boost your reach globally. 

Get hands-on with the list of top Instagram marketing tools and see the results yourself.

If you use these Instagram promotion tools, you won’t need to look for an Instagram marketing course.

By using the free marketing tools, you will not just save money, but also save your precious time.

You may try other social media marketing tools, but don’t forget to share these.

Stay tuned for more Facebook and Instagram marketing tools to grow your business.

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