Find out which is the best product research tool in our comparison of FindNiche vs EcomHunt. 

Both the tools are excellent, but only one becomes King of the Ring. Let’s find out if FindNiche is a better EcomHunt alternative or not. 

FindNiche Review: What is FindNiche?

findniche review homepage

FineNiche is right now the #1 niche finder tool that lets users uncover the winning products. It has a huge database of over 100 million product updates. You can kick-start FindNiche 3-day free trial at just $1.

FindNiche Features At A Glance

AliExpress Product Analysis & Best Sellers

findniche aliexpress bestsellers

FindNiche helps you find winning products of AliExpress by analyzing the products based on region, orders, competition, and more.

If you are an eCommerce seller on AliExpress, you can find out the best sellers list of AliExpress.

Shopify Product Analysis & Store Spy

findniche shopify

Not just AliExpress, FindNiche is a niche finder tool for Shopify too. Shopify is recognized as the best eCommerce website platform with advanced features you won’t find in WordPress.

So, if you are building an eCommerce site on Shopify for dropshipping, you will need to search for hot products.

FindNiche helps you spy on your competitors’ products through keywords. You can research and find the best dropshipping stores and check their engagement and Alexa rank. 

Facebook & Instagram & YouTube Ad Spy

findniche dropshipping ads spy tool

With FindNiche, you can spy ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This helps you keep a birds eye view on your competitors ad and learn their strategies.

By checking your competitors’ ad likes and comments, you can easily identify winning products. You can later implement the same strategies.

Dropshipping Niches

A commendable list of 20 best products to sell on Shopify and finding dropshipping niches everyday. This is what makes FindNiche the #1 dropshipping niche finder tool.

All this happens with a click of a button with high accuracy as FineNiche uses AI algorithms.

Market Insight

findniche market insights

The latest feature added by FindNiche is the market insight. It performs aggregated analysis of all the categories on Aliexpress.

This will help sellers learn about the market size, market competition, and discover the blue ocean market on Aliexpress.

FindNiche Pricing

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EcomHunt Review: What is EcomHunt?

ecomhunt product research homepage

EcomHunt is a product research tool that lets you find out the best winning product. If you are into a dropshipping business, then using EcomHunt, you could easily find dropshipping winning products.

There are various learning resources like videos, e-books, and more to help you learn dropshipping. 

EcomHunt Features At A Glance

EcomHunt Classic: 

This features over 40 categories of winning product databases through smart filtering and searching. The tool provides information related to product profit, analytics, engagement, links, FB ads, targeting, and retail price. 

EcomHunt Live: 

ecomhunt live

With the EcomHunt live, you can view winning products from a list of over 4000 products. The data keeps refreshing every day, so you get the most updated products that are trending the most. The data is compiled keeping in mind in which country the product is trending the most. You get a 30 days engagement history on each product.

EcomHunt Lucky: 

ecomhunt lucky

You don’t need any brainstorming when you have a lucky day. EcomHunt gives you a chance to hack your luck by applying filters like trending, margin, score, and visits.

EcomHunt Tracker: 

ecomhunt tracker

The best practice of not losing sales is to keep a track and monitor the performance of your product sales. EcomHunt allows you to keep a track of AliExpress products, Shopify, and Facebook ads. 

EcomHunt Adam: 

ecomhunt adam

This is a virtual assistant for your AliExpress product research that updates every day with the hottest products. It displays a visual graph with the total orders in a week, so you can keep a track of the products.

EcomHunt Alerts

ecomhunt alert

Add a new alert, and get product recommendations in your inbox. It is completely in your hand to create a notification on as many products as you want.

EcomHunt Extension: 

ecomhunt extension

Add the free EcomHunt extension for Google Chrome and discover competitors Facebook ads and Shopify stores in a snap.

EcomHunt Pricing

ecomhunt pricing

FindNiche vs EcomHunt: Brief Comparison

Despite FindNiche and EcomHunt being product research tools, they have different highlights. FindNiche is more data-driven while EcomHunt is more product-oriented.


FindNiche and EcomHunt reveal their characteristics at the first glance. FindNIche is more of a database. It has a complicated yet delicate filtering section to allow users to nail down and embodies their search criterions.

For instance, FindNiche allows users to search by “ship location”, “with fb ads”, or a certain range of”seven-day orders’ ‘. Users can get more refined search results given by the filtering options provided by FindNIche.

EcomHunt, as it gives out, is a curation of winning products. EcomHunt provides data points for winning products they handpick for users (costs & profits, saturation level, total stores selling this product, etc. )Users can based on the data points to settle down on a product.

ecomhunt datapoints

EcomHunt has limited filtering options.

ecomhunt filtering options


When it comes to identifying winning products, FindNiche and EcomHunt shows a completely different way for users. 

FindNiche leaves the answers to users. It focuses more on information and data transparency that allows users to do product research and competitors to spy at the same time. 

On the contrary, EcomHunt has rather minimalist features. It covers the research job for users while leaving less data to users.


Besides product research, both FindNiche and EcomHunt provide Facebook ads as a marketing tool for users. Both tools provide ad copies and text that users can use for modeling their ads. What else does each tool provide differently?

FindNiche’s Ad Spy: Again, FindNiche provides various filtering options for ad research. Moreover, it provides ads engagement statistics, products analysis, and audience analysis for users to do ad targeting.

EcomHunt: in addition to Facebook ads, EcomHunt provides a Youtube video that can be used to advertise the product. It also provides Instagram influencers who could advertise products for you.


FindNiche has a comparable advantage on showing statistics, and it provides more than one adset for a product. It is good that EcomHunt provides Instagram influencers as another resource for advertising.

Learning Resources

As for learning resources, EcomHunt provides a bunch of resources including masterclass, E-books, Podcast, and community. Those are invaluable resources for users to keep updated on the business.

ecomhunt learning resources

FindNiche runs a blog that covers a wide range of topics. Users can find tutorials and other hot topics on the blog.


Both tools have extensions but serve different purposes. EcomHunt’s extension aims to inspect your competitors’ Facebook ads.

FindNiche’s extension helps detect and download product information.

Pros and Cons: FindNiche vs EcomHunt

  • Comprehensive datapoints
  • Users have more autonomy
  • Data analysis prerequisite
  • Minimize work for users
  • Learning resources
  • Data

Overall Comparison of FindNiche vs EcomHunt

findniche vs ecomhunt table comparison

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After comparing FindNiche vs EcomHunt, it can be concluded that both are the best niche finder tools. But when it comes to data volume, FindNiche is the winner with large data volume. Also FindNiche offers advanced product research solutions.

Stop wasting money on bad products. Choose FindNiche and get winning products and niche on a daily basis to become a successful ecommerce entrepreneur.