Best Crypto Proxies In 2024: Buy Proxies With Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are now being adopted by most online stores to make a better shopping experience. How could proxy companies be left behind? To provide more payment options, cryptocurrencies are now being accepted by the top crypto proxies provider.

If you are a crypto investor and trader, you can buy proxies with crypto hassle-free by joining crypto proxies platforms.

In this article, I am going to share my top picks for crypto proxies covering their features, pricing, pros, and cons. I will also share the advantages and limitations of using the crypto proxy. So keep reading till the end.

Comparison of Top Proxies With Cryptocurrencies

ProxyStarting PriceGlobal Coverage
1. IPRoyal$1.75/GB195+
2. Proxysale$0.79/IP18+
4. ProxySeller$2.14/IP50+
5. FinePROXY$0.09/IP197+
6. AnyIP$2/GB14+

What are Crypto Proxies and their different types?

A crypto proxy acts as an intermediary between users’ IP and the website server, ensuring secure and private connection by masking users’ original IP address. These proxies work by routing users’ internet traffic through their servers, encrypting data, and masking IP addresses to maintain anonymity.

There are various types of crypto proxies, including residential, and datacenter proxies, each with its own set of pros and cons and use cases.

Residential proxies use IP addresses provided by real devices, making them highly anonymous and undetectable to site bots, while datacenter proxies are IPs from servers hosted in data centers, offering high speed and reliability. Datacenter proxies are cheaper than residential proxies but not as anonymous as residential proxies.

Cryptocurrency Market Share Size

According to Statista, the cryptocurrency market is projected to reach USD 51.5 Billion in 2024 and will grow at a CAGR of 8.62% to reach USD 71.7 Billion by 2028.

List Of The Best Crypto Proxies of [Year]

After careful evaluation based on the aforementioned criteria, I’ve compiled a list of the top five crypto proxies that stand out in terms of security, privacy, speed, reliability, compatibility, and user experience.

For each proxy, we will cover their features, pricing plans, supported cryptocurrencies, and pros and cons. Whether you’re a novice trader or an experienced investor, these top picks offer the perfect blend of security and convenience to enhance your cryptocurrency transactions.

1. IPRoyal

iproyal logo

IPRoyal proxies can be purchased by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There are multiple cryptocurrencies but Bitcoin has the lowest fees and offers faster processing. Bitcoin is the safest crypto investment as nobody can steal it and there has been no news of any Bitcoin fraudulent activities. You can either add Bitcoin funds directly to make the proxy payment or purchase using deposited BTC funds.


  • Trial: 3-day trial
  • IP Pool: 1M + IPs
  • Geolocations: 195
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $1.75/GB
iproyal buy proxy with crypto

Pros and Cons of IPRoyal:

βœ… Unlimited traffic❌ No free trial or refund policy
βœ… City/State Targeting
βœ… IP rotation + sticky sessions
βœ… API Access
βœ… HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 support
βœ… 5G/4G/3G support

2. Proxysale

proxysale logo

If you want secure access to any crypto exchange, buy Proxysale’s private crypto proxy service. Using private proxies, you can use multi-accounting software and trade anonymously without risking your crypto funds. You can create numerous crypto wallet accounts without worrying about account bans. Proxies will help you monitor rates with different IPs so you can buy/sell at the right time with high efficiency.

Read the Complete Proxysale review


  • Trial: No
  • IP Pool: 500K + IPs
  • Geolocations: 18
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $0.79/IP
proxysale private crypto proxy

Pros and Cons of ProxySale:

βœ… Supports IPv4 and IPv6 both❌ No free trial for paid proxies
βœ… Up to 50 Mbps speed
βœ… Use multi-accounting software
βœ… Authorization by username/password or IP
βœ… HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 support
βœ… Stable connection and low ping


privateproxy logo

With PrivateProxy offering proxy purchases using Bitcoin, you need not look for Fiat options. Purchasing proxies using Bitcoin has several benefits like not paying VAT or transferring into USD or other Fiat currency. Using Bitcoin, you can buy both residential and datacenter proxies.


  • Trial: 2-day
  • IP Pool: 1K + IPs
  • Geolocations: 200 locations
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $5/mo
privateproxy buy proxies with crypto

Pros and Cons of PrivateProxy:

βœ… Instant account activation❌ No refund policy
βœ… Unlimited bandwidth
βœ… 1 Free swap per month
βœ… Unlimited connections
βœ… Multiple locations
βœ… 100% clean private proxies

4. ProxySeller

proxyseller logo

ProxySeller offers proxies to buy with cryptocurrencies for crypto exchanges. Private proxies at ProxySeller offer minimum ping that allows you to bypass other competitor traders for milliseconds. You can create unlimited crypto wallet accounts without worrying about bans. Your personal and payment information is completely secured.


  • Trial: 24 hours
  • IP Pool: 15M + IPs
  • Geolocations: 50 countries
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $2.14/IP
proxyseller crypto exchange

Pros and Cons of ProxySeller:

βœ… Min. ping, Up to 1 Gbps speed❌ Trial at $1.99
βœ… HTTP(s) and Socks5 protocols
βœ… 400 networks & 800 subnets
βœ… Discounts up to 52%
βœ… Round the clock support
βœ… Use 3rd party bots for automated trading

5. FinePROXY

fineproxy logo

FinePROXY provides proxies for over 25 different cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, dApps, NFTs, and crypto exchange. By utilizing finePROXY proxies for crypto, you will experience high-security, enhanced access and trading experience. Crypto supported by finePROXY include 0x Protocol Proxy, 1inch Proxy, Algorand Proxy, etc.


  • Trial: 60 minutes
  • IP Pool: 1M + IPs
  • Geolocations: 197 countries
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $0.09/IP
fineproxy crypto

Pros and Cons of FinePROXY:

βœ…Global coverage❌ Trial at $1.99
βœ… Minimal latency
βœ… High anonymity & privacy
βœ… Encrypted protocols
βœ… User-friendly interface


anyip logo official

AnyIP supports over 60+ cryptocurrencies for purchasing its residential and mobile proxies. By choosing cryptocurrency as your payment method, you skip the VAT or extra taxes. You don’t need to convert your money into USD or Fiat. The transactions are faster compared to traditional transactions. Crypto payments have low transaction fees and you won’t need to enter your credit card details.


  • Trial: 60 minutes
  • IP Pool: 100M + IPs
  • Geolocations: 14+ countries
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Price: $2/GB
anyip proxy with cryptocurrencies

Pros and Cons of AnyIP:

βœ… Low fees❌ No datacenter proxies
βœ… Secure peer-to-peer payments
βœ… 98.6% success rate
βœ… Compatible with HTTPS/SOCKS5
βœ… No VAT
βœ… Real-time IP refresh constantly

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Proxy Service

Several key criteria should be considered to ensure optimal performance and security when evaluating crypto proxies.

1. Security Features:

  • Encryption protocols
  • Authentication mechanisms
  • DNS leak protection

2. Privacy Protection:

  • No-logs policies
  • Kill switches

3. Speed and Reliability:

  • Server locations
  • Network congestion
  • Bandwidth limitations

4. Compatibility with different Cryptocurrencies:

  • Support for various cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks

5. User Interface and Ease of Use:

  • Intuitive setup process
  • Browser extensions or mobile apps
  • Customer support options

How to Choose the Right Crypto Proxy for You?

With versatile proxies available in the market, choosing the right crypto proxy can be daunting. To make sure you choose the right crypto proxy provider, here are some tips to consider.

Understanding Your Needs:

Identify your specific requirements and use cases for a crypto proxy. Consider factors such as your desired location, level of anonymity, privacy and security, budget, and technical expertise.


Don’t simply choose a proxy that offers to buy proxies with crypto payments at a cheap price. Compare the features with competitive pricing options and select if both features and price balance each other.

Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantees:

Not all crypto proxy providers offer a free trial. Getting a free trial is an added advantage to testing the proxy performance. A money-back guarantee ensures your money is in safe hands. Some proxies offer 24 hours and some up to 14 days. Take full advantage of a maximum money-back guarantee.

Check Reviews

TrustPilot and G2 are the best platforms to check reviews for different companies. Here, you can find real users who use the product and provide their reviews. This can help you make a quick decision on whether to buy proxies with crypto or not.

Advantages and Limitations of Using Crypto Proxies

βœ… Low transaction fees❌ Very few crypto proxy networks
βœ… No need to convert into Fiat or USD
βœ… Transactions are faster than traditional methods
βœ… No need of credit cards
βœ… No need to pay extra taxes like VAT
βœ… Over 60+ cryptocurrencies

Conclusion: Should You Buy Proxies With Crypto?

Crypto proxies are vital in ensuring privacy and security in cryptocurrency transactions. By masking IP addresses, encrypting data, and providing secure connections, crypto proxies empower users to conduct transactions with confidence and peace of mind.

Whether you’re a casual investor or a seasoned trader, choosing the right crypto proxy can make all the difference in safeguarding your digital assets. With my comprehensive list of proxies for crypto and guide, you can easily choose the ones that suit your budget and requirements.

There’s no stopping your crypto trading with the world’s best proxies for crypto. Happy cryptoing!

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🌟 FAQs | Best Crypto Proxies

How to buy proxies with crypto?

To buy proxies with crypto, sign and purchase a proxy plan. When selecting a payment method, you will find cryptocurrency options. You can add funds from your crypto wallet and make the purchase.

Are proxies for crypto safe?

Crypto proxy providers use encrypted protocols, hence your payment information is completely safe.

Are there any advantages of buying proxies with crypto?

When you buy proxies with Bitcoin or Altcoins, you don’t need any credit card, and you will save extra taxes like VAT. The transactions are faster compared to traditional payment methods.

Where can I use cryptocurrency proxies?

There are multiple use cases including web scraping, Sneaker copping, social media management, crypto trading, etc.

Can I make money with proxies for crypto?

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