Best AI Headshot Generators Free & Paid 2024: #1 Pick

AI headshot generators are gaining popularity among content creators in the booming era of artificial intelligence. These innovative tools leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to transform simple photos into stunning, lifelike portraits. All of this at just one click.

Whether you’re a digital artist, a content creator, or someone looking to enhance their profile pictures, AI headshot generators offer an exciting blend of creativity and technology. 

Hi! I am Abizer Izzy – an AI tech freak, and in this post, I am sharing a list of top AI headshot generators. 

List of Top AI Headshot Generators Of 2024

vidnoz ai logo

1. Vidnoz AI – Best AI Headshot Free Trial

💲 Price:

5 Styles$14.99
12 Styles$24.99
22 Styles$34.99
vidnoz ai headshot generator

Vidnoz is a free AI video generator. You can try many AI tools for free, and a headshot generator is one of the best of them. Though it’s not available for free, the price is affordable. Let’s look at the price for the Vidnoz AI headshot generator.

How do you generate a headshot using Vidnoz AI?

  • Sign up and create a Vidnoz account.
  • Go to Tools and choose AI headshot.
  • Choose your package and select styles.
  • Complete your payment by applying the coupon code RevCoupons10 and uploading a front-face photo.
  • Submit your photo and wait for a few seconds. Your AI headshot is now ready!

headshotpro logo

2. HeadshotPro

💲 Price:

Small Shoot$29/shoot
Normal Shoot$39/shoot
Premium Shoot$49/shoot
headshotpro pricing

Fed up for physical photoshoots?

HeadshotPro reduces the burden of wasting money every time you need a headshot. With HeadshotPro’s AI headshot generator, you can create professional headshots in minutes. Pick up a style and upload your front-face photo. Rest is taken care of by the AI photographer. 

What are the different headshots that I can get?

  • Acting Headshots
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Doctor Headshots
  • Linkedin Headshots
  • Model Headshots
  • Realtor Headshots
  • Studio Headshots
  • Team Headshots
aragon ai logo


💲 Price:

aragon pricing

It’s time to turn your selfies into professional headshots with Aragon. The AI-generated headshots look as if professional photographers took them. This saves you time in physically visiting a professional photographer nearby.

How does Aragon work?

  • Connect your social media account.
  • Import your photos or selfies.
  • Based on your preference, Aragon generates a custom AI model
  • You can choose any styles, poses, and backgrounds.
  • Thats it! You will have your AI-generated headshot ready in minutes.
the multiverse ai

4. The Multiverse AI

💲 Price:

the multiverse ai pricing

If you are looking for team headshots and individual ones, you can get them at The Multiverse AI. The headshots generated by The Multiverse AI can be used in resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and for keynote speakers. A professional headshot boosts your confidence and makes a lasting impression on your audience.

How do I get AI-generated headshots for the team?

  • First, create an account and specify the team size.
  • Make the payment and provide the email addresses of all the team members. 
  • Each member of your team receives an email with a link to upload their photos.
  • It takes only 2 hours, and your team member will receive the link for their headshot again.
profile bakery logo

5. Profile Bakery

💲 Price:

AI Mini$20
AI Regular$39
AI Pro$69
profilebakery pricing

Do you want to cut down on the cost of photography? 

Believe me when I say you can save up to 80% on professional photography. Profile Bakery generates AI headshots in different styles within a few hours.

Profile Bakery offers 100+ styles and allows you to redo your headshots if you aren’t satisfied. All the images are deleted after a month.

What are the requirements for an AI headshot generator?

  • You need to upload at least 8 images with a clear picture of yours.
  • Upload similar photos.
  • The size of the photo should be between 300KB to 4MB.
  • Formats allowed are .png, .jpg, or .jpeg, which are faster to process.

More Best Free Headshot Generators

  • Secta Labs
  • Fotor


AI is making a wave and dominating every field. Is this good or bad?

Well, opinions differ as some find AI tools helpful, like these AI headshot generators. I have used the Vidnoz AI headshot generator and recommend it to you all.

Using AI Headshot Generators is the fastest way to generate professional headshots. You can use these photos anywhere and give your profile a stunning look.

You must choose any AI tools from the list to turn your quirky selfies into professional-looking headshots.

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Till then…

Be Healthy, Be Wise, and Keep Sharing!

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🌟 FAQs | Best AI Headshot Generators

Can I get an AI headshot free trial?

Vidnoz AI offers 15 free headshot photos but has limitations on background, style, and clothes. You can look for more best free headshot generators in this list.

What happens to my uploaded images?

In a month, your uploaded images get deleted from the server.

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload 3 – 8 photos with different backgrounds, but should be clear.

How can I pay for the headshots?

You can pay via PayPal, credit cards, and even UPI.

How long does it take to generate a headshot?

It takes around 2-3 hours, and you receive the file link in your email.

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