Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing In 2024: #1 Pick Free

ChatGPT is an advanced natural language processing (NLP) model developed by OpenAI. It is used for text generation, Content summarization, Question answering, and even acts like a chatbot.

(Fun fact) You can talk to ChatGPT if you are bored with your Girlfriend 😉.

But are there any AI writing tools that can compete with ChatGPT?

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In this post, we will explore the best ChatGPT alternatives for writing with free and paid plans.

ChatGPT AlternativesStarting PricingPlan
1. RankMath Content AI$3.99 / monthStarter
2. HubSpot$15/monthStarter Customer Platform
3. ShortlyAI$65/ monthAnnual
4. Jasper$39/month/seatCreator
6. Writesonic$13/monthSmall Team
7. Rytr$9/monthSaver
8. Wordtune$9.99/monthPlus
9. Smart Copy$9/monthEssential

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is powered by OpenAI and is capable of understanding and generating human-like text responses to input prompts. It is a text-based search engine like Google. With ChatGPT 4, there are more capabilities added including Dall-E, browsing, and more. Now let’s explore and compare the top ChatGPT alternatives for writing in detail with their features, pricing, and pros & cons.

List of Top ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing Of 2024

rankmath logo

1. Rank Math Content AI

💲 Price: Free

  • Expert: $12.99/month
  • Creator: $7.99/month
  • Starter: $3.99/month

RankMath is a WordPress SEO plugin that offers powerful SEO tools to optimize websites for search engines. Along with SEO features, Rank Math offers Content AI to write SEO-friendly articles with 40+ templates. This helps generate content effortlessly in one click. Do you know that Rank Math offers 750 free Content AI credits every month?


  • Blog post idea, outline, and introduction
  • Topic and Keyword Research
  • SEO title and description
  • Paragraph and Sentence rewriter and expander
  • Product descriptions along with pros and cons
  • Optimize Social media posts
  • And a lot more.
rank math content ai price

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Pros and Cons of Rank Math:

One-click content generationIts free version has limited credits
Integrated into WordPress
Multiple language support

hubspot logo

2. HubSpot

💲 Price: Free

  • Starter Customer Platform: $15/month

Leverage the free AI content generation tools by HubSpot and create stunning and engaging content for any platform. It only takes a few seconds to generate content for blog posts, social media channels, landing pages, email copies, meta titles & descriptions. Marketers, bloggers, SEO professionals, and small and large businesses can harness the power of AI with HubSpot AI writing assistant tools.

hubspot pricing


  • Create AI-generated copy for blog posts, social media, email marketing, etc.
  • One-click instant content generation for all platforms.
  • Generate SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions. This increases your chances of ranking on Google.
  • Rewrite, rephrase, or paraphrase your texts for required tone and readability.

Pros and Cons of Shortlyai:

100% free to use.No WordPress integration.
No credit card is required.

shortlyai logo

3. ShortlyAI (Acquired by

💲 Price: Free

  • Annual: $65/month
  • Monthly: $79/month

ShortlyAI is an AI writing assistant that helps users generate high-quality content at the click of a button in your voice.


  • Write faster with powerful commands.
  • Improve your writing & save time.
  • Regular updates.
  • No monthly limits.
  • Clean and clutter-free interface.
shortlyai price

Pros and Cons of Shortlyai:

Instant content generationPricier than Rank Math Content AI
Passes all plagiarism checkers.

jasperai logo

4. Jasper

💲 Price:

  • Creator: $39/month/seat
  • Pro: $59/month/seat

Jasper is an AI-powered copilot platform that enables marketers and businesses to automate their tasks with high-quality output. According to Bloomreach, Jasper produces faster and more high-quality blogs, thereby increasing your traffic by 40%.


  • Upload your brand voice.
  • Multichannel campaign development.
  • Conversation flow builder.
  • Integration with CRMs and helpdesk software.
  • Analytics and Reporting.
jasperai price

Pros and Cons of Jasper:

Free trial is availableCost is high for individuals.
Eliminates communication barriers for the team.
Training and support for teams.

copyai logo


💲 Price: Free

  • Pro: $36/month
  • Team: $186/month is an AI writing tool that generates creative and engaging content for marketing, advertising, and more.


  • Ad copy generation by URL insertion
  • Blog post in long form
  • Email subject line creation
  • Social media post-generation
  • Competitor analysis
copyai price

Pros and Cons of

Zero data retention policyNo WordPress integration
2000+ integrations
50+ workflows for teams

writesonic logo

6. Writesonic

💲 Price: Free

  • Small Team: $13/month
  • Enterprise: $500 +/month
  • Freelancer: $16/month

Writesonic is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps users create compelling content for various purposes.


  • Blog post generation
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media captions
  • Landing page copy
  • A/B testing
writesonic price

Pros and Cons of Writesonic:

Versatile content generationOutput may require manual refinement
User-friendly interface
Collaboration features

rytr logo

7. Rytr

💲 Price: Free

  • Saver: $9/month
  • Unlimited: $29/month

Rytr is an AI writing assistant designed to help users generate content for blogs, emails, ads, and more.


  • Blog post generation
  • Email composition
  • Ad copy creation
  • SEO content writing
  • Multilingual support
rytr price

Pros and Cons of Rytr:

Simplifies content creation processLimited customization options
Templates for various writing tasks
Collaboration features

wordtune logo

8. Wordtune

💲 Price: Free

  • Plus: $9.99/month
  • Unlimited: $14.99/month
  • Business: For teams

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing tool that offers suggestions to improve clarity, style, and tone in text.


  • Rewriting suggestions
  • Style and tone adjustments
  • Grammar and punctuation correction
  • Word choice enhancement
  • Browser extension available
wordtune price

Pros and Cons of Wordtune:

Helps improve writing qualityMay not always provide relevant suggestions
Useful for editing and revising drafts
Works across various writing platforms

unbounce logo

9. Smart Copy by Unbounce

💲 Price: Free

  • Essential: $9/month
  • Unlimited: $49/month

Snazzy AI now known as Smart Copy is an AI-powered content generation platform that helps users create engaging and SEO-friendly content.


  • Content ideation
  • Article generation
  • SEO optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Topic clustering
smart copy price

Pros and Cons of Smart Copy:

Comprehensive content creationPricing may be prohibitive for some users
SEO-focused tools
User-friendly interface

Feature Comparison of All ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatGPT AlternativesFree Trial/RefundWordPress Integration
1. RankMath Content AI30-day money-backYes
2. HubSpotFreeNo
3. ShortlyAIFree trialNo
4. Jasper7-day free trialNo
5. Copy.aiFree forever 1 seatNo
6. WritesonicFree 10K words/moNo
7. RytrFree 10K words/moNo
8. WordtuneFree 3 AI prompts a dayNo
9. Smart CopyFree 3-day Writer trialNo

Why Should You Choose ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing?

While ChatGPT is a powerful AI writing tool, there are several reasons why users may seek alternatives:

🏷️ Cost: ChatGPT 4.0 version is available in two plans viz. Plus at $20/month and Team at $25/person/month. While other AI writing tools offer up to 10K words per month for free.

❤️ Features: You won’t get a lot of features with the free version of ChatGPT. While tools like Rank Math have a lot to offer.

🔗 Integrations: ChatGPT does not integrate with WordPress and hence the best alternative to ChatGPT for WordPress is Rank Math Content AI.

🚀 Performance: Many times ChatGPT free and paid version stops working due to heavy workload. This is where users get frustrated and look for ChatGPT alternatives for writing with faster performance and zero lagging.


Google Bard, Perplexity, and Bing AI are also the biggest ChatGPT alternatives for writing. But do these provide better results than Chatgpt?

One article would not be sufficient to explore all the ChatGPT alternatives and competitors. I hope this article was helpful and informative covering the basics of each tool including their pricing, features, and pros and cons.

After comparing different ChatGPT alternatives for writing, we can conclude that Rank Math is a clear winner 🏆.

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🌟 FAQs | ChatGPT Alternatives For Writing

Is there a better alternative to ChatGPT?

If you are a WordPress blogger or site owner, I recommend Rank Math Content AI as the perfect solution. This is because Rank Math Content AI is integrated into the Rank Math plugin for WordPress. Along with Content AI, you can also optimize your blog post or page for on-page SEO tactics.

Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, it is free to use but for advanced features, you need to upgrade to ChatGPT 4.0 version with enhanced search capabilities.

Does AI-generated content affect my site’s SEO rankings on Google?

You cannot simply copy-paste the content generated by any AI tool. ChatGPT uses similar terms in every content it generates and Google can easily identify content generated with AI. Google keeps updating its algorithms, so it is better to keep an eye on generating quality content. Use AI tools for writing outlines and curating content ideas and then do some research to carefully create a masterpiece.

Which app is best for writing?

Rank Math Content AI is the best WordPress-integrated AI writing app with 40 + templates and a Rank Bot for live chat support just like ChatGPT.

Which are the best alternatives to ChatGPT for writing?

Rank Math Content AI, Writerzen, UberSuggest, Writesonic, Copyai, Jasper, Wordtune, Shortlyai, Rytr, and Smart Copy by Unbounce are some of the top AI writing tools that you should try.

Can I make money with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT does not have an affiliate program or referral program. To make money with writing, you can join free AI software affiliate programs with commissions of up to 50%.

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