Are you looking for free AI Face Swap tools online? 

In this post, I am covering the best AI Face Swap free online tools and apps. These AI face-changing software do not require any downloads and work with one click. You can additionally download the app to use on your mobile phones.

How to use free AI Tools for Face Swap Online?

In this post, I have shared the best free online tools for face swapping that use the latest AI technology. To face-swap your photo with any other photo or create a stunning video, sign up on a website that provides this feature. You can choose any of the listed AI tools below.

➡️ Step 1: Sign up using your Gmail account or any other professional email account.

➡️ Step 2: Upload the base photo

➡️ Step 3: Upload the target photo

➡️ Step 4: Click on the Face Swap button.

➡️ Step 5: Wait for a few seconds and your new photo is ready to download.

List of Best AI Face Swap Free Online Tools Of 2024

vidnoz ai logo

1. Vidnoz AI Face Swap Tool

💲 Price: 

  • Monthly (80 credits): $4.99
  • Half-Yearly (350 credits): $12.99
  • Yearly: $19.99
vidnozai face swap tool

Vidnoz AI face swap online free tool allows you to face swap in a photo, video, and even groups. Vidnoz has 600+ AI avatars and 700+ video templates which are available in different languages and accents.

You can also use Vidnoz to face-swap GIFs, not just photos and videos. Create trendy, and unique GIFs by face-swapping unlimited for free.

deepswap logo

2. (best ai face swap app)

💲 Price: 

  • 1 Month: $9.99/month
  • 12 Months: $4.17/month
deepswap faceswap maker

Deepswapai is the best AI photo and video editing tool online. The Deepswap app allows face editing and swapping in a second. The advanced AI technology by Deepswap allows you to change faces to your favorite movie star or a character and create a high-resolution video.

You can create a funny meme or a GIF to boost your social media content. Other than face swap, Deepswap has the best AI background remover and free AI photo enhancer.

If you want to change a face to an anime character, you can do so with the Deepswap AI Photo to Anime converter. You can apply unique filters and effects.

pica ai logo

3. PicaAI (Best Deepfake Face Swap Online)

💲 Price: Free

picaai deepfake face swap

PicaAI is a free face swap online tool that allows you to change the face with any face with a few clicks. You can use the PicaAI face swap online free tool every day to swap and replace any face with a corresponding face.

With one click, you can change your face to look at any other celebrity or your favorite character. There are diverse presets to take your photo-changing experience to another level. 

The advanced AI face swap technology ensures natural-looking and realistic faces. You can also use the PicaAI’s face swapper app on your iPhone. 

Apart from the photo and video face swap free online, PicaAI provides other AI tools. This includes an AI headshot generator, AI art generator, AI avatar generator, AI video generator, etc.

refraceai logo

4. Refrace AI

💲 Price: 

  • Basic: $7.79/month
  • Unlimited Premium: $5.99/month
  • Premium: $17.99/month
refrace ai face swap online

The AI face swap reface app editor allows you to use advanced AI technology to swap faces with any character. The AI technology enables face reading capabilities by vector method, maps the facial features,  and changes the face that look realistic and appealing.

A photo face swap takes only a few seconds, while a video face swap takes a few minutes depending on the resolution. You can download the generated face swap and share it anywhere you want with complete responsibility.

FaceMagic logo


💲 Price: 

  • 1 Month: $9.99/month
  • 12 Months: $4.17/month

To use the Facemagic AI video face changer, you need to first sign up using a Gmail or Apple account. You can then select a demo or upload the video or photos for swapping. FaceMagic has tons of templates that make it a better face swap AI video generator compared to Snapchat.

The free trial allows you to use public materials and the face-swapping tool up to 3 times a day. To get more face swaps, you need to watch ads and get up to 20 face swaps.

The only issue with the Facemagic app is the refund policy. FaceMagic does not manage any refunds as the subscription is purchased through Google Play Store and App Store.

miocreate logo

6. Miocreate

💲 Price: 

  • Monthly (80 credits): $4.99
  • Half-Yearly (350 credits): $12.99
  • Yearly: $19.99
miocreate ai face swap photos videos

MioCreate is the best AI Face Swap tool for photos and videos. The tool allows multiple face swaps for a group. This is an interesting feature to upload all the group photos at once and change photos at one click.

For group photo swap, simply upload a photo you want to change faces for and click the Face Swap button. For a video face swap, upload the base video and then upload the target face.

Affiliates and resellers can join the affiliate program to promote and earn commissions.


AI face swap tools and AI face swap generators are free to use with the most advanced AI face recognition technology. You can easily convert any face into an anime character or your favorite movie character and create appealing videos.

I hope this free AI face swap tools list was helpful. I have tried and tested Vidnoz and found it to work like a charm. Look out for more AI tools on AffReborn that work in one click.

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🌟 FAQs | Best AI Face Swap Free Tools

Is there an app for AI face swap generators?

You can download the free AI face swap app for Android and iOS. PicaAI is one of the best AI face swap apps available for iOS devices.

Is AI face swap video online free?

Swapping faces in a video is free using the free AI face swap. The AI video face swap requires you to upload the base video and the target photo. Clicking on the Face Swap button automatically changes the face.

Are free face swap AI tools safe to use?

The best AI face swap free online tools do not store your uploaded photos or videos. It is still recommended to use the AI face changer responsibly and do violate any laws or use it for deceptive means.

Is AI face swap technology legal?

We are not sure about any legal compliances or certifications Face swap technologies might be adhering to but they are working fine.

Which technology is used for face recognition?

Biometrics is a popular facial recognition technology used by AI face swap online free tools. There are many advanced AI technologies like Neural networks and Deepfakes used for face recognition and face-swapping.