What if I tell you, you can make $1000 per sale instead of $20/sale?

Sounds rhetoric, right? However, it is possible to earn high commissions with high-ticket affiliate programs.

Check out the affiliate program trend on Google in real time:

With these legit High Ticket affiliate programs in multiple niches, you can earn anywhere between $100 to $1000. Apart from the sales commissions, you can also earn from the content contest.

Let’s drill down the list of best high-ticket affiliate programs for beginners.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs In SEO Niche

rankmath logo

Rank Math Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 30% per sale + $200 extra for monthly content contest

Cookie duration: 60 Days

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You can join the Rank Math affiliate program for free and promote it by writing a blog post or creating a video. Put your affiliate link in the article or video and for every referral, you will earn up to 30% commission.

Rank Math also runs a monthly content contest. You can submit 2 pieces of content either blog post or video and earn $200 per content. Including the prize money, you also get a free Rank Math Pro subscription. 

semrush logo

Semrush Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: $200 per subscription, $10 per lead, and $0.01 per signup.

Cookie duration: 120 Days

The Semrush affiliate program can be joined on Impact Radius. I have been an Impact user for the past 4 years and love the platform for its intuitiveness. The Semrush affiliate program is based on the last-click attribution model. 

If you are looking for another type of partnership apart from its affiliate program, Semrush has it for you. Semrush’s partnership includes Regional Resellers, Technical partners, Educational Partners, and Agency Partners. 

High Ticket Affiliate Programs In Hosting Niche

wpengine logo

WPEngine Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: Up to $200

Cookie duration: 180 days

WPEngine is the highest-paying affiliate program in the hosting industry. It is also the most powerful Managed WordPress hosting provider. The price of its hosting plans isn’t cheaper than other hosting providers. This is due to the resources, features, and support included in the plans. You can join the WPEngine affiliate program on the ShareASale affiliate network. 

cloudways logo

Cloudways Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: Up to $125, or 7% recurring commissions + $30 bounty

Cookie duration: 90 days

Cloudways is the only hosting affiliate program that offers three commission models to choose from. The churn rate is only 3% so maximum customers don’t leave the website without any purchase. 

Affiliates can choose performance-based slabs where they can earn $125 per sale. The hybrid commission model offers $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commissions. In all, Cloudways is a recurring affiliate program.

liquidweb logo

LiquidWeb Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 150% per sale

Cookie duration: 90-day cookie

You can partner with LiquidWeb in two ways. First is its affiliate program which does not require you to be a LiquidWeb hosting user. The second is the Refer-a-Friend program. In this program, you should be a LiquidWeb customer and for each referral, you get $100 credit in your account. You can use this credit to renew your subscription or buy other hosting plans.

When you achieve 20+ sales, your commission increases to 200% per sale amount. To join the LiquidWeb affiliate program, sign up at Impact Radius.

kinsta logo

Kinsta Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: Up to $500 + 5-10% recurring monthly commission

Cookie duration: 60 days

Kinsta has till now paid $1M commissions to its affiliate and now it is time for you to get paid. Join the Kinsta affiliate program and earn lifetime recurring commissions. For each Kinsta hosting sale, you earn up to $500 + 10% monthly recurring commission.

The commission increases with the increase in sales. For referring customers to Application Hosting and Database hosting, you get a 5% long-term commission.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs Proxy

smartproxy logo

Smartproxy Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 50%, up to $2500 per user

Cookie duration: 30 days

If your audience is looking for proxy solutions to help them in data scraping, SEO, eCommerce, and more, Smartproxy is the right affiliate program.

By joining the Smartproxy affiliate program, you can promote all types of proxies with different use cases. Residential proxies are widely used proxies for scraping, and other use cases. If you are on Impact Radius, you can find Smartproxy and join its affiliate program.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Education

thinkific logo

Thinkific Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 30% recurring, up to $1700 per referral

Cookie duration: 90 days

Thinkific is an outstanding affiliate program in the education niche and is the highest-paying recurring affiliate program. You can join the Thinkific affiliate program on PartnerStack.

I am an active affiliate on PartnerStack and love the marketplace. You get all the statistics for each partner program on one platform. To attract your audience to sign up at Thinkific, you can offer them a one-month free trial of Thinkific’s pro plan.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs In Software Niche

hubspot logo

HubSpot Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie duration: 180 days

HubSpot is a marketing and CRM platform used by millions around the world. The Hubspot affiliate program offers recurring commissions for up to 1 year. It is therefore a long-term commission affiliate program. You can use 400+ marketing assets for promotion via your blog, email, or social media platforms.

HubSpot affiliate program is a tiered commission program. So, the more the sales, the higher the commissions. HubSpot’s customer support team is friendly and ready to help you anytime. With the performance reports, you can monitor and analyze your affiliate performance.

clickfunnels logo

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 40% monthly recurring commission

Cookie duration: 30 days

By joining the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you can promote the DotCom Secrets book, Expert Secrets book, and Traffic Secrets book. 

The commission starts at 20% and then increases to 30% once you have earned $1000 commission in a month. When you have 40 active ClickFunnels members for 30 days, your monthly commission increases to 40% per month.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs In eCommerce Niche

shopify logo

Shopify Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: Up to $500

Cookie duration: 30 days

Shopify is an eCommerce affiliate program. By joining the Shopify affiliate program, you can refer customers to subscribe to Shopify plans or POS. To become a Shopify affiliate, you must have an active website with consistent audience. The Shopify team thoroughly reviews your application and you get an email within 5 days.

Anybody from anywhere around the world can join the Shopify referral program. Upon acceptance, you get access to third-party affiliate tracking software. Payments are processed to your bank account or PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

fiverr logo

Fiverr Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 25-100% on the first order, 10% for future orders in the first 12 months.

Cookie duration: No referral limit, lifetime attribution

When joining the Fiverr affiliate program, you can promote three services. These are the Fiverr marketplace, Fiverr Pro, and the Logo maker. Payments for each successful referral will be processed to your bank account, PayPal, or Payoneer.

There is no restriction on promoting your Fiverr shareable links. So, you can share links on blog posts, emails, YouTube, Podcasts, and other social media platforms. The minimum payout threshold is $100. Payments are made on a NET 30-day basis. 

High Ticket Affiliate Programs In The Wealth Niche

capitalist exploits logo

Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 50% revenue share 

Cookie duration: 365 days

By joining the Capitalist Exploits affiliate program, you can promote its 2 flagship products. You can earn commissions ranging between $788 to $1750 per sale. All your clicks and sales statistics can be viewed inside your affiliate account around the year.

For your affiliate success, you get access to videos and a dedicated affiliate manager. All payments are processed at the end of each month. The Capitalist Exploits has the longest cookie duration amongst all the wealth affiliate programs.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Health and Wellness

bizzoffers logo


💰 Commission: 40% per sale

Cookie Duration: 120 days

BizzOffers is an affiliate program with popular SaaS products that can be promoted with 100% ROI results. There are two types of payment models for affiliates including CPA and Revenue Share. The revenue share gives you 40% per sale and CPA gives you $20 per sale.

The platform provides and accepts worldwide traffic and payments to affiliates are processed weekly. You can join affiliate prorgams in high-demand niches including parental control, healthcare, and more.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Moms

momcozy logo

Momcozy Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 10-15%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Every mom blogger looking for a mom affiliate program can join the Momcozy affiliate program. Momcozy cares for every mom and satisfies every mom’s need who wants a pregnancy pillow, bras, baby feeders, and more items in the mom and baby category.

By joining Momcozy’s affiliate program, you can promote its products by offering a special discount code. You can join its affiliate program on either ShareASale or Impact Radius.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs Travel Niche

wayaway logo

WayAway Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 50% revenue share, $10 per sale of WayAway Plus

Cookie duration: 30 days

WayAway is a flight aggregator website and is the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt. By joining the WayAway affiliate program, you can monetize your travel content to earn commissions on flight bookings. It is a top-recommended travel blog affiliate program out there. 

Promoting WayAway membership gives additional benefits to users including a cashback on booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. By offering a 7-day free trial of the WayAway Plus membership, you will get more clicks and signups.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Pets

petfriendly logo

PetFriendly Affiliate Program

🤑 Commission: 35%

Cookie duration: Unknown

The PetFriendly affiliate program is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the Pet niche. The company offers multiple wellness products for dogs and cats. Products include wipes, supplements, sprays, diffusers, Flea, and tick prevention for dogs & cats. 

You can promote PetFriendly products by joining its affiliate program on Impact Radius. Impact provides promotional materials and a tracking dashboard. Joining the program is easy and doesn’t require any specific site requirements. 


Apart from the list, you can also join high ticket affiliate programs for home decor and high ticket affiliate programs in fashion niche on Impact Radius. Keep visiting AffReborn for more affiliate programs in various niches and make money online.

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

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🌟 FAQs | High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Beginners

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High-ticket affiliate marketing program promotes products with high commissions starting from $50 up to $1000 per sale. The revenue share model offers commissions ranging from 10% up to 100%.

Is high-ticket affiliate marketing for beginners?

It can be for beginners but requires different strategies than low-ticket programs.

What Are High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs?

These programs offer high payouts for promoting products or services in various niches.

How can I promote a High Ticket affiliate program effectively?

You should build trust and relationships with a targeted audience to promote affiliate programs.

How much money can I make with the High Ticket affiliate marketing program?

You can earn anywhere between $100 to $1000 per sale, depending upon the number of sales per month.

Are there high-ticket affiliate programs with low competition?

Yes, there are some with low competition, but they may be in emerging niches not touched by many affiliates.

What is the affiliate marketing industry size?

The global affiliate marketing industry is projected to surpass $36,902.1 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 7.7% during the period 2022-2030