Best Runescape Proxies 2024: How to Buy Proxies For Runescape Botting?

This article will explore the best Runescape proxies with their features, pricing, pros, and cons. I will also show you the steps to sign up and buy proxies for Runescape botting.

Comparison of Top Google Proxy Providers

ProxyStarting PriceGlobal Coverage
1. Smartproxy$8.5/GB195+
2. Proxysale$9/IP18+
3. IPRoyal$1.75/GB195+
4. Oxylabs$50/mo188+
5. Bright Data$10.50/GB195

What is Runescape botting?

Runescape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It has gained popularity in the gaming community for years. However, some players resort to botting to perform repetitive tasks to gain an advantage. Proxies help in IP ban, detection, and avoiding consequences.

What proxies can be used for Runescape?

  • Datacenter Proxies: These proxies are not associated with a cloud service provider and are typically faster and more affordable.
  • Residential Proxies: These proxies use IP addresses assigned by real devices, providing a higher level of anonymity.
  • Mobile Proxies: These proxies use IP addresses assigned to mobile carriers, offering a unique level of authenticity and security but are very costly.

Best Runescape Proxies Of 2024

1. Smartproxy

smartproxy logo

Introduction: Smartproxy provides premium residential rotating proxies suitable for Runescape botting. The proxies allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAS, and IP blocks. You get access to a large pool of ethically sourced IPs from vetted suppliers. Kick-start your gaming journey with pay-as-you-go plans.


  • Trial: 14-day
  • IP Pool: 65M+ IPs
  • Geolocations: 195+
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $8.5/GB
smartproxy homepage

Pros and Cons of Smartproxy:

👍 Pros: Create & manage multiple gaming accounts | Unlimited threads | Bypass CAPTCHAS & IP bans

👎 Cons: No phone support

2. Proxysale

proxysale logo

Introduction: Whether it’s Runescape, Dofus, Metin2, Silkroad, or Margonem, Proxysale gaming proxies are designed for online game botting. You can select a proxy term plan starting from 7 days up to 365 days. Proxies are issued instantly after the payment confirmation.

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  • Trial: No
  • IP Pool: 500K + IPs
  • Geolocations: 18
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $9/IP
proxysale runescape proxies

Pros and Cons of ProxySale:

👍 Pros: Access Runescape in any location | Automate skill development | Create multiple accounts

👎 Cons: No free trial for paid proxies

3. IPRoyal

iproyal logo

IPRoyal offers premium Runescape OSRS botting proxies. You can choose static residential, rotating residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies to create multiple accounts for Runescape. Using IPRoyal proxies for OSRS botting, you can avoid chain banning. This will let Jagex know that different users are managing different accounts.


  • Trial: 3-day trial
  • IP Pool: 1M + IPs
  • Geolocations: 195
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $1.75/GB
runescape proxies

Pros and Cons of IPRoyal:

👍 Pros: SOCKS5 supported | Unlimited traffic | Tested proxies with API access

👎 Cons: No free trial or refund policy

4. Oxylabs

oxylabs logo

Introduction: No more getting blocked while playing Runescape and botting online games with Oxylab’s reliable residential proxies. You can select from a pool of 100 M+ proxies expecting an exaggerated 99.95% success rate. For Runescape gaming, you can buy Oxylabs proxies with city, state, carrier, ASN, and Zip code targeting.


  • Trial: Yes
  • IP Pool: 100M+ IPs
  • Geolocations: 188+
  • Uptime: 99.9%
  • Price: $50/mo
oxylabs homepage

Pros and Cons of Oxylabs:

👍 Pros: Tier A+ model proxies | Insured by Technology E&O and Cyber Insurance | Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing

👎 Cons: Limited IP pool for certain regions.

5. Bright Data

brightdata logo

Introduction: Bright Data offers unique residential proxies for Runescape botting. You can choose from over 350M IPs and choose targeting options like city, state, zip, carrier, and ASN. There’s also a free trial if you create a company account. Bright Data proxies offer unlimited concurrent sessions and for any issues, you can contact the support team 24/7.


  • Trial: 7-day
  • IP Pool: 72M+ IPs
  • Geolocations: 195
  • Uptime: 99.9%
  • Price: $10.50/GB
brightdata residential proxies

Pros and Cons of Bright Data:

👍 Pros: CCPA, GDPR & ISO compliant | City, State & ISP targeting | Live human support 24/7

👎 Cons: Free trial only for companies

How to Buy Proxies for Runescape Botting?

Here’s how you can buy proxies for botting Runescape. The steps are verified and safe to use.

➡️ Step 1: Look out for Reliable Proxy Providers

Searching for reliable proxies can sometimes become a mundane task. To make it simpler, I have added a list of proxy providers and also tested some of them. You can rely on my curated list completely.

➡️ Step 2: Select a suitable plan

You will find free trial plans and paid plans. Some proxy providers do not offer a free trial but offer a money-back guarantee. Do carefully read the refund policies as they are subject to proxy usage. Select a plan that suits your budget and fulfills your monthly proxy requirement.

➡️ Step 3: Buy a proxy and complete the payment

After selecting a plan, you need to create a proxy account using your email address. Next, you need to complete the payment via the provided payment methods. You can also pay for proxies with cryptocurrencies.

➡️ Step 4: Set Up Proxies

Once your payment is complete, you will get your proxy credentials. This includes IP, port number, username, and password. You can use proxy management tools and configure your proxies. Download a free Chrome extension like ProxySwitchyOmega to configure and access proxies on the go.

Importance of Proxies in Runescape Botting

Avoiding Detection:

Jagex actively monitors player activity and employs detection methods to identify and penalize bot users. By routing their connections through proxies, bot users can mask their true IP addresses, making it harder for Jagex to detect them.

Preventing IP Bans

If Jagex identifies bot activity originating from a specific IP address, it may issue an IP ban, preventing access to the game. Proxies enable bot users to switch IP addresses easily, circumventing IP bans and maintaining uninterrupted botting sessions.

Ensuring Anonymity

Proxies provide an additional layer of anonymity, safeguarding the identity and location of bot users. This anonymity reduces the risk of personal repercussions for engaging in botting activities.

How do I choose proxies?

When selecting proxies for Runescape botting, consider the following factors:

🌐 Location:Proxies located near Runescape servers can offer lower latency and faster connection speeds.
🚀 Speed:Fast proxies are essential for efficient botting, ensuring rapid response times and seamless gameplay.
Reliable:Reliable proxies maintain consistent uptime and connectivity, minimizing disruptions to botting operations.
🛡️ Security:Proxies with robust security measures protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.
💲 Price:Cost-effective proxies are favorable for long-term botting thus saving your money.

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Proxies for Runescape botting offer anonymity, avoid IP detection, and unrestricted gameplay. By choosing the best Runescape proxies for gaming, gamers can engage in safe and effective botting activities. You can explore more proxies for web scraping and other use cases.

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🌟 FAQs | Best Runescape Proxies

Can I Use Free Proxies for Runescape Botting?

Don’t get tempted by free proxies as they come with a lot of fear. Your IP may easily get blocked by Runescape and you will also face slow performance.

Do proxies guarantee no IP blocks or bans?

While every proxy provider guarantees 99.99% uptime and success rate, there is still no guarantee. You might get caught by Jagex for botting Runescape. It is better to keep rotating your IPs and stay informed of Jagex policies.

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